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Do I have to nominate someone in every category?

Can I make more than one nomination in any category?
Yes. You will have to submit one nominee at a time in each category. If you want to make a second nomination in any category you will have to return to the page to do that.

May I vote for Community Choice even if I donít submit nominations in other categories?

May I nominate someone if I only know his scene name?
We encourage nominations that include a personís real first and last names, along with current, effective contact information. If you use their scene name for the public part of the nomination, we still need their real name for our records. Please provide at least the nominee's email address so that we may contact them for more information.

Is the nomination information I submit passed along to the selection panel just as I wrote it?
We reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation. We do some spot fact checking for accuracy. There is a 250 word limit.

Each nominee finalist will be given the opportunity to submit a biography suitable to them and that will be checked for accuracy before being submitted to the Selection Panel for voting. This will all be done electronically.

Do you ever reject nominations or ballots?
Any nomination that does not include contact information and an explanation of the nomineeís contributions to the Leather community will be rejected. Nominations of those on the ineligible list will be rejected. In obvious cases of ballot-stuffing, like 12 Community Choice votes from the same E-mail address, we reserve the right to reject duplicative ballots. We have no foolproof way of weeding out self-nominations; the honor system applies here.

Can I send in my nominations by postal mail?
No. Nominations will only be accepted via the online form. However, email submissions with nomination reasons containing more than 1250 characters will be discarded.