Stephen BailousDaddy Steve- aka Onyx Magic Man. In 1995 he was one of the five founding fathers of Onyx in Chicago. He got involved to help build an organization for us and by us that would change the landscape by creating access to leather and kink for people previously made to feel unwelcome. During those formative years he served Onyx as president, vice president, pledge master, and treasurer. He was also an associate member of Hellfire and a member of MAFIA as part of his leather journey.  He moved to New York City to work for the Mayor’s Office of AIDS Policy and immediately helped expand Onyx as a founding member of Onyx Northeast. A few years later Daddy Steve moved to Washington DC where he did HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy work as a vice president of a non-profit organization and helped create Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. He became an honorary member of Onyx Mid-Atlantic after supporting them as they worked to become recognized as a chapter of Onyx. In 2016 he moved to Fort Lauderdale and once again helped establish a new chapter, Onyx Deep South. Daddy Steve unapologetically believes inclusion matters. Wherever he has lived Magic Man has worked to make the barriers disappear for gay and bi-sexual men, women as well as our trans-gender and non-binary, brothers and sisters in the leather community. Everyone deserves more than to just be tolerated. People deserve full acceptance and nothing less. He will be forever grateful to the amazing contributions others have made to create a safer world for all of us leather folk. There is still so much more to be done. Alan Stroik Alan has been active in the leather community for over 30 years, first  in his hometown of Milwaukee and his current home in the Los Angeles area.  He has been a member of Avatar Club Los Angeles for 20 years where he has served as president for 2 separate 2 years terms.  He has also been Vice President,  Program chair for 7 years, anniversary committee chair and is still active as the special events chair. He has taught BDSM classes on various subjects from hot wax, flogging, electrical, dungeon etiquette,  Old Guard history and myths, mummification and many other subjects at numerous events such as: CLAW, Sampler,  Palm Springs Leather Pride, Christopher Street West Pride-Los Angeles, Threshold Society, Club X,  Long Beach and San Diego Pride celebrations, as well as speaking to college classes about BDSM at Cal State Long Beach, Orange Coast College, UCLA and UC Riverside. Alan holds past titles as the First Gauntlett II Rubberman,  the first West Coast Rubber and first runner up at Mister International Rubber 2005. He has served as Emcee and/or judge at numerous contests  thru out Southern California (International Olympus, West Coast Rubber,  Los Angeles Leather, Palm Spring Leather and more). He is past President of the Beer Town Badgers (Milwaukee) and served on the Milwaukee Gay Lesbian Pride Committee. For the past 26 years he has Called Southern California home.  Last year he married his partner Mike in a surprise (for the guests) wedding in front of family and friends  as part of their 25th anniversary celebrationJack ThompsonJack Thompson -- also known as Exile ONYX, is International Mr. Leather 2019! He is a widely respected leather craftsman, performer, and wolf.  Naturally inclined to serve, Jack has been an active member of the leather community for 15 years. He is founding father of ONYX Northwest and current member of ONYX Mis-Atlantic. Founder of Rebel Kings of Baltimore: Drag King troupe. A member of Alameda Leather Corp, and served as the board secretary for Queer Sphere in San Francisco. In 2018, Jack both represented Mr. May in the Bare Chest calendar and became the 2019 Leatherman of Color.A proud biracial, transgender, HIV-positive Leatherman. Jack currently lives in Baltimore with his husband, IMBB 2019 and IML 2017 1st runner-up Geoff Millard. His company, Exiled Leather, specializes in leather accessories, such as hanky wallets, harnesses and suspenders. He flags black and navy on the right, light pink and kelly green on the left, and houndstooth down the middle.  Remember, If you’re enough for you, then you are enough. Period!James Lee James Lee is IML 40 (International Mr. Leather 2018) He competed at IML as Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017. James is the first POC to win Mr. Kentucky Leather and first Mr. Kentucky Leather and 4th POC to ever win IML. James began his Kink exploration in San Antonio, TX of 1999 and his leather journey in Kentucky of 2015. He's been exploring bars, volunteering, attending numerous events, leather contest, and kink classes to further his knowledge and experiences. His curiosity and egarness brought friends and his chosen family, who have continued to help him grow and learn. Standing 6'5, he's a gentle giant that is approachable by anyone. He has a passion for coaching youth Choreography in Hip Hop, Cheerleading, and power tumbling. While coaching he is a friend and mentor to his athletes and their parents, locally and Nationwide. This has no doubt transferred into his efforts in mentoring and being a beacon off hope in his leather journey to those seeking diversity and inclusion.Also known as Shockwave, James is a full Brother of ONYX Great Lakes. Which is a leather fraternity that provides education, fraternization and serves as a bridge for Men of Color to the greater Leather community. Honors and respect his sister community ONYX Pearls. He's a member of Momma's Family and The Kentucky Leather Brotherhood. As IML, he traveled over 90,000 miles as an ambassador to the leather community around the world. He participated in 48 weekends of events out of 52 in his title year. Nationally and Internationally, he judged over 20 contest during his title year as well as hosting events, auctions, panel presentations and keynotes. He judged IML 2019, IMsL 2019, MAL 2019, and others along the East and West Coast, throughout the U.S.,  Antwerp, Belgium, and  Nice, France. He was honored by the National Imperial Court, and the recipient for the Southeast Regional Pantheon of Leather Award 2018.James also serves on the Board of Directors of The Visibility Project, in hopes to keep making a different in all communities.Miguel TorresMr Chicago Leather 2014, born and raised  in Caracas, Venezuela, Miguel has called Chicago home since 2000 . His Introduction to leather started in the mid 2000s while running into the IML hotel by chance. Formerly on the board of Directors and active volunteer at the Howard Brown Health Center, an organization that provides health services to the LGBTQ community regardless of income. IML contestant handler for the last 4 years, Founding President of the Chicago Band of Brothers, former co-captain and active volunteer of team friendly Chicago, co-producer of Mr Chicago Leather, resident den daddy for the Mr Chicago and Mr Indiana and Tri-state Leather contests, advisor and head judge the inaugural Mr Mexico Leather contest, he has produced events, fundraisers and parties at CLAW, GLLA and other events like The Eagle Rises benefit and the IML black and blue ball 2015. A pup trainer/handler, he's dedicated to spread puppy love and education throughout the community. Proud Sir to his pups Rowdy, Figaro, Raidho and Dane. His favorite kink is electro play and he’s always willing to introduce those that are curious to a safe and fun electro scene. You can usually find him in the back room of Touche with his boots on top of a sub, having a cigar outside or eating quesadillas with his pups at one Chicago's many delicious late night Mexican restaurants.



Godess LakshimiGoddess Lakshimi is a loving lifestyle Domina, a Leather Woman, author, and educator with a wide spectrum of talents ranging from the sensual to the intense.  She is a retired professional Dominatrix. She has over 30 years of experience in the BDSM, M/s, and Leather lifestyles. She began her journey in 1984; a sensual sadist, who was given the nickname "Mistress Safety" because of her commitment to safety and safe play in the  lifestyle. She holds the title Ms. World Leather 2003 – during which time she raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer and testicular cancer awareness with her 'Get the 411 - Caress your breast, Check your pecs' platform. She continued her commitment to her community with a continuation of Leather Day of Caring, which turned into a weekend event. She developed and gave recognition to outstanding people in the community who were working in the background by developing the Helping Hands Awards. She is the winner of the Vi Johnson Award for Outstanding Leadership in the African American BDSM Community; winner of the Pantheon of Leather XV for Community Choice Award Woman 2005. She was President and founder of the Global Learning Academy of Knowledge and Servitude. She placed her Leather journey on hold because her under aged grandchildren needed her more. She is now out of semi-retirement and working on several projects in education in the lifestyle.  Her pride and joy is Her educational series H.I.R.R.A. which She has taken across the country to various conferences. She and ONYX Pearl Rayn are co founders of the newly formed ONYX Pearls Great Lakes chapter where she currently serves as President. Goddess currently resides in Michigan with her 24/7 slaves, Sweet Limey (her committed life partner) who has served with distinction for over 21 years; Sue BQB who has served for 15 years and her lover Mr. Black. She also owns another slave who does not reside with her, B.C. aka Beautiful Creation.Ms D DomMsDDom lives in Atlanta; but is from Colorado, which she still calls home. Growing up in a Matriarch driven family, MsDDom was exposed to the vanilla form of Female Led Relationships (FLR) growing up. In 2008, MsDDom entered the Atlanta lifestyle community by attending local munches and events. A proud Leather Woman, MsDDom is the founder and leader of Black FemDoms-Atlanta (BFD) and the Black Atlanta Munch (B.A.M.); founding member and Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA); and southeast coordinator for Women of Drummer. She also co-lead Georgia Femme Dommes for four years, co-mentored for the Atlanta Mentors Coalition, is the 2016 SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award recipient, and an alumna of the MTTA (Master Taíno Training Academy) Master Weekend #25. MsDDom serves the community through volunteerism; peer-mentoring; presenting topics on power exchange; and advocating/supporting women, POC (people of color), and LGBTQ spaces. She has presented at events including DomCon-Atlanta, Atlanta BDSM Workshops, Beyond Leather, FeelMeBreath, Power eXchange Summit, ONYX Blackout 22, Leather Reign, Building Blocks, and CTX Kinky BBQ. MsDDom has had the honor of judging at Mr/Ms Atlanta Eagle and Oklahoma Ms. Leather contests. MsDDom lives in a sustainable power exchange dynamic with her slave, CreamDream, of 10 years. MsDDom and CreamDream, who is also very active in the Atlanta lifestyle community; both volunteer for the Carter-Johnson Leather Library Atlanta Annex and share their time with other leather and kinky folks across the U.S. and in CanadaMegan NicoleAfter finding Leather in 2009, she knew she found her home. Megan is a SE Michigan native and is proud to still call the Mitten state "home." Megan held the title of Ms. Michigan Leather Pride 2015. She has been active in her local community since she started and has a passion for community service. Megan has held two board positions in the Michigan Band of Brothers before becoming the first woman President of any chapter of the Band of Brothers, in the world.  A passion of hers is creating fun and engaging spaces that are welcoming and safe to all.  In continuation of her pursuit of expanding the MI women's/GNC/Trans community; as of November 2019, Megan will be taking the reigns as producer of Ms. Liberty Leather (MsLL).  In her kink/leather life she has: Started a group for TNG folks in the metro Detroit area which focuses on education and safety in the community. Founding board member of MAsT: Royal Oak. Created and co-produced Leather Lip Sync Battle, donated proceeds to National Alliance on Mental Illness. Created and co-hosted the Mr. Friendly Carnival. Educated on various topics at various events.  Facilitated play demos for bar events and educated non kink/leather folks on several aspects of play. Facilitated a titleholder family reunion to engage current and recent titleholders with past and aspiring titleholders. In her professional life she has: Educated colleagues and leadership around the LGBT communityHas been working to bring a diversity/LGBT group to our Detroit office to continue to make our workspace inclusive and safe for trans, GNC, and non-binary folks. Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. Volunteered for Forgotten Harvest.Domina VossVoss has the privilege of being the inaugural Woman of Drummer, Woman of Drummer 2018.   They identify as a sadistic, queer, witchy Leatherwoman. Voss has been involved with the kink lifestyle since 2007. In 2010, they helped found Tampa TNG, bringing a TNG group back to the Tampa area.  In that same year, Voss, and their partner, started producing Florida Kinky Camp-Out, which was the Pantheon Award winner in 2017 for Best Small Event.  In 2016, Voss also helped found Critter Camp, giving a space for all who share in animal-based modalities to come and play.  They can also be found helping staff events in Florida, other than their own and volunteering where extra hands are needed. Voss has a passion for hard, heavy edge play that often includes either heavy/rough body play or needles (sometimes both together!) Voss also loves erotic bootblacking scenes (not much is hotter than Hubbard’s and a tongue!). You will find them flagging purple, black and leopard on the left (but also likes lots of other colors as well!).  Voss has had the privilege to teach nationally on a number of topics, sharing their kinky passions with others.  Voss is grateful for their Leather community for all the opportunities to continuously learn about and share their passions.Velvet StormVelvet-Storm is a powerful force within the Leather Community. She became widely known when she held the title, Ms. New Jersey Leather 2017. As a proud Puerto Rican woman, she ran for and won the inaugural title of Leather Woman of Color 2019. Her platform, ALL POWER TO ALL WOMEN OF COLOR was created to bring awareness to issues that women of colorcontinue to face within the leather community. Velvet is currently fundraising for The Carter/Johnson Leather Library and developing an event that will benefit women of color. Velvet fights for what she believes in, truth and justice. She does not mince words and is direct in her advocacy for people of color, women, trans folk & those with disabilities and mental health issues. She will give her last drop of blood in order to continue her work in the leather community.She donates her time in Camden, New Jersey as a volunteer for Colin’s Wish, a non-profit organization offering drug treatment for those struggling with addiction and homelessness. This is her way of giving back to those who helped her get off the streets in the late 1980s. Despite Velvet’s diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety, she continues tofocus her energy on the needs of the leather community and beyond. She understands the true value in helping others and dives headlong into the advocacy for equality across the board, only taking time off to recharge herself with self care. Fierce and devoted to the causes and people she cares about, Velvet Storm truly has a tender side. You might see her at a leather event sporting her signature fuzzy slippers, a warm smile and standing along side her service animal, Louie- a gorgeous German Shepard. She is soft,loving and has a kind heart. She is always willing to lend an ear and will equally share of herself and her own vulnerabilities. One of her finest qualities is her ability to stop, listen & learn alongside her friends, chosen family and community members to whom she is dedicated and loyal. Velvet is Co-Founder and the current Secretary and Historian for the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls, Secretary of the newly formed National Council of Onyx Pearls, Associate member of Onyx Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Fundraising Coordinator for The M/s Gathering and Secretary of MAsT Cherry Hill. Velvet remains staunchly dedicated to community education, sitting on panels such as, Lesbian Sex Mafia’s: WOMEN’S H(ER)STORY , Dangerous Women and POC Leadership inLeather. She has presented at Feeding Ones Heart and Invisible Disabilities at Philly Black Munch, Impact of Mental Health at MAsT Metro New York and Latina and Leather at the 757 Spectrum Munch. She and the Men of Onyx have also been guests speakers for a Human Sexuality course at Widener University. If you see Velvet in a crowd, she is easy to recognize. Her strong presence and one of a kind, genuine energy will catch your attention but ,her true sincerity and mighty voice to advocate, protect, educate and fight for what she believes in will be the reason she holds your attention.



Raven DarknightsRaven Darknights was the first person to run for and win an International Mx title as 2018 Mx International Olympus Leather. During their title year, Raven worked towards greater Mx visibility by advocating for the Pantheon of Leather Awards to add Mx of the Year. They founded the MxLeatherFamily, a group to encourage Mx folkx at events to get a group photo, share their images, take up space, and be seen. With the full support of Olympus Leather, Raven has founded International Mx Leather and Bootblack, to create equity on the International level, with the first contest scheduled for 2020. Raven has spent several decades in the BDSM and Leather scene exploring techniques for spirit connection, shifting energies, intention, and focus through ritual practice. Over the past decade they have shared their knowledge and passion in dynamic workshops at Leather and BDSM events. Their classes are often described as "life changing" by participants. Raven is also known for shiny blades and razors. Beginning 20 years ago with the acquisition of a vintage 1960 Gillette Fat Boy adjustable double edge razor, a fascination has blossomed into an extensive cut-throat razor collection along with the skills in their care and use. Raven’s passion for the alchemy of heat, steel, water, stone and flesh turns a simple daily routine into a ritualized spiritual journey not to be missed. Even as a very young child Raven identified as non-binary and insisted on being called a kid. Raven identifies as a kid, even today, and is both honored and grateful to be nominated for Mx of the Year.Allie DandyAllie is the inaugural Ms. Liberty Leather title holder, and has been an active kinkster since 2013.They enjoy a wide variety of things from grappling, rough body play, and spanking to things like fire and needle play. A true creative spirit, they often combine their love of being handy with their love of kink in order to craft their own innovative toys and implements. They started a queer cruising group in Detroit area folx, which has taken off and created space for many people across the metro area. As an engaged community member in Southeast Michigan, they have also served on a number of panels and presentations about gender in various contexts, and they enjoy delving into topics around sexuality and gender with folks from all walks of life. Allie hopes to create more community and societal knowledge, acceptance, and affirmation for transgender and gender diverse individuals, and has also hosted several local events to encourage more women, trans, and nonbinary kinksters to come to inclusive leather gatherings that have historically cater primarily to cis gay Leathermen.Sclena YoungMy name is Sclena Young, aka Blue. I am the current and first MX Virginia Leather. My leather journey started in the early 90's in Memphis, TN with the leathermen I met at The Pipeline. They would forever change my life. They showed me what chosen leather family meant. They were and forever will be my boys. I even wear a patch on my vest that says “for my boys” so they will always be with me on my leather journey. During my time with them I was gifted several small pieces of leather and a hand made flogger. That flogger is my most precious piece of leather and has been a part of every scene I have ever done. Unfortunately my family was invaded by a disease that would take the bulk of my boys, too early.  Life changed and so did my path. The losses too much, the memories too hard. So I stepped away. Fast forward to 2016 and the discovery of my local leather community.  A community that held those same values as my boys. Once again I had found my people, my home, and my path. Words like History, Education, Responsibility and Service had meaning again and I couldn't get enough.  My new family started growing. In December 2018, I became a  associate member of Virginia Leather Women United (VLU). They opened their space and club to me and have been an integral part of my current leather path. Most of my life I have identified as a butch lesbian, proudly being more masculine than most are comfortable being around. There have been costs to being my true self but the world is changing. Words like gender fluid and nonbinary have entered our lexicon and our culture, as well as acceptance for those who fall under that umbrella. We are proud of who we are and our gender expression. My title platform is focused on giving the marginalized parts of our community a voice and support for that voice. Over the years the LGBTQ+ community has made great strides to gain acceptance but the trans community is still struggling and dieing everyday. Most spaces aren't as inclusive as they advertise but progress is happening. A few weeks into my title I came up with a design announcing to the world We Are Enough. The design incorporates the pride flags of marginalized folk in our community and has touched so many. Every event I have attended in my title year I have heard stories of what the design means to people. How proud they are to have a patch or t-shirt letting the world know We Are Enough.Mx T. PenaMx. T (pronounced Mix Tee) is a non binary, Afro-Cuban, queer, feminist, polyamorous Leather Daddy and pup Handler. They have been in kink and local activism their entire adult life and come into the South Florida Leather scene to build a community for QTBIPOC that is inclusive to all. Mx. T is the creator of the Kinky Kiki, a social and educational meetup that centers QTBIPOC and their unique experiences with kink/BDSM and is the co-organizer of Florida Fetish Rendezvous, a monthly leather event that is affirming to queer, trans and gender non conforming people. Mx. T is being mentored by Nicole Noir of the House of Noir and is on the board of the South Florida Kennel Club as the Educational Director and Associate of Onyx Deep South.Perrin Shore"Perrin (they/them) is a queer, polyamorous, loudmouthed advocate, educator and historian.  They are a service boy, a pup handler and an emotional masochist. Perrin travels often, teaching, judging and playing their way through homes and hearts.  A self identified messy Femme, Perrin’s favorite kinks are vulnerability and leaning into discomfort. Often that means biting, rough body play, heavy impact and genitorture. Other ways to manifest those kinks include long intimate conversations, shared meals, quiet cuddles and lazy afternoon naps.Perrin prides themselves in breaking the beautiful into the most exquisite messes and then walking beside them as they rebuild themselves into something uniquely whole. They also enjoy being broken by the right person.  Perrin has taught classes in Erotic Biting, Restorative Justice, Gender Studies, Type A Submission and Chastity at events such as International Ms Leather/Ms Bootblack, SELF, SINergy, Sin in the City, Midwest Olympus Leather Weekend, and various Titans of the Midwest KinkU. They have judged International Person of Leather, International Mr, Ms and Mx Olympus Leather, Mr and Ms Los Angeles Leather and others. In 2017, Perrin was honored to receive the Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Award and in 2018, along with their fiance Gabriel, Perrin was nominated for the Pantheon Couple of the Year award. Perrin held the titles Bluegrass Leather Pride boy 2016, Mr Midwest Olympus Leather 2016 and International Mx Olympus Leather 2017 and is a Full Member of Titans of the Midwest.  Above all other achievements, they are the most poud to be the protector of a delightfully derpy service pup, Riku, partner to their boyfriend Beacon and their fiance, Gabriel."



