Ralph BruneauRalph Bruneau is IML 39 (International Mister Leather 2017). He competed at IML as Mr. GNI Leather 2016 representing Gay Naturists International, the largest naturist organization in the world. Ralph is the first man representing a naturist title to have made the IML top 20 and the oldest IML winner in history. He began his leather journey in 1974 at the legendary Mineshaft in NYC. In his first career, Ralph was an actor on Broadway and on television creating the role of Mike Doonesbury in the Broadway musical Doonesbury and appearing on TV in shows from soaps to Seinfeld. In the 80’s at the height of the AIDS crisis be became a volunteer for the Shanti Foundation as a hospice worker and emotional support volunteer. He then went on to get a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Bruneau has a sex-positive, kink-positive practice in Los Angeles and has been nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in California. He has taught and lectured about intimacy and sexual expression for over two decades. He is actively involved in the campaign to end Conversion Therapy working with NCLR and the #BornPerfect campaign. He is on the founding Board of the Los Angeles Gender Center, a co-team leader for Team Friendly SoCal, and a proud member of Avatar Club Los Angeles. As IML, he traveled over 118,000 miles as an ambassador to the leather community around the world. He participated in 43 weekends of events out of 52 in his title year. Nationally and Internationally, he judged over 20 contest during his title year as well as hosting events, auctions, panel presentations and keynotes. He judged IML 2018, IMsL 2018, MAL 2018, as well as contests from San Francisco to Chicago, to Atlanta, to Antwerp, and Nice. He was honored by the Tom of Finland Foundation twice, awarded Leatherman of the Year by the Payasos, and received the George Wong Person of the Year (2017) award from the Southland Honors. Dr. Bruneau recently been selected to serve on the Board of Directors of CLAW.William H HallBiography to followRod OnyxA native New Yorker, Rod is the co-founder of the ONYX Mid-Atlantic Chapter, where he served first as President, and later as Pledge Master. Rod has also moderated and presented for a variety of programs and events, including DC Leather Pride; Black Rose; BlackOut (ONYX’s annual run); the Master/slave Conference; Kink U; Detroit Leather Expo; Leather Leadership Conference, Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW); Minnesota Leather Pride, and San Francisco Leather Pride Weekend.  Among his presentations, Rod created Beyond the Red Ribbon, the HIV and STI Prevention workshop developed specifically for the Leather and Kink lifestyle. Rod earned his first title as Leatherman of Color in 2011; his platform during his title year was Embracing Difference and Diversity.  Rod is also an alumnus of the MTTA 2008 Masters’ Training. He has previously served as a judge for the 2012 Leatherman of Color contest, the 2013 Mr. Maryland Leather contest, the 2014 Twin Cities Leather contest, the 2014 Tri-State Leather contest, the 2018 Atlantic States Leather contest, and the 2018 Minnesota Leather Pride Contests. Rod is very proud of winning the Pantheon of Leather Northeast Regional Award for 2014. But above all, he is honored and humbled to serve the Leather community as the current American Leatherman. Rod’s kink fetishes include spanking, ass play, flogging and fisting.Kenn KennedyKenn is a straight-talking, fun-loving, sexual outlaw who uses his passion and zeal to spread joy and DNA everywhere he goes.  Being exceedingly confident in his ability to take a fist, he promotes radical sexual expression and encourages others to be unafraid to explore themselves as sexual beings despite silly heteronormative conventional wisdom. Hailing from Detroit, Kenn held the titles of Mr Liberty Leather 2016, Mr. Michigan Leather 2017 and placed 4th at IML 39.  He is an associate member of Onyx Great Lakes,  Member of the Detroit House of Pain, Archivist for The Michigan Band of Brothers, and a Charter Member of ASSFÜC (The American Society for Sodomy and Fine Unaged Cheeses): an organization that hosts well catered orgies. Kenn must also be a closet masochist because he is the producer/owner of War of the Roses Weekend (WRW: Detroit's Annual Fisting Extravaganza), the producer of the inaugural Ms. Liberty Leather contest in November 2018 and organized the MI-BoB Titleholders Bootcamp for aspiring and current Leather Titleholders. After competing at IML 39, Kenn found his passion through educating, leather contestant handling and mentoring.  As an autistic person, he is an outspoken advocate for Autism Awareness in leather spaces and other marginalized groups.  He actively attempts to facilitate policy changes in existing male centered Leather bars, clubs and events to be more inclusive to women, trans-folk and non-binary people.Kenn feels proudest about the dozen or so men he mentors in fisting.  He hosts a weekly space for newbies and well seasoned fist pigs to come learn and explore the art of the anus, the resolve of the rectum and the cantankerousness of the colon in a safe and controlled environment.  This all happens so he can then release them into the wild to become your next favorite hole breaker or Great Pit of Carkoon, depending on your preferences.  He thoroughly enjoys being a helping hand. When he's not busy breaking hearts and asses as he travels the globe, Kenn enjoys writing leather culture related articles, promoting enthusiastic explicit consent policies, hosting sex parties and eating full buckets of KFC on Facebook Livefeed.