Pharaoh Khafra & Empress NaharaPharaoh Khaf-Ra and Empress Nahara each possess over twenty years of experience in the real-time BDSM/Fetish community. They have led munches in that Atlanta area, facilitated webinars and taught classes at various conventions and conferences over the years, most recently at Southeast Leatherfest. They are the Heads of Household of House Kemi-Nesew, a fully-patched member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). Pharaoh is an accomplished published author, with over two dozen credits to his catalog, under the pen name Shakir Rashaan. He is a featured author of two New York Times best-selling anthologies and a national best-selling author of two signature series, The Nubian Underworld, The Kink, P.I. Series and the national bestseller, In Service to the Senator. Empress is a Founding Sister of the Onyx Pearls SE, an organization for women of color in the Leather/BDSM/Kink lifestyle. Pharaoh and Empress currently reside in Fairburn, Georgia.Dr. Lawrence and William BurdenWilliam and Lawrence Burden (Dr. Larry) are honored and humbled to be nominated for the Pantheon of Leather’s “Couple of the Year.”We have been involved in the Leather/Kink Community for a combined 70 years, promoting teaching and practicing Risk Aware Consensual Kink through Avatar Club Los Angeles as well as other public and private venues (we actually met at a dungeon party!)  We gladly welcome new members to our tribe, both young and old.  No question is too trivial, and experience in BDSM and lifestyle is never judged.  We host a number of local Clubs multiple times during the year in our home for social and philanthropic gatherings which benefit our Community and the objectives it stands for.  We are proud members of Avatar Club Los Angeles and are honored as Hellenic members of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club.  While a lot of what we do is public, most of what we do is “under the radar” to support individuals, organizations, and business and as such, derive a sense of personal satisfaction hoping in some small way, we make a difference in the Leather Community—both now and in the future.Ms. D Dom and Cream DreamMsDDom and CreamDream have lived in a power exchange dynamic since 2010.  With lifestyle experiences, cultural, and age differences, they work to sustain their authority-based relationship that creates a unique and realistic balance between BDSM and vanilla worlds. MsDDom grew up in a Matriarch driven family where she was exposed to the Female Led Relationships (FLR) while growing up. CreamDream has been involved in exchanging power and the alternative lifestyle scene in Atlanta since the age of 19. Active in the Atlanta community, both have co-presented classes at events including DomCon-Atlanta, Beyond Leather, Power eXchange Summit, CTX Kinky BBQ, SELF, ONYX Blackout 22, and Leather Reign. They are peer-mentors, volunteers, and lend their support as co-leaders of the Black Atlanta Munch (B.A.M.) and volunteers for the Carter-Johnson Leather Library Atlanta Annex. MsDDom is a recipient of the 2016 SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award, an alumna of MTTA Master Weekend #25, founder of Black FemDoms-Atlanta (BFD); founding member and Road Captain of WiLA (Women in Leather Atlanta); and serves as southeast coordinator for Women of Drummer. CreamDream also serves as leader of the Male Sub's Munch, served as judge’s assistant for Mr/Ms Atlanta Eagle contest (2019), presented at the Atlanta Mentors Coalition and MAsT Leander, and is a Friend of WiLA. This dynamic couple travels often and enjoys sharing their time with other lifestylers across the U.S. and in Canada.Lascivious Jane & Simon SayesLasciviousJane is a power-femme switch, award winning kinky burlesQueer, and sexologist. In addition to being perpetually covered in leather and glitter (a bootblack’s worst nightmare), she is Ms Philadelphia Leather 2015, the first in a decade, and is International Ms Leather 2016. Simon is a queer theorist and professor of Women’s and Gender Studies. He is on the board of directors for the Leather Heart Foundation. Simon presents  around the country and for leather events on healthy masculinity and creating inclusive spaces. LasciviousJane has judged Mr & Ms NJ Leather, Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Leather Woman Bootblack, MAL, ICBB, and IMsL among others.  Together Simon and LasciviousJane have been tally masters for MAL. Both Simon and LJ are associate members of the Philadelphians MC. In her spare time LJ enjoys teaching the art of striptease, getting dirty in her garden, and leaving trails of glitter for Simon to clean up. In his spare time, Simon enjoys finding ways to blame LJ for every mistake HE actually makes, as well as chasing after her and their kids.LJ regularly performs burlesque or Emcees at a variety of local and international leather and burlesque events. In addition to growing a human, LasciviousJane has spent the better part of the last year perfecting her 1950’s housewife skills the way Rosie the Riveter would do it, while working hard to undermine her lovely half’s attempts to rid their home of glitter, rhinestones, and costumes. Simon just smiles in loving exasperation.Master Blue and sherriMaster Blue’s Leather/BDSM journey started over 19 years ago. He self identifies as a male identified leather dyke. He strives to uphold the values of honor and integrity. He believes that one should never stop learning and that one should give back to the community in any way possible. Blue, as he is often referred, has been actively involved in the local, state, regional and national community in many ways. He has volunteered, served as contest Judge, presented workshops, served as tally master, and served as master of ceremonies for many events. There’s not much he won’t do for the Leather/BDSM community. Blue is honored to be the 2018 Southeast Master and he is also Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2010 and Mr. North Carolina Leather 2009. He serves as Board Member and Contest Coordinator for SouthEast LeatherFest.  Master Blue is a Founding Member and current President for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Producer of Master slave Reflections and the curator for the Leather Quilt. He is also the head of household for his leather house, La Cosa Nostra. Above all, Master Blue is the proud Owner of his schiavo, slave sheri. slave sheri resides in Lenoir, North Carolina and has been in the Leather/BDSM community for several years. She is honored to be the collared slave of Master Blue and is a member of his leather household, La Cosa Nostra. slave sheri loves traveling to visit various leather/bdsm groups, events, and leather club bar nights across North Carolina, the South East, and various other parts of the Country. She is grateful and humbled to be the 2018 SE slave.  She is a full patch member, current Treasurer and Road Captain for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Co- Producer of Master slave Reflections. She served on the board as Public Relations Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest for 3 years. She has served as the Volunteer Coordinator and Vendor Coordinator assistant for the Leather History Conference and has served as Client Services Director for The Leather  Heart Foundation. Outside the leather/bdsm community, slave sheri serves as a Guardian Ad Litem, volunteers for a local LGBTQ youth group and a women’s shelter. slave sheri is passionate about volunteering and education. You can usually find her helping out wherever she can during an event.



Stephen BailousDaddy Steve- aka Onyx Magic Man. In 1995 he was one of the five founding fathers of Onyx in Chicago. He got involved to help build an organization for us and by us that would change the landscape by creating access to leather and kink for people previously made to feel unwelcome. During those formative years he served Onyx as president, vice president, pledge master, and treasurer. He was also an associate member of Hellfire and a member of MAFIA as part of his leather journey.  He moved to New York City to work for the Mayor’s Office of AIDS Policy and immediately helped expand Onyx as a founding member of Onyx Northeast. A few years later Daddy Steve moved to Washington DC where he did HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy work as a vice president of a non-profit organization and helped create Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. He became an honorary member of Onyx Mid-Atlantic after supporting them as they worked to become recognized as a chapter of Onyx. In 2016 he moved to Fort Lauderdale and once again helped establish a new chapter, Onyx Deep South. Daddy Steve unapologetically believes inclusion matters. Wherever he has lived Magic Man has worked to make the barriers disappear for gay and bi-sexual men, women as well as our trans-gender and non-binary, brothers and sisters in the leather community. Everyone deserves more than to just be tolerated. People deserve full acceptance and nothing less. He will be forever grateful to the amazing contributions others have made to create a safer world for all of us leather folk. There is still so much more to be done. Hardy HabermannLong-time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is a speaker and author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press, and Soul of a Second Skin: The Journey of a Gay Christian Leatherman and Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk.His awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “Man of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement” Awards from NLA-I, the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” from Southwest Leatherfest and most recently the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Planes Leatherfest. He is a contributor to the online publication Leatherati, a columnist for the Dallas Voice and is currently the Co-Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrated 24 years together as partners in play and life.Jeff TuckerJeff is the Contestant Coordinator, and “Den Daddy” for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather. As IML he started ‘Better Together’ a campaign asking us to honor the diversity that creates the richness that is our community, he continues in that work today. He now lives in the NYC Metro area in Bloomfield, New Jersey where he moved to 8 years ago afterliving in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years. He is now fully expressing his passion through volunteer advocacy and counsellingwork for at risk LGBTQ youth. “These young people have been tossed out on the street after being beaten and bruised emotionally and physically for nothing more than being who they are. I am dedicated to helping them rediscover beauty of who they are, how to take back their power and help develop a plan for a purposeful andhopefully happy future.” Jeff is licensed to do life and professional coaching which is the culmination of 22 years in corporate America, creating and maintaining his own business for 14 years, his past professional spiritual training and his nearly 35 years of non-profit service in over 25 agencies and organizations. With his first BDSM experience over 40 years ago Jeff now enjoys a wide range ofkink interests some of which he also teaches in workshops. While in California Jeff was a cofounder of the Santa Clara County Leather Association, The Brotherhood San Jose (a gay men’s BDSM education and play group), The Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and several business networking groups. He also created BDSM Tastings a quarterly workshop series for educating beginners and mentoring advanced players on various BDSM practices. He and his partners have founded In Gear a gay men’s education and play group in Northern New Jersey. Jeff is in a triad with his hus/boy Steve who are celebrating their 30 th anniversary this year and Puppy Paul, Mr. NJ Leather 2013. He has been in polyamorousrelationships of one kind or another most of his adult life. He facilitates discussions and delivers presentations on leather families, polyamory and BDSM to both community organizations and educational institutions on both coasts. “It’s not what you say it’s how you show up and what you do that matters. It’s all about authenticity and integrity sprinkled with some humor, oh, and homemade peach or apple crisp.”Gerard TurnerGerard Turner aka Renai ONYX, also known as “Mama’s Renaissance Man”, was born a native of NC, May 1977. He is a natural born survivor avidly placing himself into whatever he commits, believing his purpose in life is to close the stereotypical gap of judgement and welcome others to accept themselves as well as others unconditionally. In January 2012 Gerard was introduced to ONYX, pledging full brother 2015. He began exploring, building relationships, never wanting anyone around him to feel as he once saw himself; someone that stood in the shadows. He always takes a moment to address anyone that appears as he once did. He previously served as the Onyx Mid-Atlantic Secretary for 2016 and is the current committee chair for the Annual Code RED Fundraising Event. Over the more recent years Gerard has received awards for ONYX Mid-Atlantic Brother of the Year 2016, ONYX Lion Strength Award 2017, Leather Person of the Year 2017 at Maryland Leather Weekend from C.O.M.M.A.N.D.; He was also pinned as Mama’s Renaissance Man during Code RED in 2017 and in 2019 Gerard was completely humbled when honored as a Fraternal Brother of Centaurs MC. Philanthropy, his greatest passion; from helping teens Say NO to drugs as a Fourth-Grade student; working with peers in Junior High School with Project T.A.L.K. (Teens Against Losing Kids). Gerard has worked in raising over $70,000.00 to help youth fight cancer/leukemia; Annual toy drives with several organizations throughout the LGBTQ+ community combined donating over $200,000.00 in toys and educational resources over several years; fundraisers supporting taking the homeless off the streets for a night of pampering; also canned food drives and his Annual Holiday Party and Coat Drive. Gerard’s strongest passion comes by giving back and supporting the fight against HIV and Aids, with Code Red Fundraising Event, hosted by ONYX Mid-Atlantic. For the past 5 years now, the event has raised nearly 12K giving to Casa Ruby - 2015, Wanda Alston House – 2016, Joseph’s House DC -2017 and HIPS DC – 2018, and ManDate DC this March 2019 shattering the annual goal. Gerard competed during Mid-Atlantic Leather 2018 Weekend and won the honor of serving the community as Mr. MAL 2018, continuing his purpose bridging the community. His professional career focuses around working and building relationships with people and major events at the National Institute of Health. This man is multi-faceted, a repeating cancer survivor/warrior, a self-starter, and a man that creates a safe space by meeting you right where you are. Gerard Turner is only getting started and this is only a small scratch to the surface of his abilities as he continues to embrace all around him, both near and far.Dr. Daddy James-John Salvatore GiglieloDr Daddy Jim began his leather adventures in 1974 when he met his SIR in NYC and became the youngest of 5 boys, a slave and 3 dogboys in Grammercy Park in NYC. He watched all the boys and slave die of AIDS thus beginning his activism and advocacy for those with HIV. (SIR is 90). He took care of many friends as he helplessly watched over 100 die while he remained healthy. He volunteered himself for early experiments of his blood and he was part of GMHC's 800 and 500 men which were the first long term large scale studies in the US on gay men's sexual health. He marched with Larry Kramer in ACT-UP. He marched in the first AIDS walk in NYC and was the Brooklyn Liaison for the NYC chapter of the Names Project, helping grieving families making quilts for those who had died along with his own friends. He was the Membership Director of Gay Friends & Neighbors in Brooklyn, and worked at the Gay Pride Center in NYC on the Orientation Committee helping those who are LGBTQ get orientated when moving to NYC. He was a counselor on the Gay and Lesbian Crisis Line in NYC for several years. He had the pleasure of having lunch with Tom of Finland, knowing the creators of both the gay pride and leather pride flags, and was a frequent attendee in NYC of Masters and Slaves Together (MAST). After moving to Florida, he worked at the Pride Center as receptionist and volunteer coordinator. He sits on several strategic planning committees and co-chaired the transgender awards called Transgender Health in Action (THIA). More recently he attained his Ph.D. In Gender Diversity Psychology from Northcentral University with a groundbreaking dissertation on HIV stigma, gay men, and resilience, and 9 months later a post grad certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy for the LGBTQ communities. He has attended several think tanks on strategic planning for HIV with the Flowers Foundation, volunteered with the Health Department in South Florida and is currently on the University of Florida Gainesville HIV stigma group and Task force, and a member of the AIDS Educational Review Panel which scrutinizes all material before its disseminated to the public. Currently he teaches workshops on HIV, PEP and PReP, and lifestyle/interests in the leather fetish communities, and has counseled many leatherfolk on relationships and coming out into leather. He has met with Dr Kevin Fenton, who reported to Congress and the President, was the Director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss, at length, HIV policies. He is a member of Mama Sandy's Leather Family (#963), the First Coast Leather Society and has solicited to be an associate member of Onyx Deep South, and is the Founder of the Leathertarian Award. He believes that information on history, and craft should be given freely to anyone seeking knowledge.



Mistress CyanMistress Cyan was introduced to The Lifestyle in 1986 and has since become a wellrespected Leader in The Los Angeles BDSM and Leather Communities. She is known for her charity and dedication to The Community and for her skills with Her Floggers and Singletail. She is always looking to “give back” to the Community that she loves in any way she can. Mistress Cyan has held her Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Slave Auctions for more than 20 years. In 2005, she raised more than $100,000 in food & supplies for the needy as well as fundraisers for the victims of Katrina and many other charities in her career. In 2006, the MCC Church in North Hollywood presented He with a Community Service Award having been responsible for initiating a food drive that fedmore than 32.000 people as a result of her efforts. In 2007, as part of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition’s Fundraising Committee, she helped wipe out a debt of more than $14,000 and put the coalition in the black. Mistress Cyan is the only person in Southern California and one of the very few in this entire country, who has produced major conventions, promoted fetish nightclubs, performed at many major fetish clubs and events, produces Leather Contests, owns herown Dungeon and is also active in the BDSM and Leather Lifestyle. She is the Founder /Organizer and Executive Producer of DomCon LA and DomCon Atlanta both of which are now in their sixteenth year and is the Owner/Operator of Sanctuary Studios LAX, thelargest dungeon in Los Angeles with a staff of more than 40 BDSM professionals. Mistress Cyan was invited to become a member of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition in 2005 after receiving six nominations in the 2005 Southland Honors. She then receivedseven more nominations in the 2006 Southland Honors and was presented The Fundraiser of The Year Award for 2006. She also received eight nominations in the 2006 Pantheon of Leather Awards and was presented the 2006 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice (Woman) Award. In March of 2007, The Los Angeles LeatherCoalition presented Mistress Cyan with The Mentor of The Year Award for 2007, and was presented The Treasurers Award in 2008. In 2009, Mistress Cyan was awarded Fundraiser of the year for the second time and was named the 2009 Pantheon of Leather Woman of The Year. She was named Woman of the Year in Los aAngeles in2017 and 2019 and named Mentor of the Year in 2019. Mistress Cyan is a progressive and innovative thinker. She is not afraid to set new standards, break new ground or accept responsibility.Amelia HoroBIOGRAPHY TO COMEJoan NorryJoan joined the Alameda County Leather Corps in 1999 and served as president of the club twice before winning Ms. Alameda County Leather 2006. She was ICF Woman of the Year in 2005 and 2009. Throughout 20 years of membership in ACLC, she has helped produce events raising over $300,000. Joan was nominated for Pantheon Woman of the Year in 2009. She ran as an independent for American Leather Woman in 2008, winning the title and bringing it back to the bay area. She is currently working with American Brotherhood Weekend as sponsorship chairperson, helping produce events for PSLOD's 25th Anniversary, and working with ACLC. She is part of Mama's Family (Mama's Cynic). She has judged many contests including MAL and IMBB.  In her spare time, she writes a tongue-in-cheek column poking fun at the self-importance and bad behavior of the leather community. She has been interested in the leather lifestyle and what it means on a personal level since high school, when she got her first pair of handcuffs and brought her girlfriend to class on a leash. She believes in consensual choices and safe, sane sexual relationships. She prefers not to limit herself with a label or a box that identifies her for others' comfort and acceptance, and believes in the right to privacy in both the bedroom and in the community.MsSuzan'sThank you so very much to the Pantheon and its members. I am honored to be nominated for the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award. Oddly, I’ve never done anything for recognition, but rather because my passion has driven me to do them.  I give credit to my journey to a movie I saw in 1968, “The Story of O”.  I learned about ownership and obedience that night. In 1980 I found my first Leather Bars, Texas Drilling Company and Bulldogs.  I also found ALFA (Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance House).  I circled with the Witches and found the Leather Women.  This is where I learned “dungeon skills” hands-on and how play correctly and safely.  In 1982 I met a group of Leathermen, another connection to my passion.…and then AIDS.  I buried many brothers.  My vest was presented to me by a Leatherman that saw me out at the Leather Bars all the time.  My cover was presented to me by 4 well respected Masters I call family and my slave Ed in 2006. I met Master Doug in 1992.  He opened a dungeon, Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, in 1993, and asked me to help him. That was the beginning of the Sanctuary family.  We had a newsletter, teaching sessions, Friday night Meet and Greets, in addition to an open dungeon.I was able to be part of the Leather Movement in Atlanta in the 90’s to bring all clubs and groups together.  To have strength in numbers and people to support us.  Back then, it was the Leatherfolk and Drag Queens.  We emceed their events, they emceed ours.  This was all before computers.  Talk about having to find your way and your people; you had to earn their trust. I have lived a “Charmed Leather Life”.  Helping to open and run The Sanctuary, helping produce MAsT ’99, and getting to meet all those people was life changing.  I also helped facilitate Butchmanns and worked on the Leather Quilt. In addition, I have taught numerous classes, judged several contests, been a Tally Master and soon I will be giving my first Key-note speech. In my early years I was taught that new people needed to feel needed.  That once I mastered something, it was time to move over and let the new kids try.  Sometimes I didn’t know where I was moving to, but I have been fortunate that I have always been graced with new and wonderful opportunities and directions for growth. I am also very involved with MAsT, having been on its Board since 2007. I’ve led the Team in getting a non-profit status and getting the logo trademarked.  Now, my job is to room the next Leadership Team for MAsT International, so I can take a less active role—but I’m not done yet. Being nominated for this award affirms my hope that the work I have done in this community has touched people’s lives and helped them on their journey.  Every day is a new learning experience.Mistress MirMiriam V. Haeusler – Known as Makeda in the Imperial Court of New York and as Mistress Mir in the BDSM and Leather Communities. The First Lady of Dominance, for 44 years, trained in the Old Guard tradition, has given me a chance to Judge the Heritage of Pride March of NYC, March on Wash. (Banner carrier), Board Member of the Imperial Court, Elder of Lesbian Sex Mafia, Folsom Street, Mistress of ceremonies, Auctioneer and Presenter of Black Beat, Dressing for Pleasure, Beyond Vanilla, TES, NCSF, Woodhull Foundation and Judge and Tally Master for many years, with Leather Contests through the years. Princess Royale Makeda is continuing her charity work through the LGBT in fund-raising, which donates to social services and health support organizations. I have been doing shows in health care facilities for over 12 years. The Imperial Court has been a champion for important issues, from Pre-Stonewall activism to the HIV-AIDS crisis. I feel that it is time to give back all the joy and rewards, these opportunities have given me. 



SELFSouthEast LeatherFest (SELF) is the home where all people--kinksters and leather people, primals and littles, puppies and Masters, and LGBTQIA+ -- gather to celebrate our lives as sex positive individuals. We teach, we learn, and we grow. We play, we meet, and we party. We love, we laugh, and we create community. We have tons of class tracks, 3 nights of contests/shows, parties, meetups, socials, and play parties—our 650 attendees have 170+ activities to connect, embrace who they are and experience the synergy that SELF creates. We are a socially conscious event whose mixology includes all sexual preferences, genders, and races. We don’t just say we celebrate difference and individuality—we are welcoming, respectful, and not homogenous.Catherine Gross, SELF’s Producer said, “I could tell you about the cutting-edge education or the year we did 20 classes in the indoor swimming pool.  Or we could chat about the time a contestant rode a Harley through the crowd as part of his fantasy because we held SELF’s contest in a 400 hundred person tent in the parking lot of our hotel, or the fact that we changed our policies regarding transfolk in 2004, or that SELF was co-produced for ten years by a transman and I believe we’ve been the first major leather event who had a transman as a producer. We have 25 years of solid accomplishment and I could tell you a lot of stories. What you need to know is WHO we are. Not what we are—it’s the who of SELF that is most important.  We are where you can “Explore yourSELF” safely, soundly and with support.” SELF is the home of the Southeast Master/slave, Southeast Bootblack, Southeast Person of Leather, Mr. SELF, Ms. SELF, and SELF boy titles.Florida Power ExchangeSeeing a need for a focus on healthy relationships and dynamics, The Daddy Michael and amaia created the Florida Power Exchange (FPE). This yearly, four-day event is held in Tampa, Florida and is in it’s 7th year.  We are a weekend event that celebrates the diverse and ever-changing power exchange dynamics that are held within our community and lifestyle. We are a weekend event that has classes, worshops, parties, social activities and other surprises. We are home to the Florida Power Exchange Contest, that allows different power exchange dynamics to come share and educate on their relationships. We are community driven, positive energy and we focus on what happens beyond the dungeon... while still having some great parties in the evening with a live DJ! Some special parts of FPE are having a dedicated lil’s space with activities and play areas, a yearly kick off pool and karaoke party, and we our proud of our annual art gala that showcases local artists creations. FPE focuses on the areas within our community that tie us all together and allows its members to be a part of the process.  We  are in our second year of showcasing a mentor room, where our community members can take time to talk with those who have been around for a day or two, as well as having a teaching dungeon for those who would like to practice and learn new skill sets. From amazing vendors to hospitality rooms throughout the day, a social space with games and a quiet room to take a break but still stay close to the con space, we create areas for mini moments of connection that make our dynamics and friendships stronger. We have been called a family reunion, and that description really covers what we feel FPE has become. It is a place for all our community members to come and take a break, from the day to day grind and focus on connections, community and charity. www.floridapowerexchange.com CLAWCLAW 19 was enjoyed by a record 2250 registered attendees, including 1001 volunteers, more than any other leather event in history. Over 400 volunteers in leadership roles enabled CLAW 19 to feature more than 250 different events and exhibitors, including:125 different skills and education sessions, the world’s largest curriculum of kinky sex education for men, with multiple offerings each on BDSM, Power Exchange, Ass Play, Fetish Affinities, Sex, Health and Community – including a 6 session People of Color track50 different leather vendors 20 hotel parties, including the magnificent Bound and Beautiful Live Muscle Gallery; a huge pup mosh, and the Transmen Are Hot cigar party; Awards:  Awards were presented to the Titans of the Midwest for their educational initiatives, and the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Case Western Reserve University for their tireless work protecting the health of sexually active communities, including ours. 60 Sponsors:Five Master Sponsors: SquarePegToys®, Mr-S-Leather, FLEX Spas, REV4Men and LeatherWerks; Twenty Sustaining Sponsors: Nasty Kink Pigs, Blow Buddies, Twisted Headz Smokeshops, Jackhammer, Leather Stallion Saloon, Torso, Leather64Ten, Chicago Hellfire Club, Jim Support, Alphatribe magazine, Recon, Touche, Palm Springs Leather Pride, the Point Tent and Trailer, ICON Detroit, Mr. Michigan Leather, Bootblack Round-Up, Stompers Boots, Westin Cleveland and the Hampton Inn Cleveland;Fourteen Event Sponsors, fifteen Fetish Alliance Sponsors, three Media Sponsors and ten advertising sponsors; CLAW 19 profits (approximately $100,000, another record) will be distributed to important, underfunded community charities by the CLAW Board on Sept 6th. Sin in the CityA large kink event (1500+ attendees) held yearly in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2013, Sin in the City holds three goals: to celebrate and embrace the diversity of the leather and kink communities, to advocate for sexual freedom on every front, and to bring us a sex-positive space to learn, grow, and enjoy. Sin in the City welcomes attendees of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ages (18+), nationalities and ethnicities, physical abilities, and religious and political affiliations to participate in a weekend jam-packed with “Nasty. Dirty. Raunchy. Wrong.” fun every February in Sin City.Boasting 75-90 wicked workshops each year, we are at the forefront of erotic education. Our tracks include Sinning 101 (BDSM Basics), Advanced Sinning (Advanced BDSM), Carnal Sins (Sex Skills), Relationships, Spirituality and Personal Growth, Littles / Pets / Roleplay, Bootblacking, and—NEW in in 2020—Advocacy. Each year, our educational program has one (or more “wildcard”) focus(es) as well: rope and restraints, kinky culture, health and wellness…what would YOU like to see? Our evening “socials” are second to none and seem to multiply every year: Thursday evening’s kick-off social and Sin 101, Friday night’s Queer as Folk Fuck party, Dog and Pony Show, and Boots and Cigars Social, Saturday evening’s traditional Love party and the Honeypot (our non-male bathhouse), and Sunday’s SinBowl and Afterglow parties ALL offer places to meet other kinksters and leatherfolk for stimulating conversation, or—if you prefer—for more of the nasty, dirty, raunchy, wrong fun that only Sin provides. Sin in the City is the host of the International Person of Leather contest each year, which celebrates the diversity of our community with the acknowledgement that community service has no gender: one title, one community. Additionally, our stage welcomes various erotic performers and community groups nightly: we aim to entertain! Join us in the MANhole (our non-female space), the ToolBOX (our non-male space), the MIXER (our gender-inclusive space), or the Playground (our littles / pets space) each evening for some of the wildest play you may ever lay eyes on (or in the case of the Playground, perhaps the worlds’ biggest blanket fort?).  Or perhaps you are more interested in joining the People of Color Caucus, getting your leathers loved on in Bootblack Alley, shopping in our amazing Vendor Mall, visiting the community group-sponsored hospitality suite socials or attending the panel discussions we host each year. And don’t forget to collect your Chips of Perversity for a chance at winning one of our fabulous prizes on Sunday before you head to our Keynote Brunch with a speaker specifically selected to share a thought-provoking talk! Visit our website at http://www.sin-in-the-city.com, and follow us on Twitter (@SinInTheCityLV), on Instagram (@sininthecitylv), Fetlife (https://fetlife.com/users/1813926), or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SinInTheCityLV) for all of the latest information on our next event, January 31 – February 2, 2020, in Las Vegas!MIRIn 1997, Roger Hickey, David Boyer and Cell Block Chicago created the Mr. International Rubber contest to support the fledgling men's rubber scene. Since that time, the contest has seen steady progress becoming a truly international contest and event weekend.In 2009, the contest was purchased by two members of the rubber community under MIR Contest, LLC - an independent entity. The contest moved from Cell Block Chicago just two doors south to the newly opened Center on Halsted, Chicago’s LGBT+ community center.  These expanded facilities opened the contest to attendees 18 years of age and older, and provide professional and modern conference spaces including: a gymnasium for Kink Market, Gear Swap and interactive Demo Pit experiences; 2nd Floor Classrooms for Educational Programs, reception areas for cocktail parties and socializing, as well as a professionally equipped black box theater for two nights of contest. Following each night of events, attendees can select from multiple bar nights or play parties catering to their diverse fetish interests and audiences. For those who cannot attend the event in person, the contest is Live-streamed for free on the contest website. In 2018 following nine years of consistent and steady growth, the contest itself moved to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for a spectacular night celebrating MIR22: The Art of Rubber! In May of 2019 the owners of Mr. International Rubber announced the beginning of the process to become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Over the past two decades, leadership has been strategic in growth, and mindful that this event was not intended to enrich the two co-owners, but to benefit the community. MIR has strived to ensure that its actions as an organization do justice to those initial impulses that created the weekend - To maintain a dynamic and responsive event weekend of the highest quality, that remains focused on the rubber gear and the community. MIR23 - Underground will mark the 23rd celebration of the international rubber community in Chicago. Although the centerpiece of our weekend is a contest to select the next Mr. International Rubber, our weekend is open and welcoming to all kinksters regardless of fetish, gender expression, sexual orientation, income level or ability. We strive each year to ensure that our attendees, volunteers, contestants, judges, vendors and staff have fun, make new friends, laugh and enjoy themselves throughout the weekend.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously.  We provide our attendees with an entertaining and fun show, and we know that our contest is just a big excuse to gather the rubber community for one fun filled weekend. We hope you’ll consider joining us for MIR23: Underground November 8-11, 2019 in Chicago. For more information about Mr. International Rubber or MIR23: Underground please visit our website at MIRubber.com; Follow us on Facebook @MIRubb; or on Twitter @MIRubber.



The Mark's POC PartyCPI’s People of Color party was borne of a QWoC-led effort to address the cultural barriers facing Southern kinksters of color who want to make a home in the kink community. Run by an entirely PoC staff for entirely PoC attendees and held quarterly at The Mark in Nashville, these parties feature lovingly cooked potluck meals, music exclusively from the work of musicians of color, and BDSM play that centers the pleasure, beauty, and fantasies of kinksters of color. The organizer and host – “Ms K” (Krissy to her friends!) – has been active in the Middle Tennessee kink and goth communities since the mid-‘90s, is a lifetime member of CPI, and is a tireless advocate and activist for the more marginalized in our community.In addition to providing a safer place for PoC to explore their kink, these parties have had several welcome effects which go beyond the events themselves: My House and Black Pride, two local vanilla advocacy organizations serving people of color, have taken notice of the parties and now maintain working relationships with CPI to help kinksters in need get connected with applicable support and social services. Through large- and small-scale conversations, kinksters who believed in the Obama era that our culture had become "post-racial" have not only come to understand that systemic racism is alive and well, but have come to value the role that PoC-exclusive events can play in fighting against its effects. CPI members of color have become more vocal about barriers which affect their access to community, resulting in a newly-launched financial assistance program for those who couldn’t attend the parties otherwise. CPI was founded in Nashville in 2005 as a non-profit Tennessee membership organization to create, manage, and maintain “The Mark” – a 6000-sqft (now in our second space), ADA-compliant, kink-positive, sex-positive, body-positive, gender-neutral, relationship-neutral, consent-based, BDSM/Fetish/Kink community center. More information can be found on our website – TheMarkByCPI.org – and Instagram/Twitter @TheMarkByCPI.Thank you for recognizing and honoring our efforts to be more inclusive!MX Virginia Leather WeekendWe are Ma’am Karen and Bumper from Southeastern Virginia.  We created the MX Virginia Leather Contest in 2019 out of what we felt was necessity; one that we discovered in our travels during Bumper’s title year. We attended many events and contests, and we found the inclusion of Non-Binary and Transgender Leather folx was almost non-existent!  While there are Leather titles are that are non-gender specific, there are not a lot designed specifically for people on the Non-binary Transgender spectrum. We realized pretty quickly how many good people were left out of the title circuit, because they didn’t seem to fit inside a particular box. We decided we were going to create our own box, were they could run for a title, be themselves, feel safe, and  be truly welcomed. The MX Virginia Leather Contest is the first of its kind in Virginia, and the first Virginia State Leather title in almost a decade. On March 1st, 2019 the event was held at Fallout, in Richmond, VA, and it was so much more than we could have ever imagined! People came from all across the country. The energy in the club over the course of the weekend was palpable. Thanks to our supporters and attendees we were able to supply our winner with a sizable Travel Fund, AND  we raised $1000 for the Leather Heart Foundation! People connected, conversations were had, we laughed, we cried, we loved and we all shared this amazing space together. Together, everyone was together! This was what we had dreamed it would be: a space for all to feel like home, and to provide an opportunity for someone to shine. Someone did shine that weekend, and it was Blue. Blue identifies as gender non-conforming and running for this title spoke to her. Blue created the “We are Enough” platform, and has been traveling up and down the East coast spreading the message. Blue has raised almost $2000 so far for the three charities she is supporting during her Title year: The Leather Heart Foundation, TAP Virginia and The Trevor Project.As we head into year two, we hope to carry that same energy and support into the next Contest, and have another great event. The generous support from the attendees, the contestants, the staff, the love, the friendships and the space, truly warms our hearts. People asked us from the beginning why we were doing this…… It’s pretty simple……we saw a need, and we had the ability, and desire, to fill that need. Isn’t that what we do as Leather folx? If there is a need, we fill it.  We do our small part, and we help make a better community, by serving that community.Twisting CultureTwisting Culture is a celebration of the diversity throughout the Northeast region alternative sex-positive community!  We are a socially conscious event committed to providing space that is sensitive to all persons. Twisting Culture is the brainchild of a group of people who feel strongly about making a space for everyone, not just the smooth or the status quo. We want to make space for and give voice to the people who live in their own unique kink. This is a place for anyone who has a way of being that's all their own!  We're off beat. We're not the same old thing... we want you to bring your unique vibe, kink, way of being and YOU!  All are invited and welcomed. March 30, 2019 was our first event.  In this full day and evening event we offered daytime classes including Think & participation-based Kink tracks, the first Northeast Person of Leather contest during the late afternoon, a celebration dinner with our new titleholder, and we wrapped up the day with our evening play party.We are thrilled to move into our second year!  Held March 20-22, 2020 in Baltimore.  We will continue to offer Think Track and participation-based Kink Track educational opportunities.  In our Think Track we strive to offer fresh, current, thought-provoking material that speaks to and from the most unique and authentic among us.  Our Kink Track is set in a dungeon, in intimate small group settings to bring hands-on opportunities. We will hold the second Northeast Person of Leather Contest.  The Northeast Person of Leather title is a community service title in support of all alternative sex-positive persons willing to share their views, passions, and dedications to make a positive impact on this region. We are the Northeast regions official feeder to International Person of Leather. The title is open to all experience levels; from those who want to gain experience and knowledge of themselves and their community to those who have well-formed passionate views they care to share. Contestants will be judged based on their capacity to articulate their views and passions and to act as mentors, educators, role models and spokespersons within this region, regardless of race, gender-identity, sexual-orientation, physical appearance, religion, age, or disability. Members of the full identity spectrum as well as all experience levels are invited, wanted and needed to actively engage in this region’s communities through the title platform of Northeast Person of Leather.Kink Weekend OKCKink Weekend started as a one night party in 2011, the Oklahoma City Boys of Leather had a dream to create a bigger and better event. These boys were proud of their establishment in a conservative state and wanted to showcase the different talents and fetishes that were missing in the Oklahoma City community. This first party was huge breath of fresh energy into the Oklahoma City scene and an annual event instantly started. The one night event quickly turned into a full weekend celebration of leather and kink pride. Kink Weekend has always kept true to the leather community's core values to work with community service projects by raising money for different HIV charities and local organizations.As Oklahoma City has grown, so did the demand for a bigger weekend. A local leather contest was introduced in 2013 to coincide with Kink Weekend, called Mr. Heartland Leather. For the first time Oklahoma City had a representative to match it's grand weekend. Two years later, it was decided that Kink Weekend needed growth to stay viable in the community. In 2015 the title was changed to a national title called Route 66 Leather. The decision was made to represent a larger geographical area.Kink Weekends popularity kept growing year by year and in 2017, the production of Kink Weekend and Rt. 66 Leather was changed from single ownership to a board of directors. Educational classes were introduced from mental health, safety, and the inclusion of the Trans community by introducing Trans Talk with Tony and Tiffany and other topics that impact our leather lifestyle. In order to become a more inclusive event the board saw the need to change to a broader spectrum of people, all of our LGBT+ community including our long forgotten straight allies. This was a positive change for Kink Weekend and there is no looking back. Today there are 5 contests that include Mr., Ms., Bear, and the gender neutral Pup and Bootblack route 66 Leather.Kink Weekend and Route 66 contest are here for our community and we will continue to listen and grow to serve everyone where we can. We look forward to many years of showing this conservative state that we are loud, proud, and far from vanillaTwin Cities Leather WeekendBIOGRAPHY TO COME



Carter Johson LibraryThe Carter/Johnson Leather Library is a collective history of various communities who have chosen to live and love differently. The Library, a 501(c)(3) organization, is chartered to bring this history to the communities that it serves. As the only library of its kind, it is our mission to create an interactive relationship with the stories from the past and the present and link them to future generations. The Library collection includes thousands of leather, fetish, S/m, kink and alternate sexuality books, magazines, posters, art, newspapers, ephemera and memorabilia dating back to the 1700's. The Carter/Johnson Library is designed to put people in touch with their history by allowing them to hold it, read it, smell it and know it.CPI/The MarkCPI was founded in Nashville in 2005 as a non-profit Tennessee membership organization to create, manage, and maintain “The Mark” – a 6000-sqft (now in our second space), ADA-compliant, kink-positive, sex-positive, body-positive, gender-neutral, relationship-neutral, consent-based, BDSM/Fetish/Kink multi-use community center.  “CPI/The Mark” is…Run by an all-volunteer staff of 50+ and open 52 weeks every year, with events scheduled 5-7 days a week. Annually hosts over 124 social events, 24 munches, 48 classes, 48 discussion forums, 24 workshops, holiday galas, a benefit Fetish Ball, and a charity vendor fair. Keeps a consistent and growing membership of 450+ (currently) with a visitor/guest population of 1200+ annually and 12 special interest groups, 3 support groups, and 2 recovery/survivor groups. In addition to monthly beginner and intermediate skills/techniques classes, CPI offers a three part “Welcome Series” – “Welcome to Kink”, “Welcome to CPI and The Mark”, and “Welcome to Play” for those new to kink, new to Nashville, or new to the organization/venue.Organizes and operates outreach/education programs with local law enforcement, medical professionals, sex therapists/counselors/educators, social workers, domestic violence/abuse centers, and collegiate LGBTQI+ groups. Maintained continual National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Coalition Partner status since 2006 and serves as the NCSF printed literature warehouse/distribution center.  Also maintains working alliances with Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi, Tennessee Equality Project, Healthy & Free Tennessee, Nashville Cares, Nashville Sexual Assault Center, Nashville Pride, and Nashville Black Pride. Provides classroom space for Sex Positive Nashville (SPN), Tennessee Alliance for Sexual Health (TNASH), Many Loves, Nashville Authority Exchange (NAEX), Rope Interest Nashville Group (RING), and special community educational events like Voter Registration, First Aid/CPR/AED certification, Narcan, Active Shooter, Trauma-Informed Response, Resources for Victims of Sexual Assault, and Safe Zone trainings. Operated “in the black” since opening, lowered membership and door fees our first year, held them there ever since, and in 2015 made all 100+ educational events free. Requires Foundational Volunteer Training (2 hours) of all volunteers and additional Cultural Humility Training (6 hours) of all volunteers who interact directly with members/guests. Have acquired over $4000 worth of books for our Reference Library of curated titles useful to the various marginalized populations who visit The Mark. Offer population specific (as self-identified) events – like Queer-Only, Women-Only, Men-Only, PoC-Only, TNG-Only, etc. – for those looking for safer environments in which to explore.Maintain an active Benevolence Fund for kinksters in need and support the Nashville Open Table Project for all those in less fortunate circumstances. Hosted Dan Savage’s 2019 “HUMP!” Film Festival for it’s first-ever showing in the Southeast. Awarded the 2008 “Jack Stice Memorial Community Service” Award, 2019 “Leadership in Action” Award by the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC), and have been Pantheon of Leather finalists in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.Leather Heart FoundationThe Leather Heart Foundation was founded in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA. Better known as LHF, we started as a word of mouth organization serving mainly the Northeast. However, today we are a national foundation serving all 50 States in the US. We are made up of many volunteers from the Board of Trustees, Directors, Staff, and Volunteers. They are of all creeds, orientations, ethnicities and genders, and span from coast to coast. We are the only national organization of our kind. We are an organization of, by and for kinksters and leather folk whose sole purpose is to help our community members who are experiencing financial hardship and emergency financial situations. The Leather Heart Foundation is a 501© (3) tax-exempt organization.United Court of the Lonestar EmpireThe mission of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire is to raise funds for organizations in the North Texas Region within the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.  Fundraising is focused on social service organizations who offer support to HIV/AIDS and cancer survivors and the overall enrichment of those in need.  The United Court also supports other local organizations with similar missions and endeavors through collaborative community efforts.  The overall membership supports chosen charities that meets the qualifications of a IRS 501(c)(3) organization.  It is our goal to re-gift the maximum amount of money possible on an annual basis. The organizations the UCLSE support often receive limited or no government funding and their continued existence and service in our community depends on donations. “We were honored to have been elected by the North Texas Community at large, to guide Reign 43 through the 2018 year in its fund-raising efforts.  Our goal was to serve “From the Heart, Through the Court, for the Community.” With our Community’s help, we were able to provide our charities with the highest level of financial aid and support ever in the history of the UCLSE, over $107,000” says Craig Sommers and Delilah DeVasquez, last year’s Fund-raising Co-Chairs. Our oath of office states we are “camp in nature but as serious as the needs of our community.”  We live by it day after day.  We are the UCLSE! Team FriendlyTeam Friendly DFW (TFDFW) is a member of the Team Friendly Network, which is an extension of the Mr. Friendly campaign. Mr. Friendly is designed to be the Stigma Free Face of HIV Awareness. This grassroots movement, started in 2008, focuses on “Reducing the Stigma of HIV through Conversation, Education and HIV Testing Partnerships.” TFDFW was founded on September 5, 2015, incorporated on October 13, 2015 and achieved 501c3 status on April 20, 2016. As we approach the zenith of our 6th year of outreach, we are excited to soon release our new Friendly Learning: Online Advocate Training (FLOAT).  FLOAT is designed to help navigate the sea of stigma filled conversations by teaching the learner simple changes in their conversations to eliminate the perpetuation of new stigma.  In order to eliminate stigma, we must first recalibrate our conversation. TFDFW continues championing the mission of Reducing the Stigma of HIV in the greater DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) area through one-on-one conversations and interactive activities designed to recalibrate the community on HIV-Friendly conversations. We firmly believe that conversations lead to educational opportunities which directly result in more testing for HIV and increased quality of life for people living with HIV. All of these things collectively reduce HIV stigma and contribute to the decrease of HIV in our community. 



Gateway Alternative Lifestyle Center“Since the fall of 2017, The Gateway to Alternative Lifestyles Center, LLC., a private lifestyle social club, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, judgement free space for its membership of Straight and LGBTQA+ members to come together for fellowship, networking opportunities, educational discussions, and participation in the Kink/BDSM activities of their choice.  Founded by Master Sable, the recipient of the 2018 Pantheon of Leather Award for Florida, the club operates on the principles of inclusivity, and provides its membership of almost 500 persons with access to educational resources to learn about and participate in the various aspects of consent-based relationship dynamics, authority transfer relationship dynamics, the safe, consensual expressions of the BDSM Arts, and more.  With almost 2,200 square feet of social/meeting/play space, the Gateway Center operates as a functional classroom and meeting space with traditional and non-traditional bondage furniture to accommodate the consensual expressions of the BDSM Arts by its members.”ONYXONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal, to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives.  Support, spirituality, safety and saneness are keys to attaining our goals. Toward this end, it is the principle aim of ONYX to develop in its members the highest standards of loyalty to the laws and established code of ONYX and to treat all in society with honor, unselfishness and tolerance.It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the traditions,standards and practices of this organization as well as the time honored principles of democracy on which this country was built.  It is the fundamental belief of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of persons with similar tastes, inclinations and goals.ONYX was founded in 1995 to provide education, fraternization and serve as a bridge for Men of Color to the greater Leather community. Our family pf brothers and associates now spans 9 chapters across the USA and Canada and continues to grow.HardPink Sisterhood"The HardPink Sisterhood is a women’s support group for self-identified women that appreciate, support, protect and celebrate the presence of women in the Leather, M/s, D/s, Kink and BDSM lifestyle.  We don’t care your age, what role you are in the kink world, your ethnicity, your sexuality, or anything else; just that you self-identify as a woman.  Our patch of pink lips and skull and crossbones is worn so that women in the community can find us when and if needed and to represent our sisterhood.  We support women’s issues in mainstream society such as battered women’s shelters, breast cancer awareness, and continuing women’s education. So far, we have donated items to women’s shelters, collected toys for children’s hospitals and participated in walks for breast cancer awareness, crocheted hats for premie babies and cancer patients to name a few. Each sister participates in their own way. Some might simply share knowledge to a new community member while others organize fundraisers helping women’s and community causes. From giving great hugs to volunteering at women’s shelters, there is a place for every woman in the HardPink Sisterhood. Our mission is twofold: 1. To provide comradery, a safe space, mentorship, education and friendship to any individual who identifies as a lifestyle woman. 2. To provide community service within and outside the Leather/BDSM/Kink community at large.The HardPink Sisterhood was founded by Master Bella Price originally in Slidell, Louisiana in 2013.  Initially we began with a goal of supporting each other and our local community women.  Today we have over 100 members from Alaska to Virginia and several in Canada.  We hope to expand to a chapter or chapters in each state to guarantee women all over the country have a support system, a shoulder to lean on, and a safe place to be of service. "MAsT INTERNATIONALBIOGRAPHY TO COMETitans of the MidwestThe Titans of the Midwest is a nonprofit social organization whose mission is to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest kink community. We are open to all without judgment, encouraging the exploration of kink in the name of fellowship while promoting safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities through awareness and education. The Titans of the Midwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, originally founded by members of the central Iowa Kink Community. In September of 2011, Jeremy Morris, Neil O’Sullivan, Mike Refky, Greg Mace, and Trevor Redman, got together in the hopes of breathing life into a new organization with one purpose – “to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest Kink Community.” In July of 2012, the Titans of the Midwest held their first organization meeting; attended by just a handful of kinksters and held in the home of Neil O’Sullivan, the Titans of the Midwest were well on their way to something great. Today, the Titans have grown to an organization with more than 150+ active paid members from 14 States and Canada. We have held countless educational sessions, covering various topics from polyamory, to spanking, to BDSM, to electrostim, and more! As stated in our Mission Statement, through awareness and education the Titans are “open to all without judgment” and “encourage exploration of kink in the name of fellowship.” We advocate “safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities”  and strive to provide both a forum and space for these activities.The Titans of the Midwest are proud to have created and support ongoing kink classes at events around the country under the KINK U brand.  A few of those events include KINK U at IML, Bootblack Round-Up, monthly education at Wisconsin Leather Night, KINK U at Kentuckiana Pride Festival, KINK U at Mr. Midwest Rubber, KINK U at Mr. Midwest Leather Weekend, KINK U at Ren Faire After Dark, and dozens of others each year. The Titans of the Midwest is honored to have been nominated for the 2019 Pantheon of Leather Large Club of the Year Award.



Misfits HoustonMisfits Houston is a social club in Houston, Texas, founded in 1992 by Creath Robinson and Bill Havard, two members of the Colt 45's. Creath and Bill had a vision of a different type of club, with both strong social bonds and a commitment to serving their community.Through the years Misfits Houston has grown into a group of strong, creative individuals who have never strayed from the ideals of brotherhood and service to the community. The Misfits have produced fundraisers for various nonprofits in the Houston, including the 14 year series of The Misfits Ball, which raised more than $150,000 for programs that support the LGBTQIA+ community. The Misfits have always underwritten the costs of fundraising activities, so all money raised goes directly to their beneficiaries. In 2012, Misfits Houston founded GLUE Weekend, combining their annual fundraiser with a weekend run. Part of the activities include the Mr. Third Coast Gear and Mr. Third Coast Leather contests. GLUE Weekend has become a national destination event, and continues to grow each year into a bigger and more dynamic event. The membership of Misfits Houston has included numerous community leaders and title holders, including Mr. Texas Leather (3), Mr. Prime Choice (5), Daddy of Montrose (5), boy of Montrose (2), Mother of Montrose, Mr. Firedancer (6) and Mr. Hidden Door. Two members have held the office of Chairman of Houston Council of Clubs and one reigned as Emperor of ERSICSS (Empire of the Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of the Single Star). The Misfits have received national recognition on several occasions, including receiving the CLAW Blockbuster award four times as the largest CLAW Nation fundraiser, and the 2010 National Leather Association International President’s Award “for Brotherhood and Appreciation”. Although several members were already members of Mama’s Family, in 2015 Mama Sandy Reinhardt inducted all of the members into her family, recognizing the commitment of the Misfits to help their community. As “Mama’s Misfits,” this marked the first time that an entire club was inducted into the family. Most recently, the Misfits were honored with the Emperor I Marcus Hernandez International Leather Leadership Award, presented during ERSICSS Coronation XXXIII.As we move steadily towards our 30th anniversary, the Misfits continue to be a close-knit brotherhood which assists their community wherever they see a need.Women in Leather ATLWiLA is a non-profit Leather patch club for all Leather identified women, transwomen, and those women who are curious about and enjoy Leather culture and BDSM; whom live in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities, including neighboring states. WiLA creates a bridge between gay/lesbian/heterosexual Leather, transwomen, and Leather/Levi/Lace while maintaining honor, integrity, love, and respect for one’s self and others on their personal Leather journey.We've created a social, educational, and supportive atmosphere among all Leather women; to increase understanding and encourage camaraderie among Leather identified women within Leather and BDSM communities. As a diverse sisterhood, WiLA participates as an organized club within the Leather and BDSM communities at large; where women can be empowered, exchange ideas and various perspectives, and socialize without racial, sexual, or social pressures. It is common to see members in the local and nationwide community as attendees at events or presenting. Members have supported the community through service at SELF, Atlanta Leather Pride (Atlanta Eagle), LLC, and providing biannual education presentations open to all in the community. Our members have held space and been present at both Chattanooga and Atlanta Pride, Women March in Atlanta (2017), as well as hosting an annual Friendsgiving Dinner open to leather folks. Recently, we were named caregivers of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library Atlanta Annex. Members have traveled to Indiana for materials and have been diligently inventorying and reorganizing the library. It has been a humbling honor! We are a traditional, non-traditional Leather women’s patch club creating our own history and personal meaning of leather on our journeys.ONYX Pearls's Deep SouthOnyx Pearls Deep South Incorporated is an informational and social sorority committed to changing the way that Women are viewed in Leather and Leadership. We are committed to provide an informational and social organization to address the issues specific to women who identify as BIOPOC (Black and Indigenous People/Person(s) of Color) regardless of sexual orientation, who choose to discuss and/or participate in the Leather/SM/Fetish Lifestyle. Our motto, Inspire, Ignite, and Empower is key to achieving our goal for women in our local/regional/national/international communities. We are excited to be part of the National Council of Onyx Pearls and the future of all Onyx family endeavors. We are a family in every sense of the word! We will continue to encourage individuals that no matter where they are on their journey in Leather, that we hope to inspire them to achieve their personal goals. We offer a space that is fun,educational, and to be an experience like no other to practice, learn and engage in the Leather lifestyle.New England RubbermenThe New England Rubber Men (NERM) is New England’s only LGBTQ rubber enthusiast group. A federally approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, NERM raises funds for causes throughout New England, including education, research, housing, food distribution and social advocacy. NERM holds as one of its core values a mission to give back to the community it serves, and the group believes that every dollar counts. NERM also organizes the only rubber enthusiast contest in New England (Mr. New England Rubber), held each spring. After a brief period of dormancy, NERM has bounced back stronger than ever. In the last two years it has implemented a new board, secured state and federal non-profit status, co-hosted rubber-themed events with local groups (including WickedPAH, Mr. New England Leather, Northeast Pup & Handler, Fascination Fridays, and the Boston Marauders), and during last spring’s contest raised a new record amount for the event’s designated charity, AIDS Care Ocean State of Rhode Island. Despite its size, NERM has a rich history of proud rubber representation on the international stage; two NERM titleholders have gone on to win Mr. International Rubber, while other titleholders have placed in the top three. Additionally, NERM is dedicated to achieving equal rights and dignity for members of the LGTBQ community, both within and outside of the kink communities. As the region’s only group focused on the enjoyment of rubber, it is important to block stigma associated with rubber fetishes, as well as the general kink community. As such, NERM advocates for freedom of expression which, when stifled, leads to a host of issues including discrimination, mental health stigma and misinformation. NERM never turns its back to anyone – regardless of race, gender identity or orientation – who wishes to be part of its mission. Each year, the group celebrates its role as the regional leader in all things shiny when its members proudly march in a host of pride parades across state lines, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, Maine and Connecticut. Members also participate in rubber themed events during national – and international event weekends – including International Mr. Leather (IML), Mr. International Rubber (MIR), Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend (CLAW) and GearBlast US (GBUS).Twin Cities -T-REXXTwin Cities T-Rexx is a leather club in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that is by and for trans masculine people. It was founded in March of 2018 with the mission to provide a platform of visibility and community. The club currently consists of 10 full members, 1 pledge, 13 associate members, and 3 honorary members. Being one of the first leather clubs in the nation for trans masculine people, our platform of visibility is important in the fact of showing that transgender individuals are people and humans that deserve respect and treatment, providing a healthy space for respectful open conversations, education, and inclusion. T-Rexx enjoys being social and forming the bridge that covers the gap between the public and our community. This is done through social events, fundraisers, and volunteering. Our socials are held every couple of months and consist of a kink demo along with food, such as Fry Bread and Flogging, an ice cream social with a human cake demo, Sandwiches and Subs, and a vacuum cube demo with mini ravioli. For fundraisers, we host an annual underwear auction as well as this past winter we hosted Taken by T-Rexx, an event where we "kidnapped" members of other local clubs and forced them to pay a "ransom" to get them back. From that fundraiser, we were able to donate over $400 to Clare Housing, a local organization that uses affordable supportive housing to help people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Most recently, we had a t-shirt fundraiser online, from which we were able to donate $550 to the TransWomen of Color Collective. Being a nonprofit, we know that more than money is needed to help in the community. You can also find members of T-Rexx volunteering at other local events, making sandwiches for people facing homelessness, and spreading love in whatever ways possible. While we are still a young club, we look forward to growing and continuing to help our community and being a stepping stone for trans masculine people entering the leather community.



Merry Kitty Creations"With a vision of utilizing artistry to liberate and educate those who wish to explore and enjoy aspects of kink and BDSM involving pets and pet play, Merry Kitty Creations was founded in an attempt to provide higher quality, distinctive and unique pet play tails in beautiful colors and patterns to pets and others who enjoy wearing them. Based in Maryland, Merry Kitty Creations has sponsored and/or vended at event weekends, donated lovingly handcrafted tails to auctions for amazing events and contributed products for a number of fundraising efforts from coast to coast. The Merry Kitty Creations Scholarship annually awards one applicant funds to cover registration fees to an education and/or community centric kink, BDSM or Leather event of their choosing. The scholarship was implemented as a response to the issue of accessibility when it comes to attending (often) very large events full of experienced presenters, amazing demos, a wealth of classroom instruction and important bonding experiences. A portion of the profits from each Signature Handcrafted Tail is placed into the fund, in hopes that each year one more person is able to take part in what has been an important experience for so many others. Merry Kitty Creations is a Supporting Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, an organization whose goal is to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior. April 2019 saw the release of The Kinky Kitten Box™️, a carefully curated collection of fun and kink related themed products/tools/toys geared towards kinksters who may identify as kittens. The boxes are primarily sourced from small businesses operating within the kink/BDSM/Leather communities and boast unique, innovative and exclusive products handcrafted and of great quality. The goal of the boxes is to celebrate kittens and kitten play as they grow and explore, to support and spotlight small kink businesses and entrepreneurs at various stages of growth and development, and to provide wider access to quality gear and products at affordable costs. Merry Kitty Creations hopes to continue operating in a manner that will always create more opportunities for others to grow and flourish within the community we all wish to see... one of cohesion, affirmation, beautifully intricate intersections and liberation. Be wild. Be you. Be free."Abraided LeatherAbraided Leather is a custom crafting business based in Louisville, Kentucky.  Abraided got it’s start in 2009 when they began selling custom braided toys clients in the local community.  Word of mouth eventually led a part time hobby to a full time business.  Abraided’s offerings have greatly expanded from leather toys and bondage gear to custom clothing, club and contest patches, sashes and stoles and other custom accessories.  Despite working primarily in leather, Abraided has always worked in materials other than leather to accommodate the vegetarian and vegan members of the community. The focus of Abraided Leather has always centered around custom gear for people in the Leather community that have found it difficult to shop “off the rack” at other leather vendors.  It has always been the guiding principle at Abraided Leather for everyone to have a great experience that lets them feel more like collaborators than just clients.  It has been important to fill a perceived gap in the leather vendor market for people of all identities, sexualities, genders and body types.  Every piece that comes out of the Abraided Leather shop is custom made, working with clients to bring their ideas to life.  It has also been our great pleasure to work with producers around the world to produce patches, sashes, stoles and more for their contests and clubs.  Abraided will continue into the future ensuring that everyone is able to feel good in their leather.Abraided has always felt that contests are important to the Leather community for visibility, community building and outreach.  This belief has led to many sponsorships of both contests and contestants since the inception of the company.  Whether that has been providing custom leather to contestants to wear on stage or for fundraising, or to contests to ensure that their title holders looked as good as possible.   Giving back to the community with sponsorships and donations has always been a priority at Abraided Leather.Go Bearr GearRafael Lamas followed in the family tradition, learning how to sew from his mom who made clothes as well as upholstery. About 7 years ago he decided to make a leather outfit for a Halloween costume, and got so many compliments he decided to try his hand at making leather gear for himself, as well as others. As word got out of his work, Go Bearr Gear was born. He creates one of a kind pieces as well as standard harnesses, cuffs and jocks. His work has been worn by titleholders and he is always traveling to events in Florida to help others in the community find the right piece that makes them feel complete. Many people have gone to Go Bearr because he feels that everyone should be able to wear leather, not just a certain body type or gender. Rafael recently joined the Misfits Menagerie family and currently resides in Orlando,Florida.Leather64TEN"Eric Kugelman has been an active member in the leather community for many years. He was Mr. Mephisto’s Leather 2001 and competed in International Mr. Leather 23. During his years in the community, Mr. Kugelman was actively involved with the committee to bring the Gay Games to Chicago, as the first vice co-chair of the bidding organization and president of Team Chicago. Eric was also president of MAFIA and on the boards of several gay, lesbian and community organizations. Eric holds a strong passion for giving back to the community and currently supports many organizations such as, The Leather Archives and Museum, Gerber Hart Library, The Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, CLAW, Vital Bridges and The Center on Halsted. Eric contributes to many contests and fund raising events to show continued support for the leather community. Mr. Kugelman was the co-owner The Ashland Arms, a Fetish/Leather themed bed and breakfast that closed after a long run in 2015. Eric currently owns Leather 64 Ten and loves to share his passion for leather and community with all those who come in! Eric is supported in his endeavors by his husband Michael."Sanctuary Studios LAXSanctuary Studios was founded by Mistress Cyan in 1999. The original location was in the city of Reseda, CA about 20 minutes north of Los Angeles in The San Fernando Valley.  In May 2011, Sanctuary was relocated to its current location near LAX. The 7,000+ sq ft Sanctuary Studios is the largest dungeon in Los Angeles and one of the largest in America. Sanctuary was the first dungeon/playspace in Los Angeles invited to join The Los Angeles Leather Coalition and became a member back in 2005. Supporting the Leather/Fetish/Kink Community for almost 20 years now, Sanctuary believes that it has an obligation to serve its community if it wants the community to support the business. This philosophy has created a positive, supportive and nurturing relationship between Sanctuary and the community over the years and many feel that Sanctuary has become a “Community Center”. Sanctuary has hosted fundraisers, memorials and even weddings as well as such events as Mr LA Leather, Ms LA Leather, International Olympus Leather, and currently hosts the monthly meetings for The Los Angeles Leather Coalition. It is also the home of many community support groups that need a place to meet. Sanctuary LAX is open 7 days a week and offers professional BDSM sessions and studio rental for photo and video. During the evenings, Sanctuary hosts classes and workshops every Monday through Wednesday nights and play parties and other community events Thursday through Sunday nights. Many of Los Angeles Men’s organizations choose Sanctuary to host their events and refer to Sanctuary as “home” including Den LA, CumUnion, SoCal Mens Bondage Club and C-Men. Avatar LA has made Sanctuary LAX their primary dungeon for play parties and ONYX will be holding their “Blackout Party” at Sanctuary LAX in October 2019. Sanctuary is a proud member of The Los Angeles Leather Community and takes pride in serving its community. 



Merry GentryWith a mission to create through innovation and art, safer and affirming sex-positive spaces for self-exploration across multiple platforms, Merry Kitty Creations was founded by Merry Kitty in an attempt to provide higher quality, unique and distinctive handcrafted pet play tails in beautiful colors and patterns to pets and others who enjoy wearing them. Based in Maryland, Merry (pronouns she/her) is an evolving kitten and s-type who has recently begun volunteering at her local dungeon The Baltimore Playhouse, is a member and current Board Member of the HardPink Sisterhood (Social Media Co-Coordinator) and is a strong advocate for BIPoC, women identified, and queer persons navigating the incredible spectrum of kink, BDSM and Leather communities. Merry’s spirit of entrepreneurship is deeply melded with her belief that working together to support the art of constructing tools and toys for members of the kink and pet play communities is fundamental in ensuring we are all fairly treated as consumers and are benefiting from having access to products created by community members who are passionate about their craft and the folx they serve. Merry facilitates the Merry Kitty Creations scholarship annually in hopes of fostering a culture that encourages businesses and organizations to support their community members’ journey while creating access to people, venues and resources. Merry Kitty hopes to continue operating in a manner that will always create more opportunities for others to grow and flourish within the community we all wish to see... one of cohesion, affirmation, beautifully intricate intersections and liberation. Be wild. Be you. Be free.Shane HutchinsonShane Hutchinson is a business owner and leather crafter based out of Louisville, Kentucky since his arrival in 2005.  Shane became heavily immersed in the local community and began crafting leather toys as a hobby in 2007.  This time was spent developing and refining techniques that led to 5 Blue Ribbons and one “Best in Show” award at the Kentucky State Fair, as part of a judged leather braiding contest.  In 2009, Shane began selling custom, braided leather pieces as Abraided Leather while continuing to improve existing techniques and develop new skills. From  leather braiding, Shane moved on to working on stitched leather and began producing patches for individuals which eventually led to a commission producing historic patches for Great Lakes Leather Alliance.  (producing patches for title holders that had won prior to contest patches officially being awarded)  That commission led to an annual commission to produce their contest patches.  From there, his work started travelling the Great Lakes region and commissions for his work increased.  That hobby became a passion and in 2015, it became a full time profession. .  Later in 2015 Shane began taking commissions for custom clothing, focusing solely on custom fit, custom designed pieces.  Always striving to improve his existing work and add to his skills, Shane began working with contests to produce custom stoles and lanyards, eventually working with producers and contests around the world.  Now his contest pieces (patches, sashes and stoles) can be found not only in the US and Canada but such distant countries as Australia and South Africa.Shane’s motivation in crafting has always been to work with people on collaborative pieces that reflect the creativity and personal style of his clients. This, in turn led to his desire to serve members of the community that had historically been underserved by other leather vendors: women, trans folks and anyone that falls out of traditional, “off the rack” sizes.  Shane has always strived to make the process of getting custom pieces a fun, comfortable and collaborative process that allows people to feel good about buying leather.Shane’s belief in the value of leather titles has led to sponsorships of such varying events as Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Great Lakes Puppy Trainer, Northwest Leather Conference, and International Ms. Leather Bootblack, as well as sponsorships for many contestants vying for titles including International Puppy 2016, International Ms Bootblack 2016 and IML 2018. Shane believes that leather should fit everyone and will continue his work to have everyone who contacts him look and feel good in their leather.Rafael LamasRafael Lamas followed in the family tradition, learning how to sew from his mom who made clothes as well as upholstery.  About 7 years ago he decided to make a leather outfit for a Halloween costume, and got so many compliments he decided to try his hand at making leather gear for himself, as well as others.  As word got out of his work, Go Bearr Gear was born.  He creates one of a kind pieces as well as standard harnesses, cuffs and jocks.  His work has been worn by titleholders and he is always traveling to events in Florida to help others in the community find the right piece that makes them feel complete.    Many people have gone to Go Bearr because he feels that everyone should be able to wear leather, not just a certain body type or gender.Rafael recently joined the Misfits Menagerie family and currently resides in Orlando,Florida.Eric KugelmanEric Kugelman has been an active member in the leather community for many years. He was Mr. Mephisto’s Leather 2001 and competed in International Mr. Leather 23. During his years in the community, Mr. Kugelman was actively involved with the committee to bring the Gay Games to Chicago, as the first vice co-chair of the bidding organization and president of Team Chicago. Eric was also president of MAFIA and on the boards of several gay, lesbian and community organizations. Eric holds a strong passion for giving back to the community and currently supports many organizations such as, The Leather Archives and Museum, Gerber Hart Library, The Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, CLAW, Vital Bridges and The Center on Halsted. Eric contributes to many contests and fund raising events to show continued support for the leather community. Mr. Kugelman was the co-owner The Ashland Arms, a Fetish/Leather themed bed and breakfast that closed after a long run in 2015. Eric currently owns Leather 64 Ten and loves to share his passion for leather and community with all those who come in! Eric is supported in his endeavors by his husband Michael.Ryan CoitFor the past several years, Ryan Coit's life and photography has been influenced by his involvement in the LGBT Community.Internationally recognized for presenting images that capture the beauty in all types of individuals expressing their sexuality and identity. Coit's work takes on the scent of leather and sweat - The innate beauty of desire, of sex.



Elimination OnyxElimination Onyx is a current resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Elimination was introduced to the Leather lifestyle while a resident of Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Eagle.  His love of leather has grown over the twenty years as he has been in the leather and kink lifestyle. Elimination Onyx began his leather journey in the mid 1990’s.  He is one of the founders of the ONYX Deep South Chapter, and currently serves as President. Under his leadership, ONYX Deep South has worked tirelessly to change the pulse of the leather and kink scene in South Florida.  The Deep South Chapter was nominated for the 2018 Pantheon Award for Small Club of the Year.  He has participated various kink demonstrations around Fort Lauderdale since 2016.  Elimination’s kinks are: impact, wax, toy, sensory, and mummification play. In October 2018, Elimination won the title of Mr. Ramrod 2018.  Introducing the “Enough Movement” to the global society. Telling the world: “Enough hate, Enough racism, Enough harming our Siblings and let them LIVE, Enough separatism, Enough of the killings, Enough body shaming.” Yelling to each member within the leather community: “You are Enough just as you are and your living and existing is an important part of our world!”  He truly believes every person has a right to participate and belong within this community. I AM ENOUGH! Is something he encourages everyone to adopt as their personal anthem.  Elimination works to ensure safe spaces are available and create educational and empowerment activities for people of color and marginalized individuals in the leather community. His goal is to provide a kinky experience for anyone who is willing to learn and open to the experience. Leather and Kink should know NO LIMITS!Elimination has worked for various charitable organizations this year, Pride South Florida, TransSocial of South Florida, various HIV Awareness organizations and Carebears for Children in Broward County.  He has partnered with social organizations such as: The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence, Rising Sun Chapter, ONYX Pearls Deep South, TransSocial of South Florida and The Imperial Court of South Florida. He is currently a member of The South Florida Kennel Club and The Gateway to Alternative Lifestyle Club.Elimination was honored and humbled to serve the Leather community from South Florida as he competed at IML 2019 in Chicago.  He was proud to be a part of the Top 20, a feat that had not happen in South Florida in many years.  He will continue to work with and for his Siblings in South Florida to ensure their voices are represented.Domina VossVoss has the privilege of being the inaugural Woman of Drummer, Woman of Drummer 2018.   They identify as a sadistic, queer, witchy Leatherwoman. Voss has been involved with the kink lifestyle since 2007. In 2010, they helped found Tampa TNG, bringing a TNG group back to the Tampa area.  In that same year, Voss, and their partner, started producing Florida Kinky Camp-Out, which was the Pantheon Award winner in 2017 for Best Small Event.  In 2016, Voss also helped found Critter Camp, giving a space for all who share in animal-based modalities to come and play.  They can also be found helping staff events in Florida, other than their own and volunteering where extra hands are needed. Voss has a passion for hard, heavy edge play that often includes either heavy/rough body play or needles (sometimes both together!) Voss also loves erotic bootblacking scenes (not much is hotter than Hubbard’s and a tongue!). You will find them flagging purple, black and leopard on the left (but also likes lots of other colors as well!).  Voss has had the privilege to teach nationally on a number of topics, sharing their kinky passions with others.  Voss is grateful for their Leather community for all the opportunities to continuously learn about and share their passions.Amaia LittleAmaia has been apart of the Florida community for over ten years. She started out getting to know her community and trying to find her place within it. This journey led her to volunteering as staff for her local dungeon, to supporting educational groups within her community. After her and her Daddy met, they began educating on the Big/lil dynamic which was the foundation for their relationship. During her journey amaia has co-produced a local monthly play party in the Tampa Bay Community called the Web as well as become a national presenter speaking on topics that help those become all they desire to be. Seeing a need for more classes and events on how to have healthy relationships she (along with her Daddy) created and produced a yearly event called the Florida Power Exchange. This event is in its 7th year and is a weekend of classes, socials, parties and moments for community connection.Believing that giving back is important for our community to be strong, amaia helps with other local events, providing education, dungeon staff and equipment, music, lighting, after care spaces and more. This year amaia has created her next event called SEEN In… (Sisters empowering, evolving & networking) which is a day event for those who identify as female. The first SEEN In event was held in June 2019 in Largo, Florida with 40 beautiful females connecting and supporting each other.  amaia plans to create a manual for SEEN In and offer it to other communities so they can host this event to create support and connection in their own communities.amaia is a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood and an associate member with the Onyx Pearls Deep South Group. She has been tally master for Beyond Leather 6 and the Key Note Speaker for Florida Leather and Fetish Pride 2017. She is starting grad school in the fall and plans to use her education to give back in a more professional and therapeutic level. She is active in her local community supporting events, groups, munches and other local gatherings. She has a passion for creating moments of connection and doing her part to create a strong and healthy community.MaximilianMaximilian lives in Winter Garden, FL. He has been involved in the leather community for eight years. He has had the honor of being a member of several clubs including Tampa Leather Club, associate member of First Coast Leather Society,  co-founder of Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs and founder of Central Florida boys of Leather. He is a current member of the Phoenix boys of Leather and a member at large of Coastal Empire Sentinels. He has held the titles of Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013,  American Leatherboy 2015 and SECC Bootblack 2018. He is a member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Goofy boy. Maximilian loves giving back to the community. He has been a staff member for several events over the years. He has served as Coordinator for South Central LeatherSIR/boy, Transportation Coordinator for Florida LeatherSIR/boy, Coordinator for Southwest Leather Bear and Contest Manager for GayDays Leather. He currently serves as Coordinator for Southeastern Alliance of Leather. Maximilian is a Sister with the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He continues to give back by volunteering at events, teaching workshops, organizing events, mentoring and bootblacking at events.  He was a finalist for a Pantheon of Leather award for Man of the Year in 2015 and Florida Regional in 2018. He is honored to be once again nominated for the Florida Regional award for 2019.Bill HoeppnerInternational Leatherboy 2008. Mama’s Sugar boy - Mama’s Family. Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year 2009. Bill has been an active member of the South Florida Leather Community for over a decade.  He currently serves as the President of the South Florida Minotaurs and the Regional Producer for the Florida LeatherSIR/boy Florida Community Bootblack Contest Weekend.  He has been honored to work with numerous organizations and clubs to create a more inclusive and cross promotional dialog to support and strengthen the Florida Leather Community.   Bill continues to work as a Mentor, Fund Raiser, Board Member and Producer/Director within the Florida Region.  He has volunteered as a judge or MC for numerous Local and Regional Contests including judge for International Mr Leather 2011 and is working with other members of the community to revitalize the South Florida boys of Leather.



Rayn Onyx PearlWherever she sets her sights benefits from her great cooking, her artistic eye and passion.  Who knows where it will rayn next?Rayn emerged in 1996 at the time when she knew who she was becoming. Her early mentors were Lady Quiet Storm and Sir De Sade, who taught her how to truly become herself. After her training, she was introduced to REIGNSTORM, who became her Daddy for over 17 years. She was born and raised by a Dominant mother, who taught her how to be a great woman and her mother was the leading force in her evolution. This lead to her being raised in Kink by another Dominant force in the Kink community by the name of Goddess Lakshimi, whom she lovingly refers to as Mommie.Rayn lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan with her fur baby, Pepper and her passion is cooking for her sisters and allowing them to be themselves, talk, laugh, cry and know that “what happens in the house stays in the house.” She has regular dinners every year for her sisters and continues to do so. As she evolved, she learned that she has become a rope bunny and she has had to adapt due to her disabilities. The fact that she lives in this lifestyle with disabilities lead her to become a beacon of light for others who have disabilities and are lifestylers. As a result she participated as a panelist for a workshop entitled - DisKinkAbility. BDSM had never been sexual for Rayn and she continues to live by that personal edict while respecting those who successfully combine sex in their lifestyle activities. Rayn has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years.  She is a Daddy’s gurl and “Da Black Martha Stewart.” An additional force behind her is the artist and Documentary Photographer, coming from a museum background, her love for archiving and the preservation of history. She was the official photographer for Black BEAT Inc. For many years and has functioned as the photographer for Detroit Black Munch. Rayn is also a servant to the BDSM community as a member of Detroit Black Munch, where she has been an integral participant in the events hosted. This spirit of loyalty to the lifestyle and the community led her to continue her journey as a leather woman and joined ONYX Pearls in 2016. Her ONYX Pearl legacy has branched into her being the co-founder of the newly formed Greats Lakes chapter of ONYX Pearls of which she is currently serving as Vice President. Rayn was Pledge Mistress for the chartering line: The First Tribe - in May 2019. She continues her work of education to those in the community who have disabilities ranging from the physical, the mental and especially the emotional.She looks forward to the newest adventure in her life and she hopes that everyone has an umbrella….“In everyone’s life a little rayn must fall.…Prepare for the deluge!”boy RobiBoy Robi has been active in the scene since 1989. He came out in 1999 as a Bootblack at the First International Ms.Leather Bootblack contest held In Las Vegas, Nevada. At this time he also pledged to become a member of the D.U.C. but didn't qualify at the time. Boy Robi learned serving his community as a Volunteer and has been serving ever since. Boy Robi is the type that would rather do the work and not be seen or credited for his contributions to the community at large. Robi has been a Member of The Rhode Island Enforcers (now Defunct) for six years, Mid Atlantic Bootblack 2005, New Jersey Andromeda as Club boy, Bootblack Brigade, Ms. NJ Leather 2007, LSM for about 5 years, Co-Founder and Co-President Center City Boys of Leather, Women of Drummer Central Coordinator, Pearl Of Onyx Great Lakes and is currently serving as Assistant Director of The Carter-Johnson Library and Collection.Miguel TorresMr Chicago Leather 2014, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Miguel has called Chicago home since 2000 . His Introduction to leather started in the mid 2000s while running into the IML hotel by chance. Formerly on the board of Directors and active volunteer at the Howard Brown Health Center, an organization that provides health services to the LGBTQ community regardless of income. IML contestant handler for the last 4 years, Founding President of the Chicago Band of Brothers, former co-captain and active volunteer of team friendly Chicago, co-producer of Mr Chicago Leather, resident den daddy for the Mr Chicago and Mr Indiana and Tri-state Leather contests, advisor and head judge the inaugural Mr Mexico Leather contest, he has produced events, fundraisers and parties at CLAW, GLLA and other events like The Eagle Rises benefit and the IML black and blue ball 2015. A pup trainer/handler, he's dedicated to spread puppy love and education throughout the community. Proud Sir to his pups Rowdy, Figaro, Raidho and Dane. His favorite kink is electro play and he’s always willing to introduce those that are curious to a safe and fun electro scene. You can usually find him in the back room of Touche with his boots on top of a sub, having a cigar outside or eating quesadillas with his pups at one Chicago's many delicious late night Mexican restaurants.Gerald CernakGerald “Daddy G” Cernak, Mr. Chicago Leather 2017 is a proud Chicago native who’s been actively involved in the local Leather and Kink Community for the past 12 years. He’s a self-described “volunteer-a-holic” who has 21 years under his belt with various Chicagoland organizations including the Chicago Leather Community Outreach (Lead Volunteer Coordinator), the Leather Heart Foundation (prior Volunteer and Outreach Director), the Leather Archives and Museum (Volunteer Coordinator), Center on Halsted (prior volunteer of the year), Equality Illinois, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. He’s a full member of the Titans of the Midwest and previously served as an executive board member and Illinois representative. He belongs to the Chicago Band of Brothers, is an associate member of Blue Max St. Louis Leather Club and associate pledge with ONYX Midwest. He has been awarded The 2018 Leathermen of Recovery Outstanding Service to the Leather Community Award, the 2018 Mr. Illinois Bear Community Service Award, and a nominee for the 2018 Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Award. He has been honorarily named Saint VPL, Patron Saint of Boys in Grey Sweats by The Windy City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for outstanding service to the Leather/LGBTQ Communities. Daddy G is proud to have represented Chicago’s Leather and Kink Community as MCL 2017 at IML39. He continues his message of recognizing and shining light on volunteers who keep LGBTQ and community service organizations afloat and serving vulnerable populations. He believes volunteering is a form of activism. He lives in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood with his partner of 5 years, Jeffrey, an active member in the Rubber and Latex Community. Their relationship proves that leather and rubber do go great together, just not in the same closet. Will BakerWill Baker, Mr. Michigan Leather 2019 is the consummate host, baker, and ethical slut.  As the co-founder of the American Society for Sodomy and Fine Unaged Cheeses (ASS-FUC), he enjoys combining cheese with sex and hosts well catered orgies where the hours of sex are followed by a Julia Child meal.  Will enjoys building relationships with people and sharing the incredibly important message of U=U.  Find him in the kitchen or the the sling. Give Will some D, some Brie, and let him be.


DeterminedNicole “Determined” Harris is a longstanding community servant and involved leather woman. She consistently places herself behind the scenes in community organizations as well as local and national committees to participate in various aspects of service and overall community upliftment. She is constantly showing her determination to provide exemplary service and an example of living leather out loud. Nicole was a founding member of Butterflies, I(gniting)N(urturing)C(confident) Women, a local Philadelphia social club in 2012. During her time with the organization she was a secretary, and a member of the publicity/street team. In October 2017 she joined the Mid Atlantic Onyx Pearls and continues to serve the community through their service projects and local event sponsorships. She has been the secretary as well as current treasurer. Nicole is also a founding member and co leader of the Philly Black Munch - which holds bi-monthly events for new and experienced community members to gather and share educational resources and socialize as a way to build community. Nicole most recently is serving as the Food and Beverage Director for the 2019 Journey Conference. She extends her volunteer efforts and commitment to her community by also having served with Gift of Life, Cradles to Crayons, The MS Society,  American  Heart Foundation,  Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Philadelphia,  MTTA at Baltimore Playhouse , MsC Conference, and 12 Days of Christmas. Nicole enhances her life through service, but is also a proud parent and trusted friend. She enjoys outings with her children and socializing with friends. Additionally, she enjoys smoking cigars along with fine whiskey, spending time in nature, reading, and can be counted on to feed the masses at any gathering. Nicole also has a travel bug. She has been to cities across the US as well as Jamaica, and France and intends to get more passport stamps in the near future. Nicole believes that service is a large part of her leather journey, and enjoys her behind the scenes work. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her; check for the person in the back of the group keeping a watchful eye on her sisters and brothers in leather. “Determined” as she is to ensure all have a safe and enjoyable time - as long as she is around.Green eyed DeviantBorn in Washington, DC, girl green ivy, entered the BDSM community in 2013. She is affectionately known by the community as “green” and her spirited approach to service is evident in and around her regional/national BDSM, Leather and kink communities.  In addition to donating time and energy to her local dungeons, green ivy is an active member of her local NAMI chapter (National Alliance on Mental Illness). She has had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at various events/conferences across the region like the Master/slave conference, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and various other national and community-based organizations.  green’s love of service keeps her busy.  She is a graduate of MTTA slave Academy and has also presented at the MTTA service retreat.  As the organizer of the DMV slave Munch she hopes to provide opportunities for those interested in or identify on the right side of the slash a place to build friendships, share experiences, discuss issues and network.  green loves teaching and often presents at various Munch groups across the region. Her love of leather sparked her interest as a boot-black. green ivy is queer-femme leathergirl, masochist and puppy.  She is passionate about education, not only for herself, but committed to helping those who genuinely seek help, guidance, and structure on their journey.  green is excited to be a member of the HardPink Sisterhood and a fierce, badass Women of Drummer.  With support of the leather community green is helping to re-organize the Mid-Atlantic girls of Leather.  green reaches out to those new in the community and is always available to lend an ear, encouraging word of advice or a hand when needed. green is also a member of the Red Cross Volunteer Disaster Preparedness team.Christopher BoothChristopher Booth is a DC area native. He won the title of Mr DC Eagle 2019 on a platform of accessibility and compassion. Chris strives to be an approachable titleholder to whom people can reach out to if they are interested in the Leather community. At the DC Eagle, he regularly holds introductory classes to teach fetish and kink, as well as fundraisers for local charities and organizations such as the Triangle Club of DC, Brother Help Thyself, and SMYAL DC. Outside of taking part in political and social movements, such as counter-protests against the alt-right, he attends various Leather events around the country to represent his bar and regional community. He’s also thrilled to help support the first ever Ms. DC Eagle during her title year. Chris is a graphic designer by trade and enjoys exploring the symbols of the LGBT and Leather communities. He has even used his skills to design graphic tees to support his travel fund. Ultimately, Chris believes that compassion and respect are critical to the Leather community. Even if we aren’t all best friends, the community can be successful through empathy, communication, and patience. He’s incredibly humbled to be nominated for the Pantheon of Leather award.Derrick Otter StarDerrick "Otter" Starr was born in Brooklyn NY and now resides In Silver Spring MD. In 2013, he “accikinkly” ventured into the leather community when he attended the Mr DC Eagle contest. Since then, he has attended as many events as he can and make connections throughout the Leather/kink community. Wanting to be more involved in events, He has volunteered for such events as, MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather), Scarlet Bake sale , LLC (Leather Leadership Conference), BBM (Bears , Bikers, and Mayhem) , CLAW, IML, MTTA Community Fest, Weekend Reunion, MsC, and 12 days of Christmas. He is one of the original founders of Code Red, a fundraiser dedicated to stopping the stigma of HIV and giving back to various charities in the Washington DC area. Otter was given the honor of being judge's boy for a few events and contest including, Atlantic States Leather 2019, International Leather Bear 2019, Mid Atlanitc Leather 2019, and MX Virginia Leather 2019. He was also given the opportunity to judge the 2019 International Geared Up Pupcontest. Part of Otter’s fundraising enjoyment, in 2016 he became a bearlesque and lip sync performer to raise money for different charities and organizations throughout the Washington DC area.Being Mentor and educator are two passions very close to his heart and in the years he has spent in the leather/kink communities, as been determined to teach is fellow leatherfolk in embracingtheir kinks in fun yet safe way. Otter hopes to teach and educate on a national level. Otter identifies as a queer/polysexual leather Daddy and proud owner of his boy , Rune. Otter hopes to help mold a world where everyone feels welcomed to anyone’s table and really definewhat true inclusion means. He is a member of Onyx Mid Atlantic, An associate to, COMMAND MC, a member of Mama's Family as Mama's Little , an Honorary member of the Imperial Court ofWashington DC, and currently sits on the board of Directors for Agla, an organization focused on improving the quality and betterment of life for the LGBTA communities through fundraising and social activities.Robert ChandlerSir Robert is from Columbus, Ohio. In 2009, he won Mr eXile Leather - Columbus and competed at IML in 2010. Since he competed at IML he has been active in the leather community. In the Fall he spends time as the resident emcee and host for Mr. Connecticut leather. In 2012 he relocated to Baltimore, MD where he lives now with his Husband - Michael.  He is a proud Sir to his boy David of Connecticut, and proud to be in a Poly Leather Family that includes his husbands Daddy Matt. A few years ago he was asked to take on the ILSb / ICBB regional contest for the MidAtlantic Region now known as Atlantic States. This will be Sir Robert's 4th year as promoter for this region. It is a great pleasure and honor for Sir Robert to be able to represent himself and ILSb - ICBB family by coordinating this regional contest.



Kurt PattonKurt Patton, Mr Twin Cities Leather 2019, is a bisexual relationship anarchist and professional pervert living in Minneapolis with his partner and their pups, a MommyDom, and a few semi-regular play partners and lovers in his life. Just ask and he'll whip out the charts. He flags orange as his "try me" hanky of choice, with a veritable laundry list of kinks and fetishes. He has a passion for erasing the stigma surrounding taboo sexuality, as well as spreading a philosophy of radical acceptance in and out of the Leather community. He also is passionate about creating accessibility to our community and building equity through eliminating classist barriers to entry for marginalized people. He serves his community as the current President of the Minnesota Leather Pride Board, is an associate of the Twin Cities Sirens, Twin Cities T-REXX, and Twin Cities girls of Leather. He has helped raise funds and awareness this year for the Carter Johnson Leather Library, the Leather Archives and Museum, Iowa Safe Schools, as well as other local titleholder travel efforts. He has presented on ageplay, spanking, flogging and other play practices to a wide range of experience levels both locally and nationally. He insists on bringing new ways of thinking to the table, with deep respect to the history that got us where we are today. Kurt has been "out" in the kink/BDSM/Leather and ABDL fetish communities for 6 years, out as a queer person for over a decade, and has been an avid kinkster for longer than you'd probably be comfortable knowing. He can often be found at the Saloon MN, or your Saturday night play party, wearing his boots (at minimum), and offering to be an open book to new faces in our community. Lucky MarkstoneA member of the Titans of the Midwest, and the Onyx Pearls South East, Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa leather 2015 identifies as a pup to Handler Girl Complex, and Momma Tray. They enjoy belly rubs, cuddles, fruit snacks, hot dogs and (especially orange hi-c juice boxes). Luck advocates and represents the idea of individuality, being true to ones' self, and thinking outside of the box. They are also adamant about promoting self expression. Luck believes that we have to Rehumanize the way we live, teach, and ingulf ourselves in this community because seeing adults who don't look like you is dehumanizing for many people of color and individuals who do not identify as a cis-gendered individual. Luck spends a majority of their time teaching and advocating for kiddos. They flag red, hunter green, yellow and navy blue on the right, and fuchsia on both. Overall they identify as a power bottom and pillow queen, whose hole is almost always open and willing. Luck has been afforded the opportunity to Tally Master for International Mr. Leather, judge the International Pup and Trainer contest and other contests from Iowa Leather Weekend, to other events in at least seven other states. Luck currently serves on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend and continues to serve as an active member of their community.SassyNikkislave Sassy Nikki began her exploration into BDSM over 13 years ago and identifies as a slave and Leather woman.  She became co-Leader of the submissives of the Ozarks based in Springfield, Missouri that offers support, education and fellowship among submissives, slaves and switches in the greater Ozarks region shortly after entering the BDSM community in 2016. Sassy Nikki is a member of the HardPink Sisterhood, an international women’s support group for women in alternative lifestyles and that also supports womens causes and the greater community. She sat on the Board from 2017-2019. slave Sassy Nikki has immersed herself in the Leather community by traveling to conferences and events throughout the US as an attendee, volunteer and willing servant to this tribe and those she has come to know as Family.  Sassy Nikki has an affinity for encouraging un-partnered submissives and slaves to see the value, opportunity and limitlessness of the exploration, experiences and progression available to them in this Lifestyle through her active participation in her local community, online and offline education/discussion groups and demonstrating through her own experiences in play, service and self-discovery as an unowned slave.Michael ClaarMichael is actively involved in the LGBTQ+ community, serving in various titles for over 20 years.  He is enjoying building and promoting leather and kink through various events, like a holiday lights party bus tour, a live band show and hosting bi-weekly leather socials at unexpected venues to invite new people into the community.  Michael is a member of River City SEARCH and Titans of the Midwest. Michael has been honored to represent his community as Mr. Nebraska Leather 2019 and is honored for to be nominated as MIDWEST Region.”Tommy RosengrenTommy Rosengren is the current Mr. MINNEAPOLIS EAGLE 2019. Since 2013, he has been an official handler at the IML contest; Daddy's boy at the MME contest; assisting in making sure the contestants are taken care of and remain calm and the contest runs smoothly; he has volunteered and helped out at many events held by clubs in the Twin Cities and around the country. He hosts regular coffee and conversation events learning people's stories in our leather community. As a boy who loves to serve and loves to help out; Tommy volunteers wherever he can. He is a member of The Twin Cities boys of Leather, The Titans of The Midwest, The Northstar Kennel Club and BLUF. He also loves reaching across a wide array clubs including many sports groups, theatre groups and educational groups in Minnesota into which he can bring his gay, kink and BDSM interests and explore new ones. Since 2016, Tommy has been collared as an "unconventional boy" He is a writer, a teacher and cook; writing and performing bullying skits at schools; educating teachers on LGBT issues in the classroom. Lifting people up through his BE-YOU-TIFUL and KALEIDOSCOPE posts on Facebook for the last 5 years consistently. He uses FACEBOOK as a way to spread positivity and not as a tool to hide behind and spread hatred; Tommy is a high school and community theater director and participating in theatre allows him to be a role model and guide for the LGBTQ + youth  of tomorrow… raising them up to be strong individuals who can stand up for themselves and showing them that it can and IT WILL GET BETTER. Even though life hasn’t always been the easiest for Tommy, as a 5-year cancer survivor and a survivor of sexual abuse; he find the good in others even when they can’t see it in themselves or when others just focus on the mistake people make. Tommy looks past those things and praises people for the good tthey have in their hearts and the good things they have showed the world around. Tommy’s goal in life is to SPREAD POSITIVITY wherever he goes. It’s is surprising how a simple word of encouragement can lift up a person, brighten their day and even completely change their outlook on life.



Master KaddanI have had more than 30 years experience of living the lifestyle. I spent seven years "training from the bottom up" to become the third generation of my Leather Family's line to come from that style of training. I currently have a Household with a mix of babygirls, slaves and property. I hold a Professional Human Services Degree (with emphasis on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy). The forensic populations I worked with included violent offenders, those with mental health issues and those with HIV/AIDS, both in Federal and NY State programs and facilities. Now that I am retired from that aspect of my life, I am able to focus on the M/s community and volunteering. I am currently the president of the ONYX Pearls NY/NE, the Sergeant at Arms of the National Council – ONYX Pearls, and the former treasurer to MAsT Manhattan. Recently my Household was accepted as full members into the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). Since 2011, I have used the virtual platform called Second Life (SL) to facilitate lifestyle-related discussions at my education-focused Master and slave venue, The Art of Submission (AOS). Utilizing Second Life broadens the representation of BDSM in the virtual world to include the Master/slave dynamic, as well as educating a large population of newcomers to the Lifestyle who are exploring online.  At AOS, I manage a group of volunteer facilitators who are active in their real life communities, including their local MAsT groups and attending the Annual Master/slave Conference.  The venue also contains a Lifestyle Library which references quality real world sources to further the education and development of newcomers and veterans alike. In July 2016, I had the honor of doing two presentations at TESFest on Consent, and Communication. I have recently presented at the 2017 Leather Leadership Conference and the 2017 Colorado Leather Fest, both in March 2017. In September 2017, I presented at the Great Lakes Leather Association conference in Indiana. Finally, in October of 2017 I presented along with my family at the international MsDs Conference. I look forward to being able to do presentations and being able to serve my community in this manner. For more information, please see my bio on Fetlife @MasterKaddan.Lynx ONYXLynx began his leather journey quite by accident in Chicago, IL in “The Hole” of The Jackhammer Complex in 2015. There, he was introduced to The Men of Onyx and his flame for leather, kink and community was ignited. After joining ONYX shortly thereafter, Lynx found his calling in the education of others on what BDSM/Kink/Fetish and community are about, from his perspective. Since learning how to properly execute such skills as Wax, Fire, Flogging, and Mummification, Lynx has been given the opportunity to share his findings with the community at-large by showcasing at National Events such as CLAW, MAL, IML, locally at The Eagle NYC, Pleasure Chest, Folsom Street East and at monthly Bar Nights hosted by the NY/Northeast Chapter of ONYX. During his time in the Northeast, Lynx humbly served as Pledge Master for the New York/Northeast Chapter of Onyx and continued to engage the Northeast Region by conducting classes on Skills, Community and Relationship dynamics within the Play Space. In 2017 and 2018, Lynx was voted Brother of the Year for both the Midwest and New York/Northeast Chapters of Onyx respectively. 2018 also saw him named Pantheon of Leather for the Northeast Region. In October of the same year, Lynx was chosen to represent the Garden State as Mr. New Jersey Leather, 2019–an honor he’ll cherish for the rest of his life.  The culmination of his Title Year has been quite the trifecta: Helping to share #LeatherMagic, Co-Producing a Kinky Masquerade Ball with his NJ Leather Family that benefitted the Mid Atlantic Deaf Interpreters Fund and representing New Jersey at International Mr. Leather 2019, where he placed 8th. He is indebted to and forever grateful for Daddy Sal and Dion Susino, the NJ Leather Family, his lovely Sash Wife JL Gaynor, the Men of ONYX, his leather family Mufasa’s Pride, the Leather Community at-large and the love of his life, Roman.Julie ‘Jewel’ VanderleeMid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2019 Jewel (she & they pronouns, please!) is a bisexual genderqueer Jersey Femme Daddy. You can find them most frequently in the dungeon: co-producing NJ’s largest pansexual/queer BDSM party for the past five years with Conduit Enterprises; serving as a dungeon monitor at play events; having tough conversations & writing policy behind the scenes; and educating on kink skills around the country!  As both a sadistic Sir and a filthy boy who adores boots, singletails, rough body play, caning, roleplay, history, ethics & aesthetics; Jewel is proud to represent The Next Generation of the BDSM & leather communities. They founded a TNG club chapter in 2013, and have served on-staff as International Ms Leather & Ms Bootblack’s Under-35 Liaison since 2015.Kj NicholsKj's first glimpsed the beginning of his life's journey as a male in the mirror at the mere age of 11 after drawing a beard on his face. While his fondness for fur started early, his passion for leather galvanized itself while at a play party in NYC in the late 90s. Then, after a few years hiatus while concentrating on personal growth, Kj was re-energized one fateful night in 2010 while attending a leather event co hosted by the Northeast Ursamen and the CT Cruisers where his leather journey continued. During his 2013 title year as an out transgender leather bear proudly representing the Mr. Connecticut Leather Inc. title, he focused his attention on increasing the community's awareness and understanding of the diversity that is woven into the fabric of the leather nation. He continued his journey that year by placing 2nd runner up at Mid Atlantic Leather contest in Washington, DC. The life-changing climax of his title year was competing at Mr. International Leather where he made it to the coveted Top 20 placement, eventually placing 7th overall.  While many would categorize his success by the judge's scores, Kj would describe the community's outpouring of support as defining his success.  Prior to competing, Kj's own insecurities would manifest themselves into reccurringnightmares about being boo'd off of the stage for being so incredibly different. Yet each cheer from the crowd at IML35 incited an intoxicating metamorphosis, redefining his understanding that his uniqueness is precisely the gifts that he has to offer to the LGBTQ & leather community. Since his title year, Kj's focus still remains on educating and fostering awareness of the beautiful inclusion that transpeople bring to the leather community. Yet Kj has also become passionate about using his community commitments, such as serving on multiple judging panels; helping groom and mold hopeful leather and bear contestants and using social media networking to foster the vision that all genders, all sizes ought to be celebrated and represented. He feels that EVERYONE ought to be able to feel secure and cherished in the leather community, just as he did back on the IML stage. Kj has never been known to shy away from having discussions on difficult issues. He will often challenge opposing ideals while emphasizing diplomacy and integrity. Kj's intention is that by being open and respectful when discussing opposing viewpoints, people can focus more on their commonalities and less on their differences. For it is Kj's belief that the leather community's continued commitment towards joyful inclusiveness is the very reason why the leather community will continue to grow and thrive. Kj was born and raised in Northeast Connecticut and currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his fianceChris Cockshaw (Mr. Blue Eyes). His fiancé has gleefully nicknamed him "Beartha Stewart" after Kj tapped into his artful side working on the numerous bespoke projects to prepare for their upcoming nuptials in October 2019.Thom KamBIOGRAPHY TO COME



Girl ComplexComplex is a self-described petty, black feminist and womanist. As a product of their environment, Complex has been able to define what it means to be proud, black, kinky and leather in their own terms. As International Ms. Leather 2017, their title year was dedicated to making sure black girl magic could thrive in all forms, allowing both their tomboy and femme adjacent presentations to shine highlighting their own gender fluidity. Complex is the Pantheon of Leather 2018 Woman of the Year and proud official handler of Pup Luck (he/they) of Iowa and the official unofficial handler to Pup Keao (they/them) of Hawai’i. In one of the rare instances of spare time, they have managed to establish The Unruly Social Club a Leather, Fetish, Kink club for all BIPOC trans women, women and non-binary identified folx.   You can catch them sunbathing while listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA. Lowkey stalking of their various social media pages is encouraged (IG: @Girl_Complex; Twitter @IMsL2017; FB(Girl Complex) or follow The UnRuly Social Club where they are bound to make an appearance or two (IG @Unruly_Social_Club; Twitter @UnrulyClub), FB UnRulySocialClub)Bianca SpencerBianca Spencer (She/Her/Princess) is a fierce first generation Cape Verdean American queer lesbian leather princess and rubber slut determined to fill the world with body positivity, pigs, unicorns and glitter with a sadistic smile. Previously from Brooklyn, Bianca has served as the as Chair of the NYC March Committee for Lesbian Sex Mafia , as well as serving as a board member for 3 years. First as the Social Coordinator followed by two terms as Chairwoman. Bianca is currently a producer and volunteer coordinator for the International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack Contest Weekend dedicated to making the changes she wanted to see from the inside out. Deciding that snow and cold weather violated her consent, she packed up her car yelling “Westward, ho!” to sunny California. After landing in the (not so sunny) Bay Area, Bianca realized she didn’t find group that felt like home for her. Joining forces with Girl Complex, Bianca is the co-founder of The Unruly Social Club a social and educational Leather club that centers Black and Indigenous People/Person(s) of Color specifically women and non-binary folks, who have an interest in Leather, Kink and/or BDSM with other women and non-binary folks. Every leather event she attends, Bianca makes sure to hold an Unruly Formation creating an exclusive space for other BIPOC non-male identified folks to connect and just breathe. She has and will continue to volunteer for and support groups and events such as Sailor’s Annual Drive, Onyx Northwest, Lesbian Sex Mafia, The Exiles, Folsom Street East and the Leather Alliance. She is honored to be in service to Trey Onyx, Girl Complex and their dog Aston who is the true head of the household. In her free time you will probably find Bianca reading her book on the sunniest beach she can find.Jawn MarquesJawn Marques grew up in Baton Rouge  Louisiana but found his true home in San Francisco. At his core Jawn is a kinkster and supports safe spaces for all to enjoy kink and BDSM. You may recognize him as Mr San Francisco Leather 2019 and 1st runner up at International Mr. Leather 2019. Jawn is involved in many community and outreach programs. He works with the transgender community providing free makeup and grooming workshops called Beauty Belongs To The Brave.  Jawn was Mr December in the Bare Chest Calendar and still continues to support Positive Resource Center, raising awareness and funds for the HIV positive community. He seeks to be a positive light, educating on suicide prevention, monitors the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent suicides through Bridgewatch Angels and is an avid fundraiser for The Trevor Project.Jawn likes to live by and promote the philosophy that the most important thing that can be said about a person is the way they make others feel about themselves.Bri BurningBri Burning is your Northwest Person of Leather 2019! She is femme, queer, leather, slave, and baby girl identified person. She has been active in the San Francisco/Bay Area BDSM community since 2010, where her journey started at SF Citadel as a service submissive to the club. Her passion for her community grew with hosting events and bringing people together. In 2015, she started teaching on BDSM, relationships, and communication, discovering just how passionate she is about education. She has taught at NWLC, Sin in the City, Dark Odyssey Surrender, Revelry, IMsLBB, and many other conferences throughout the Northwest. She is the moderator of SF Submissive Safe Space and a leader of Submissive Girl's Night Out. Her passion in kink education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter!Tiffany Obanion - LorenzTiffany identifies as a polyamorous, slave, queer, femme Daddy, and uses she/her pronouns. She discovered BDSM in 2003 and has been active since 2007. She’s a member of Queer Leather Association Sacramento, Hard Pink Sisterhood, and MAsT Sacramento, producer of Gender Flux, and founder of Yuba-Sutter Mixers. In 2018, she made history as the first Ms. Sacramento Leather in twenty years, and in 2019 was selected as a Grand Marshal for the Sacramento Pride March for her work on gender diversity in leather. As an abuse survivor, she's long been passionate about raising awareness about the difference between BDSM and abuse, and she's used her own experience with neurodivergence to promote an understanding of the intersection of power exchange and mental health. She’s a champion for body positivity, and can often be found on the patio of The Bolt Bar in Sacramento, with her glitter boots and a cream soda.



bootblack GretchenGretchen was born and raised in Alaska and identifies as a heavy masochist, as proven by her running for and winning the 2018 Alaska State Bootblack competition then going on to become International Ms Bootblack 2019.  In play, the harder she's hit, the louder she giggles-- all the moreso with a boot.  Gretchen has played and volunteered in the Alaskan kink community since 2012, from helping organize parties and bootblacking at charity events to running a kinky book club and even being tied up on a city sidewalk as part of a fundraising advertisement.  Prior to 2012, Gretchen spent her days co-founding a medical non-profit serving the amputees of Haiti and her nights were spent dancing flamenco.  Today, she is both excited and honored to take on the challenge of an International title and she can be found connecting with her community.  She works continually to educate herself and others because she knows that our way of living, loving, and being is a radical act.Shawna ClausenBIOGRAPHY TO COMEJohn ShaubachBio to followRocket (Christopher Force Mr. Alaska 2018)Greeting from the last frontier. I wish to thank and acknowledge everyone for this nomination, and what it means. As a first time nomine, I humbly  do accept the nomination for a northwest Pantheon of Leather Award. As a  leatherman, my first taste of leather was at MAL  about 11 years ago. My eyes were opened and had my first kiss of leather. My honesty, integrity, and diligents has awarded me a diverse and wonderful community that I am proud of and I support every day.Lady SyreMaster LSR lives in a poly household in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She believes that M/s dynamics and households are based in honesty, loyalty, transparency, and service. LSR has spent the last decade refining her mastery through classical training and mentorship.  She was honored to be covered early this year surrounded by her mentors and chosen family. LSR is remarkably active in her community as a founding board member of MAsT SLC, diversity chair for both Rocky Mountain Rebellion and Sin in the City, and producer multiple area contests including Ms. Leather SL ♥️ UT for Utah Leather Pride as well as the Producer for Rocky Mountain BootBlack.  She is the Founder & owner,  acts as admin for SLC Leather POC and Allies as well as Pandora’s Box, LSR teaches for several different venues in the Salt Lake City area and as well as presenting at IMsL& GWNN bash. She has a deep commitment to service within her leather family and community and a passion for M/s dynamics.



Oshun Diaz OnyxThat fierce queer POC fem leather bear of the desert. Currently Princess to reign XIV of the Imperial Court of Arizona, a member of the Onyx pearls Southeast chapter, and current marketing chair for Onyx pearls Southeast chapter. She believes in total transparency, total equality, an education of all in the areas of BDSM and kink and sex trafficking. She has been active in the leather, Kink, Fetish and BDSM community in Phoenix Arizona for the past three years.She spends 85% of her time fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and traveling to educate on the truths of sex trafficking, and warning signs of predators in the Fetish/Kink/BDSM community.With her vanilla time she is a full-time student seeking her associates in medical lab science. And she walks dogs as a living. Proud owner of four felines, one canine, and one human pup.She is honored to have been nominated for this award.Lady SyreroseMaster LSR lives in a poly household in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She believes that M/s dynamics and households are based in honesty, loyalty, transparency, and service. LSR has spent the last decade refining her mastery through classical training and mentorship.  She was honored to be covered early this year surrounded by her mentors and chosen family. LSR is remarkably active in her community as a founding board member of MAsT SLC, diversity chair for both Rocky Mountain Rebellion and Sin in the City, and producer multiple area contests including Ms. Leather SL ♥️ UT for Utah Leather Pride as well as the Producer for Rocky Mountain BootBlack.  She is the Founder & owner,  acts as admin for SLC Leather POC and Allies as well as Pandora’s Box, LSR teaches for several different venues in the Salt Lake City area and as well as presenting at IMsL& GWNN bash. She has a deep commitment to service within her leather family and community and a passion for M/s dynamics.Sbudz BudzynSbudz is current Mr Phoenix Leather 2019 and competed in International Mr Leather 41.  Sbudz is a member of the Phoenix boys of Leather (PboL) and the Arizona Pups and Handlers (A-PaH) and loves representing Phoenix and leather. He has volunteered at the Southwest Leather Conference and also participates in all the PboL activities and fundraisers, such as the popular Wax-a-Bear fundraiser each year. He flags red and yellow and is an adorable bull terrier puppy.  Sbudz's career has taken his love of community and leather to Vietnam, although he will never leave his home of Phoenix, as that is where his heart lives.Rocko CookBoypup Rocko has identified as a leatherman since 1997 and first joined the Lexington Lyons Leather/Levi in 1998 in Lexington, Kentucky. This group of amazing men taught him that the true heart of a leatherman is about trust, honor, and respect and that without those, there can be no principled leadership in our community. Rocko identifies as a leatherboy and believes in sharing his heart and passion as a mentor and friend to others he encounters along this path. Rocko is also a pup and loves to let go of his hooman self and embrace life as a pup with his Handler and his pack of friends. He believes that we should all live and love without fear and strives to help others explore that freedom and service for themselves and for their community. As a kinkster, he enjoys finding connection and pleasure by moving outside of himself and connecting to those who are like-minded.  Currently, Rocko oversees the Prevention Outreach Team at the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS where he works hard to impact his community by working with his amazing team to reduce stigma, spark positive conversations around healthy sex, and promote the use of PrEP and U=U in a community that is beginning to realize we are all HIV equal and, regardless of HIV status, we all have a part to play in ending the HIV epidemic. Rocko is actively involved as a Lay Minister at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral where he oversees the Trinity Community of Hope, which is a group of individuals who follow the example of St. Benedict to share presence and love with those who are unable to attend church themselves. With the support of the Lexington Lyons L/L he was the first (and last) titleholder for Mr. Bluegrass Drummer and Mr. Kentucky Drummer contest in 1999. Since then, he has served leather contests as a judge, denboy, judge's boy, tallymaster, and has been co-Producer for Southwest Leather Sir, boy, and Community Bootblack and is currently the Director for the for the Southwest Master/slave and Southwest Bootblack Contests. Rocko has worked to establish the Western boy Run and to encourage the growth and connection of boy clubs around the country. Rocko has been with his loving husband David for 14 years, is Alpha to pug, puppy brother to Pup Mohawk, and has proudly worn Daddy Kenneth's collar for the last nine years. Rocko is an active member of the Arizona Pups and Handlers and the Phoenix boys of Leather and has served as President, Vice President, and Mentor in this close-knit (and incredibly fun) brotherhood. Rocko is thankful to have so much love in his life, and recognizes that he might just be the luckiest boy in the world.Kylee MarieKylee is a switch/lesbian/transgender 24/7 fierce leatherwoman who resides in Farr West Utah. Home of her local community Flog and venue The Pasture. She started attending events in the Salt lake area in 2014 at the Menagerie. Soon after she started attending The Parh a BDSM 101 program located at The Clubhouse, another venue located in Salt Lake. This led to her to being asked to be part of the admin team. From there she started attending Flog where she has been the education coordinator ever since and still is to this day. In 2017 Kylee started producing Flogs first 3 day event called Flogfest. Kylee is currently the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for Women of Drummer and serves on the social media team as well. She is also the co-director of merchandising for Kinkfest. Assistant DM coordinator for Sin in the City. Kylee is also serving on the steering committee for Utah Leather Pride. A member of Edgewalkers a internationally known body based ritual group. She still volunteers at different events she attends around the country. She firmly believes in giving back to what this community has given her. She believes education is key to providing a safe environment within the community.



SIR BEARSir Bear has been a leader in the Central Texas community over the past few years. He has founded a local munch group that is focused on M/s and D/s dynamics. Also, he co-founded CTX Darkside Munch Group, which has provided the community with annual education and play events (July’s Kinky BBQ and Spanksgiving in November). Sir Bear has attended, presented, and/or volunteered at Leather conferences such as South Plains Leather Fest, Southwest Leather Conference, Women’s International Leather Legacy, and Beyond Vanilla. In 2019, he served as a judge for International Master/slave at South Plains Leather Fest. These have defined Sir Bear’s path on His Leather journey home.  All while believing family is everything and community is what you make it. Along the way, He has vetted and considered His slave nubia, until He placed His collar around her neck. They bonded even with over a 900 mile distance between them for over a year and a half until today, where they now reside 15 mins away from each other. With His slave nubia by His side, Sir Bear knows that all things are possible. Sir Bear is the head of House of Bear. House of Bear is built upon the principles of Leather: Honor, Integrity, Respect, and Tradition.  While utilizing CTAC (Communication, Transparency, Authenticity, Consistency) with his mission statement, Sir Bear strives to leave a lasting legacy on the Leather and BDSM community.Bunny NicholIntroduction: Humbled and honored to be the owned slave and reflection of Sir Thaddeus Twist & The House of TwistedCreations. Taking great pride to also be a member of The Genus_Indigo Leather Family led by The Goddess Indigo. bunny nichol embraced the vision of Sir Twist  to not only bring honor to His name but to also be the change we needed to see in our local Leather community. This journey has not been easy but it continues to be a labor of love. Leaving room to grow and learn while leading with service wherever her skills can be utilized.Each One, Teach One. Sir Twist believes in the principle of “each one, teach one”. He has always taken time to seek out and learn from those who have been doing this longer. So he feels an obligation to sew into those seeking him out no matter if it’s skill or life based. As His slave/ reflection it is her primary goal to exemplify His core beliefs with all that she is. For His house, our family and our community. Affiliations: AgoL (Austin girls of Leather), member (2018-present), AgoL Website Manager (2018-present), Sergeant at Arms (2019-Present), Pastry Princess (Always), MAsT Austin, member (2017- present), MAsT Leander, member (2019 - present), GWNN Austin TX, member (2018-present), Volunteer Coordinator for BASH 2019, AsMP, Apprentice (2018), Administrator (2019), ToL (Touch of Leather), member (2016-present ), Council member/Secretary/PR (2016-2018).Robert HelmsSir Robert walked into his first Leather bar in the late 1990’s and knew he found his home, but since he was living in a small Texas town east of Houston, Texas it was difficult to be an active participant.  In late 2000, he packed up and moved to Houston where he now calls home and claims the Ripcord as his home bar. It was in 2004 he noticed he was being called “Sir” and in 2006, several close friends presented him his cover that he cherishes to this day. Sir Robert joined the Houston chapter of the National Leather Association in 2005 and shortly thereafter became President of the chapter serving for 3 years in that position.  He helped grow the chapter from less than 15 members to over 50 members from all areas of the Houston Leather community.  In January 2011, he became president of the National Leather Association-International and served two terms (4 years) as president calling it one of the toughest jobs he has ever done.  In 2016, he became the Chair of the Houston Council of Clubs that presents Let Us Entertain You Weekend (LUEY Weekend), now approaching it’s 47th year.  He will be stepping down in 2020 after LUEY 47 but still be involved in LUEY until the 50th anniversary. Sir Robert is a professional sign language interpreter and has volunteered his time to interpret for the members of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community that are part of our Leather community.  He has been a staff interpreter for the International Leather Sir and boy and International Community Bootblack contest for the past 9 years.  He has also interpreted for the Mr and Ms Texas Leather contest for several years, GLUE Weekend, Texas Bear Round Up in Dallas, Texas, CLAW Weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, and also helped provide interpreting services at International Mister Leather in 2010 in a specialized capacity.  He still provides pro bono interpreting services for Leather events in Houston and Dallas on a regular basis. Sir Robert has presented classes on a number of subjects including rope bondage, electro play, mummification, flogging, and single-tail whips as well as more theoretical topics like Generational Issues in M/s and D/s Relationships, Generational Issues in Leadership Positions, and Kinky Sign Language.  His favorite class to teach is Gay Leather History Vs Straight Leather History he co-created with Vince Andrews and they have been co-presenting and solo presenting the class for almost 7 years now.  He has taught classes in Texas including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio as well as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.Sir Robert has been honored to judge a number of contests over the years from large scale Leather events to small intimate community events such as the Mr and Ms Texas Leather contest as well as the Sober Leather Houston title now in it’s third year.Mama GailGail is a laid-back leather mama that is all about Loving Leather Spaces. Opportunities for travel, presenting, judging, attending, and volunteering at various events, Mama Gail enjoys hosting non-judgmental safe spaces to support, celebrate, and connect with others, allowing them to share their experiences – Continuing the Cycle of Wisdom Sharing – and further Dialogue Without Discord on the topics that matter to you the most. Mama Gail is Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) 2018. Some of Gail’s recognitions, service commitments, and organizations where she is/has been involved include being a Pantheon of Leather Nominee, the first and only woman President of Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A. est. 1988), Fort-Pruitt Service Award Winner (first and only woman recipient), Co-Key holder for Oklahoma Leather Archive and Display at Oklahoman’s for Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, staff, facilitator, and producer for multiple Leather/Kink events and programs. Fun facts: Flags black and grey on the left, grooves with rope; Master to a slave [Courtney] that calls her "Mistress" (est. 2012); Enjoys long sits on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and something binge-able on TV.Ms ElizabethElizabeth identifies as a cisgender queer polyam Leather switch. Since 2007 she has been first and foremost Master Todd’s slave and in his service functions as his minion, sidekick and jester.  In 2017 she accepted her girl kris into service. She is honored to have served as the Southwest slave 2013 and currently is Ms. Texas Leather 2019. In 2012 she founded the Austin girls of Leather (AgoL) and serves as the club leader. She is Master’s level counselor who specializes in end of life and grief work. She advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights via presentations in both vanilla and kink settings. She serves the larger Leather community through teaching locally and around the country.



DDomMsDDom lives in Atlanta; but is from Colorado, which she still calls home. Growing up in a Matriarch driven family, MsDDom was exposed to the vanilla form of Female Led Relationships (FLR) growing up. In 2008, MsDDom entered the Atlanta lifestyle community by attending local munches and events. A proud Leather Woman, MsDDom is the founder and leader of Black FemDoms-Atlanta (BFD) and the Black Atlanta Munch (B.A.M.); founding member and Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA); and southeast coordinator for Women of Drummer. She also co-lead Georgia Femme Dommes for four years, co-mentored for the Atlanta Mentors Coalition, is the 2016 SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award recipient, and an alumna of the MTTA (Master Taíno Training Academy) Master Weekend #25. MsDDom serves the community through volunteerism; peer-mentoring; presenting topics on power exchange; and advocating/supporting women, POC (people of color), and LGBTQ spaces. She has presented at events including DomCon-Atlanta, Atlanta BDSM Workshops, Beyond Leather, FeelMeBreath, Power eXchange Summit, ONYX Blackout 22, Leather Reign, Building Blocks, and CTX Kinky BBQ. MsDDom has had the honor of judging at Mr/Ms Atlanta Eagle and Oklahoma Ms. Leather contests. MsDDom lives in a sustainable power exchange dynamic with her slave, CreamDream, of 10 years. MsDDom and CreamDream, who is also very active in the Atlanta lifestyle community; both volunteer for the Carter-Johnson Leather Library Atlanta Annex and share their time with other leather and kinky folks across the U.S. and in Canada.Jonathan WhiteSir Jonathan is the Southeast Leather Sir 2018. Like so many got his first real smell and taste for leather by going out one night to the Atlanta Eagle. It was here that he was at first shy, but soon was introduced to Leather Sirs, boys and these very curious ones called pups. His shyness became curiosity and that became an interest in leather that has now become his lifestyle. Luckily he got the advantage of attending some classes and workshops being hosted at the bar over the next months including, Caning, CBT, Fire Cupping, and Puppy Play. In the next year he would attend Frolicon Weekend and found a kink that was different but also fit his personality- Electro play in the form of E-stim. Sir has been mentored in E-stim under the skillful Big Tip and now teaches and demos at various events and conventions around the country including Florida Puppy, Central Plains and Southeast Leather Fest. Sir Jonathan was also bit by puppy play and is one of the 10% of handlers around the world. He loves the way a pup can let go of the worries and put their trust and heart in the hands of others. Their playful nature is infectious to be around. He is handler and husband to IPTC Pup Kase and a founder of League of Atlanta pups. He was recipient of Handler of the Year from IPC for 2018. When he isn’t plugging someone into his Stim box, Sir could be plugging any of your other holes. Sir’s second play passion would have to be fisting. He was surprised how much he has enjoyed the connection with his bottoms. Beginners to long time pros have enjoyed his skillful hands. His other kinks include; sounding, watersports breath-play and consensual-non-consent. If a boy or pup gets out of line he is skillful with a cane, flogger or his hand. Sir Jonathan loves when time and travel allows him to spend time either cuddling or playing with his boy. The leather heart of a boy is one he respects for their deep passion for their Sir, family and community. Sir works as hard for the community as he plays; He regularly will assist with events including: Atlanta Leather Pride, Nightmare on Ponce and play parties hosted by Ft. Troff and Manifest Clubs. His title year he attended, taught or judged at 20 events across the country. For CLAW weekend he used his professional skills and served as AV manager. Positive Impact health centers were his benefactor for a fundraiser that he along with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence raised over $800.00. Sir Jonathan has had a busy year and an immersive beginning to leather but is excited to see what this journey has to offer going forward.Marcie FridayYou may have seen Friday at events; she was probably having fun doing something naughty in the stands, but she is also known for giving away cookies and hugs in equal measure. This powerhouse of a bootblack comes from the football loving southern town of Tuscaloosa, AL. When she isn’t flagging houndstooth for biting, and for the Crimson Tide, she is making her home wherever she goes by working the stands. She had the honor, and privilege, of being the SouthEast LeatherFest Bootblack in 2015, she also held the title of Bootblack Program Coordinator for SELF from 2016 to 2018 and has been a member of The Red Chair in Birmingham since 2012. Teaching and bootblacking has led her all over these United States-- from California to North Carolina and even all the way from Indiana to Florida. While Friday is known for her love of boots, there are so many facets to who she is a member of our community and the vanilla world. Our loveable bootblack is a polyamorous s-type, a primal, a devoted and loving soccer mom, a lifetime student, masochist, girl to one Gingerbear, and a hot mess of a femme with a hardcore penchant for service. Friday gets special joy from connecting with individuals on a personal level when it comes to a variety of subjects that she is passionate about. While there are so many to choose from her go to topics are: Bootblacking, body positivity for all, photography, slapping down bigotry, and advocating for those that need to be heard. The thing that brings her the most exquisite joy is when she is able to bring about the spark of connection and happiness in others. The connections that have been made from her delectably debaucherous adventures have allowed her to cultivate a network across the country. The love, connections, chosen family, and warmth that these folks have brought to her life never ceases to make her smile. Learning from others, and trying to do better than yesterday, will continue to be something that she strives for and will continue to do as long as she lives. If you’d like to make her the happiest Friday, you’ll ask her about her infamous cookies and, if you’re lucky, you may just end up on the receiving end of one of those hugs that she is so well known for.Jeff HenkenDaddy Jeff stumbled into Leather in 2004.  His super-secret knock password was “Teach me how to hurt you.” He sees Leather through the eyes of a daddy – a chance to help each individual find what makes them special.  A member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, Titans of the Midwest, and Mr. Friendly – Team Louisville, he is also the Vendor coordinator for Tri-State Leather Weekend and a member of the IML contestant handler team. Last but not least, he is proud to be one of the 66 brothers of the class of IML-IMBB 2017. Daddy Jeff shares his life with his boy Collin, playing xBox, binging Netflix, and trying to find all the things that make the boy squirm and shake.   He is grateful to be part of the Kentucky leather community, a unique and accepting collection of freaks, geeks, and weirdos of all shapes, presentations, and identities.  He believes that we are all better when we #LeatherTogether (yes, that’s a verb).MercuryMercury (he/him/his) serves the local and regional BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Kink community as Executive Director of CPI from its incorporation as a Tennessee Non-Profit membership organization in 2004, and as Managing Director of its community center – The Mark – in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by Robert Greenleaf's essay "The Servant as Leader"; Mercury attempts to be identified as a servant first and foremost…Currently leads organizational efforts to form the CPI Foundation which will incorporate as a 501(c)3 charity to better access grant monies for publicly-accessible adult sex education.Currently leading fundraising efforts to purchase the building CPI leases before our lease expires in 2024. (Expanding from 6,000 to 10,000 sqft will allow us to host larger or multiple events simultaneously, add a classroom three-times the size of the classroom we offer now (and seat over 100), provide offices for kink- and sex-positive professionals to lease, and forevermore remove CPI from the whims of a vanilla landlord!). Successfully led efforts to re-open The Mark after Zoning/Codes reclassified The Mark as a “sex club”, crowd-sourcing over 118% of the goal of $36,000 to complete our access ramp and protective awnings in the process; Serves the national community as an NCSF Director Emeritus (after having served on the working Board from 2009-2017) and currently leads NCSF Print and Mailing activities; Serves on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Alliance for Sexual Health to enhance sexual health awareness and provide sex-positive education for professionals and the community; Serves the local community as a local liaison with the press, universities, mental health professionals, medical professionals, sex educators, law enforcement, and LGBTQI+ organizations; Presented at 10 universities, 25 conventions, and 28 groups, in 18 states; Taught/Facilitated 120+ classes at The Mark, formed the CPI Education Committee to expand kink education even further, and helped found Sex Positive Nashville (for non-kink adult sex education), Many Loves (an affinity group for the polyamorous and poly-curious), Nashville Hot Leather (for those wishing to explore Leather concepts of benevolent service), and Nashville Authority Exchange (for those interested in authority-exchange dynamics); Instituted the CPI Benevolence Fund, which is designed to allow kinksters to help kinksters in need; Coordinated 100+ munches and 600+ facility tours; Worked 6000+ Dungeon Monitor floor hours (and even more Manager on Duty hours); Manages CPI/The Mark’s website (TheMarkByCPI.org) and Twitter/Instagram accounts (@TheMarkByCPI)… as well as helps maintain the “CPI/The Mark -- Nashville's Kink Community Center”, “Nashville Social Scene”, “Southern Kink”, “National Coalition for Sexual Freedom News”, and “Consent Counts”, discussion groups on FetLife; Published 720+ consecutive weekly event announcements without fail on FetLife; and, Honored as a Pantheon of Leather Southeast Award finalist (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016) and awarded the 2012 President's Award. More information on Mercury can be found on his FetLife profile, where he is “Mercury” there as well!



Valentino HarrisonBIOGRAPHY TO COMERandy CarmenatyRandy first discovered leather in 1989 at the Lure, NY while enjoying electro play as an adult.  He holds the titles; Oil Can Harry’s Mr. Leather 08, 2nd RU to LAL08, Americanleatherman 08 and competed at IML 2010. He’s a founding member of the LA Band of Brothers. Currently he serves as PSLOD’s Director of Media & Marketing and Chairmen of Palm Springs Leather Pride where he also lives. He’s been proud to have been mentored by the late Marcus Hernandez, George Wong, Bob Tomasino and his personal hero his mom, in addition to trying to learn more from his brothers in leather Larry Golubski, Tom Pardoe, George Puddephatt and Ray Tilton. In turn, he takes pride in mentoring others. “This is how the torch is passed on and as a community; together we strive to be our best at whatever we do. I’ll tell you how I did it in matter of minutes just as long as you tell me how you’ll make it your own.”Doriam Manuel CoutoDoriam (He/Him/His) has been a member of the San Diego Kink and Leather community since 2015. A Latino Leatherboy of 26, Doriam identifies as a Poly, Switchy Homosexual, Panromantic, Cisgendered male - yeah, it's a mouthful - and lives as the collared and owned boy of his Master and Daddy. He also proudly mentors and owns the collars of his pups and boy. As Mr. San Diego Leather 2018, his platform of inclusion, #LetsWalkTogether, encouraged others to incorporate personal culture into their Leather and he worked to advocate for Leatherwomen, Transfolk, and People of Color in Leather spaces, because nobody deserves to feel alone because of something they have no control over. Doriam enjoyed a year of travelling and teaching as MrSDL2018, but is happy to be back home doing the work locally. He now lives his days as a full-time college student by day, and a full-time college student by night too (college is hard), but produces and hosts events such as Night of Fantasies and Discovering Leather in the San Diego area.Doriam's volunteer resume includes co-founder and current Prefect of Ledermore - School of Kinkcraft, former President of Fetish Men San Diego, former Board Member of Club X, and Mr. San Diego Leather 2018. He's taught classes, hosted discussions, and volunteered for Fetish Men San Diego, Club X San Diego, House of Black, Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Reno Revelry, International Ms. Leather, Inland Empire Leather Ambassador, Greenhorn and Discovering Leather. He has proudly earned his Orange Service Hanky as an IMsLBB Volunteer in the years 2018 and 2019. He is a proud member of Ledermore, Club X San Diego, Fetish Men San Diego, and the San Diego Leather Pride family.elliott musgraveElliot Musgrave currently holds the titles of Mr. Precinct Leather 2019, and Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2019; and he was the first out Transgender person to compete for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather title.  Elliot went on to compete in Chicago with the 41st class of contestants for International Mr. Leather, where he placed in the top 20.  He strives to integrate his core values of integrity, respect, loyalty, and humor into all facets of his life, including leather.Elliot is a certified personal trainer, at the radically inclusive wellness facility, Everybody Los Angeles.  There he cultivates a diverse client base of folks ranging in age, ability, ethnic background, body type, and sexual & gender identity.  He takes a compassionate approach, meeting folks where they are, to facilitate access to fitness for populations frequently disenfranchised by the industry.  Elliot is the founder and coordinator of the TG/NB Project, a by Trans/for Trans fitness initiative that provides free programing for Trans, non-binary, and intersex folks.  He also volunteers his time as a one-on-one youth mentor for the LA LGBT Center’s LifeWorks program, and is the parent of a pre-teen. As a lifestyle switch, Elliot is a curious and flexible person, who enjoys diving deep into his interests.  He is passionate about: bootblacking, needle play, impact, bondage, and the history and culture of the BDSM community.  Recently he has become interested in humiliation and degradation, and exploring the spiritual side of kink.  Elliot is a member of the Tom of Finland Foundation, the ONE Archive Foundation, the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, the Los Angeles Band of Brothers, and is an associate member of ONYX Southwest.  He is co-producer of Cruise LA at Eagle LA, and Ms. & Mx. Cruise LA Leather contest; as well as the producer of Chapped at Precinct DTLA, and CTRL Top: All Gender Play Party.Dorian GrayDorian Gray, Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2016 and Mr. Tri-State Leather 2017, is a sex positive kinkster that pushes limits every chance he gets, whether it is wearing his tight jeans and Wescos to the office or being the first person to strip on stage during the International Mr. Leather competition. Dorian has judged many leather contests throughout the country in addition to delivering the 2019 Leather Leadership Conference Keynote Speech. His speech focused on celebrating and drawing strength from our individual and shared heritages. Professionally, Dorian has been a care provider for 13 years. Previously, he worked as an addiction counselor supporting underserved pregnant women as they overcame their addiction to tobacco and nicotine. Currently, Dorian works to fight stigma, promote HIV testing, provide education on topics such as U=U (Undetectable= Untransmittable), and promote prevention efforts including PrEP as the HIV Prevention Health Planner and Intervention Specialist for The County of San Diego. In this role, Dorian has been able to lead focus groups and conduct provider surveys to identify and overcome disparities in care. In June of 2019, Dorian was able to use special funding to order 150,000 condoms and 68.000 packets of lube to ensure that venues throughout the County of San Diego would have both items to distribute for free. When he isn’t working, Dorian can be found in a steamy gym locker room wearing nothing but a jockstrap, a resort in Palm Springs wearing nothing but a sly smile, or a dark dungeon wearing whatever he can get his hands on. Dorian lives his life unapologetically and has committed his life to helping others do the same however he can.



Kira MorgannaSir Kira (aka Kira Morganne) is a “Loud & Proud” sadomasochistic Domme from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada who believes that Leather is a “real time, not online” pursuit. She is International Ms. Olympus Leather 2011 and Executive Producer of National Capital Leather Pride (Ottawa, Canada) and Central Canada Olympus Leather. Kira has been nominated twice for the Canadian Person of the Year by the Pantheon of Leather; has written for Leatherati; and she has judged IMsL, Mr Ottawa Leather and both Mr Montreal and the Mr Toronto Leather Contests. This sadomasochistic Domme can be found showing off her flogger skills performing at small and large events including Mr Ottawa Leather and IMsL; teaching workshops at events like Montreal Leather Week. She also is often found  organizing competitions and other fetish related events. Seriously not serious, Sir Kira’s sick sense of humor debunks the myths of Leather while promoting the community that she is proud to serve.Dixie LiciousDixie Licious (pronouns she/her) is a sadomasochistic bottom and occasional Switch that enjoys challenging herself to try all the new things. Since joining her local kink community in Calgary, AB, just over 5 years ago, Dixie has immersed herself in the kink scene - learning, trying to find meaningful connections and figuring out where she could give back. Dixie has hosted a local munch for the past 5 years where she has had the pleasure to welcome many newcomers & returning faces. In 2015, she was invited to join in on the planning and launch of her city’s sex positive space which remained open until 2018. Dixie embraced the role of Social Media Coordinator while on the Board and enjoyed her chance to share her passion for consent and being a PRICK. Education is vitally important in growth and finding one’s path and Dixie has been fortunate to travel to various conferences in North America, meeting a variety of smart and fascinating people that have been part of her journey and growth in Leather and life. As a proud member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood, Dixie continues to look for ways to empower women to meet their goals and grow in her own right as a Leather person.Lady UmbraLady Umbra is a queer Leatherwoman currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, along with her two fur babies. She is Master to her slave, prairie_locked, and they represent the 2018 International Power Exchange and 2017 Western Canada Power Exchange titles.While it was not always apparent to Lady Umbra along the way, her Leather journey began many decades earlier! Being raised in the land of the living skies on the Canadian Prairies where the air has long been congested by social conservatism, her first experience with sexual prejudice came in 1995 when she was hospitalized after being assaulted for holding her girlfriend’s hand in public. Instead of succumbing to defeat, Lady Umbra began to advocate for her own queer rights and was soon staunchly pushing for equal rights for other LGBTQ+ people in Saskatchewan. Pride marches have been held in some North American cities since the 1970s. Saskatoon is not one of them. In 2001, Lady Umbra was one of only 400 people who marched in city’s first pride parade; an event marred by many loud anti-gay protestors. Her advocacy work continued as a university student and, in 2010, Lady Umbra played a key role in organizing the TRANSforming Lives Advocacy Project that petitioned the government to have gender expression and gender identity included in the Provincial Human Rights Code. Turning her passion into her profession, Lady Umbra now works as a mental health therapist, volunteers as a mental health educator with several community organizations, continues to advocate for equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people, and is devoted to cultivating women's empowerment in the BDSM/Leather communities and beyond.AWAKENS (A Women's Association for Kinky Education & Networking Saskatoon) was co-founded in late 2015 by Lady Umbra to provide a safe space for kinky women to network and empower themselves through education, mutual support, and peer mentorship. In less than four years, AWAKENS has grown to over 40 members, and just this past summer, it organized the first multi-day BDSM/Leather event in Saskatchewan's history. Pandemonium in the Prairies featuring 15 educational workshops and two dungeon parties.  Always keen to assist others fostering connections, Lady Umbra is also the founder of the Prairie Women’s Network, providing opportunities for women from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba to connect with each other, and along with her slave, runs the Saskatchewan Power Exchange group. And Lady Umbra’s next project is already in the works: a charity to provide financial aid for counselling for those in the BDSM/Leather community affected by sexual abuse. Lady Umbra has presented workshops on artistic needle play, whips, and psychological safety in BDSM, was honoured to judge the 2019 International Person of Leather Contest, and will be judging the upcoming 2019 Western Canada Bootblack Contest. And during the last two two years, Lady Umbra and her slave have travelled 31,000 miles across North America sharing their enthusiasm for power exchange and teaching workshops on bootblacking, humiliation play, and mindfulness.Dominique LaveragneEmployed for over 15 years by several businesses in Montréal’s Gay Village (Priape, Armada Men’s Room, etc.), Dominique quickly found her place within the LGBTQ+ Community. Primarily focused on helping her community, she was active in the founding of a Leather Club — Phoenix of Montréal, and served for 4 years on the Board of the Fusion Weekend event (Montreal’s Leather (Mrs-Mr), Rubber and Pup contest). She is passionate about designing leather accessories, discussing human behaviours and sexual practices in BDSM and about the history and traditions of leather. A passionate fetishist, Dominique never hesitates to wear leather at work and when she goes out, seeking to confront stereotypes and generate awareness about the place of leather in the community. As the first ever Mme Cuir Montréal 2017 (Mrs Leather Montreal 2017) in the history of both Montreal and Québec, she is paving the way for women’s visibility within the leather community. In April 2018, she came back from the International Ms Leather Contest with the “Heart and Soul” Award, a distinction for the purest leather heart among contestants. Dominique was also one of the instigators of the #unique Movement (Facebook page on Body Shaming) and constantly bears a message of love for all within the community; whatever body they may have, she welcomes everyone at her table."Guillaume DupuisGuillaume developed his first crush on the fetish scene back in 2012, when he started working as a kink advisor at a fetish store in Montreal. It was only more recently that he started wearing rubber, finally following through on a childhood desire he'd felt when he saw someone wearing latex in a movie! In addition to rubber, his main kinks include impact play and domination role play; he's always ready to leave some heavy marks with his floggers... or with his single-tail whip! For Guillaume, wearing rubber is an experience. It makes him feel good, confident and proud. Growing up, Guillaume was facing a lot of body shaming and now embracing clothing that are skin tight and shiny is very empowering for him. He wants to make people understand that rubber is for everyone and for every size. Guillaume is committed to community education, facilitating workshops and classes in universities about BDSM, uniforms, role play, HIV and pet play (he identifies as a Kitty!). He is also the producer of fetish and educative shows – Lust and Shine – and he gives a helping hand to create events for the Montreal Rubbermen group. He's a strong believer in initiatives supporting younger generations, dedicating his time and energy to non-profit organizations with mandates to help LGBTQ+ youth. He believes that supporting the younger generation is essential to ensuring the future longevity of our kinky communities, and he's often inspired by expressions of gender he sees in younger crowds, especially by those identifying as gender fluid and non-binary. These non-normative expressions of gender and sexuality are vital to creating a future where we're all freer to be who we are and play how we want! Guillaume encourages people to discover their true selves - and to own it! - no matter what gender they are, or what kind of play they like!



girl angInternational Ms Leather 2018, Girl Ang is a rugged Femme, hedonistic, switchy Leather woman. Her preferred pronouns are She, Her/ They, Them. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, leather and latex. In 2017 Girl Ang created the Squirter flagging hanky, it has been a huge success. She, with the help of a friend, created the hanky to promote visibility and encourage conversations about squirting. Throughout her years in the Leather, kink and BDSM community she has consistently encouraged new people to engage, explore and ask questions. People find themselves drawn to her friendly, warm and bubbly personality. She thrives on creating safe spaces to allow for personal growth as well as expanding this love of connection to various organisations and causes dear to her heart. She has been nominated for the Pantheon of Leather International Award and the Australian LGBTI Hero award. Girl Ang’s passion for equality, diversity and inclusivity drives the way she walks through life. You will frequently find her elbow deep in Her Boi, ooops, I mean, in conversation with Leather people learning their stories and passing on knowledge when she can. She is an insatiable flirt and loves to make her exchanges sexy and fun!Kriszly de HondKriszly is a 25 year old bratty switch from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He won his first title in 2015, where he became the first Mister Puppy Europe. During his title year, Kriszly fought to create safe spaces for pups (and handlers) to play and explore their own identity. He teamed up with his pup brother Milo and Milo’s handler Sir Daniël, creating a social event called Bark&Play; Quickly after Bark&Play, the team started Mister Puppy Netherlands, which is now in its 3rd year and recently changed their name to the Dutch Puppy Contest to include all pups in the community. Kriszly is a loyal Service Dog for his Sir Nick and the European leather and kink community. A few of the services he offers are cigar service, showing people around in his city, getting himself into trouble, organizing pup/kink related events and workshops. But his all time favorite service to offer is bootblacking. You will often find him at the XXXLeather parties in Amsterdam where he's proud to call himself the house bootblack. Kriszly has always been a person who has found connecting with people through touch comes more easily and naturally than through talking. When Kriszly first worked on boots as a fledgling bootblack, he felt the same powerful feeling of connection to another person. Looking into his customer's eyes while he works on their boots and seeing his customers growing in their (sexual) confidence and power is electrifying. This May, Kriszly won the International Mister Bootblack title and his goal for the coming years is to provide the same safe spaces for bootblacks in Europe as he did for our puppy community!Fionn ScottFionn Scott, Mr Leather Ireland & 2nd runner-up International Mister Leather 2019. A kinkster with conscience- Fionn began his journey as an activist for the LGBTQ community at the age of 14 as a youth leader and facilitator with BeLonG To, Ireland’s national LGBTQ youth service. In doing so he discovered a love for community development and social empowerment - educating peers on queer sexual health and empowerment, advocating for equality, and campaigning for legislative change. This passion spurred him on to study Community Development & Youth Work in University, where (at the age of 21) he began to work with the European-wide movement to counter hate speech and discrimination as the coordinator of the Irish division of the No Hate Speech Movement- educating and training young people nationally on how to counter hate speech and foster intersectional solidarity for all.Fionn was one of the initial members of ACT UP Dublin- his passion for PrEP access, kink education, and developing discourse about good, healthy sex features front and centre in both his role as Mr. Leather Ireland, and his personal life. In 2018, Fionn was part of the campaign for abortion rights in Ireland (which was successfully won through referendum). Nowadays, Fionn dedicates his time to professionally working with men experiencing homelessness, and as a refugee resettlement worker. A proud deviant, Fionn is a founder of the Irish Kink Collective- a community platform group bringing together the kinksters of Ireland and the groups they represent. With its inaugural presence at Dublin Pride garnering honourable mentions in national media outlets, kink and fetish accessibility and visibility is on the rise! Included amongst the membership of the IKC is his own club, Geared Ireland, which he has been attending since its inception 6 years ago. He is proudly representing Geared Ireland across Europe, American and (soon-to-be) Australia, sharing the message of moving beyond tolerance to instead celebrate deviance and difference! As part of his title year, he has partnered with LGBT Ireland- a national charity supporting LGBT people facing forced migration. In trying to keep a work/life balance, Fionn is also known to more than dip his toes into the world of alternative cabaret as a long-standing member of UNDERCurrent- the Dublin-based queer cabaret troupe who dazzle and entertain with a blend of camp and edgy cabaret. If that all sounds like work, then that’s okay! As a kinkster who knows how to work hard, he certainly knows how to play hard too! Connectivity and communication are core to everything he does... especially his kinks. Let's be honest, with the Irish accent, all he has to communicate is potato, potato, potato and well... you know the rest!Maxi MilianoGood afternoon my name is Maximiliano Rubio, Master Leather 2018. I represent Mexico. I am 53 years old and  I live in Mexico City I am an Economist I worked 25 years for a Canadian Bank as an investment advisor, I had a gay club called Living in Mexico City where I was very involved with the Gay community and you go through all the risks involved in nightlife in 2010 I had an accident intoxicated  by use cocaine and alcohol.  Done I lost my leg as a result of this I retired in the bank and ended the fun as a businessWhen I could not do it,  my partner and I made the decision to have me interned in an addiction clinic.  When leaving Clinica I faced my recovery and a new life taking a 180 degree turn for me.  This led me to the need to study more about this disease and thus made the decision to study a master's degree in addiction and today I am involved in the prevention and recovery at the Monte Fenix clinicactively supporting and focusing on the Gay community in my country. My hobbies include exercising daily, spending time with my dog and i am pasionate about gardening and traveling. I am also busy with fashion design and learning more and more about our leather commuity.Suzanne Ms. Leather NetherlandsMs. Leather Netherlands, fetish photographer and mother. Born on 1 October 1976 and living with her husband, daughter in The Netherlands, Europe. Her life consists of contrasts. Mother and Fetish photographer Suzanne van de Laar (43) In her photography, she tries to capture people as purely as possible and thereby build bridges between all groups in the fetish world. “It doesn't matter to me whether you are male, female, trans, straight, lesbian, gay or bi. For me, the person you are counts”. People, who live and breathe their fetish, often take the road less travelled and for Suzanne these amazing individuals are the most interesting to photograph. Purity and self-respect are the common topics when Suzanne takes her one-of-a-kind pictures in the BDSM world. As a result of this, her “Waterbears” series was recently exhibited in Amsterdam, where she portrayed bears taking a shower. In Zandvoort she portrayed her series: “Hear, see and be silent”, in which bondage played a crucial role. Her own fetish is Leather as she feels safe and powerful when she wears her leather gear. Suzanne wears her leather visibly and proudly and when the opportunity came, she attended the Ms Leather Netherlands competition. Based on her ability to connect people within the various fetish communities and goals to encourage interaction between the male and female communities, Suzanne proudly accepted the title Ms. Leather Netherlands in May 2019. Wearing her sash visibly during daily social media posts and frequent events gave her the possibility to interact with numerous people from all age and genders. Het goal is to help people who struggling with their fetishes as this sometimes conflicts with their daily life. By listening and giving well-meant but also honest advice, Suzanne brings the smile back on their faces. To be visible and to be accessible for fellow (leather) fetishists, Suzanne has attended to and started numerous voluntarily projects, such as free “coming out” photoshoots for people of all age and genders and events to make the leather community more visible. Also festivities to integrate the leather men and women communities have been and will be (co)organised . Bearing in mind the countless personal reactions, these projects were well received and for some people even life changing. Giving a sex education class in a high school and a “meet and greet” with the mayor of a middle large Dutch city to ensure that diversity will be on the council’s agenda are some projects Suzanne and her team are currently working on. Also giving an interview on local or national television, discussing diversity, is on her wishlist. Suzanne’s motto is: “This is me”, emphasizing her “What you see is what you get” mentality and therefore loved by everyone in all fetish scenes.