Panda Pup in BootzPanda Pup in Bootz has been part of the BDSM community for over 13 years, on both sides of the collar. They are a switch, poly, primal, and Alpha red panda/puppy hybrid. A blood fetishist, little, Bootblack, boi, edge player, and pet, this puppy is full of laughter and adventure. They are mated to their long-term Partner Gemini, and are the co-operator of their pack “Midnight Sun Pack,” with their little/sub gigglebox. The goal of their household is education and community service. Panda is also fostering their local age-play community, by forming the first Alaskan Littles Scout Troop (Troop 907), as well as the pet play community through their leadership of Ak-PaH. Panda is an active member of the local BDSM and leather community, with their boots-on-the-ground for The Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles. They love Bootblacking and find that the service aspect meets a deep-seated need to support their community, which gives them a great sense of inner peace.  When they discovered Bootblacking three years ago, they felt that they had truly found their place in their community. They realized it was a wonderful way to connect and give back to the people who had made them feel at home. Panda loves to get their paws dirty while making all of their friends’ and families’ leathers pretty, polished, and repaired. Their other goals include creating education and outreach, recruiting, guiding, and teaching more Bootblacks, and helping others find a sense of belonging.Girl ComplexComplex is a self described petty, black feminist and womanist. A product of their environment, Complex has been able to define what it means to be proud, black, kinky and leather on their own terms. A San Diego native, who enjoys dissecting racial relations all while riding a skateboard and boogie boarding.  Crafting their ideas of blackness from rap videos and television. While not allowing themselves to be limited by what “black” is allowed to be, they love to straddle the gender divides. As International Ms. Leather 2017, their title year has been dedicated to making sure black girl magic can thrive in all forms, allowing both their tomboy and femme adjacent presentations to be shown fluidly. Besides collecting dirty panties, she loves to collect pretty boys and apparently pretty girls as well. You can catch them sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA, or you can lowkey stalk their Instagram (Girl_Complex), Twitter (IMsL2017), and/or on Facebook (Girl Complex).Elisa VegasElisa was your 2017 International Ms. Bootblack, 2016 Great Lakes Bootblack and 2015 Michigan Community Bootblack. She is a member of the gender-inclusive Michigan Band of Brothers and holds leadership positions in the Board of Education, a kinky, pansexual educational organization in metro Detroit. She is a past judge of Mr. Liberty Leather 2017, the 25th anniversary of International Mr. Bootblack and International Pup/Trainer. She is a Founding Member of the Order of the Non-Sanctimonious. She educates as well as bootblacks. She is the co-host of Fuck 'n' Learn, a traveling queer weekend event that emphasizes consent, radical sex positivity (fucking) and education (learning). She is a radical sexual outlaw who disdains hierarchy who is best described as a contrarian leather anarchist. She is a body positive, polyamorous feminist. She is a fuzzy femme piglet who demands authentic and intimate relationships that involve degradation, objectification and pain, done with love and affection. If you fist her, bring her oreos.Tyesha BestTyesha Best has been in the Leather Community for over 10 years now, having started in online chat rooms before taking her interests offline. She has done community work for TNG, NLA-Dallas, Fresh Leather, NLA-I, WILL, WILF, Beyond Vanilla, Gender Odyssey, Onyx, Onyx Pearls, International Mr Leather Inc, and many other organizations. She has also worked extensively in editing and restructuring bylaws and policies and procedures for many organizations. She enjoys  helping businesses and organizations to create living documents that best express the values and structures of their brand and operations. She has served on several boards and founded a few clubs and organizations, but her heart lies not in leadership but in teaching. Her classes include women’s Leather history, Race and Race Relations, as well as female and transgender involvement in the Socio-political rag, Drummer Magazine that ran for decades in beginning in the 70s. Tyesha works tirelessly as cheerleader and advocate for marginalized populations, Bootblacks, and the girl/Grrl  identity. Currently, Tyesha is currently the Social Media Director of IML Inc, one of very few women to wear the Wingman as a back patch. She is Asst. Editor in Chief of leatherati.com.  She also holds a Pantheon Of Leather award for the Florida Region and a winner of the NLA-International's Steve Maidhof Award and the 2018 Leathertarian award, both representing her excellence community involvement Internationally. Tyesha is a forever student and flight attendant both of which require people watching and listening skills. Though she frequents San Francisco communities, she currently resides in Wilton Manors, Florida and is in a loving family including Sir Kirk Rubén, Alpha William Ferkel.Lady D HarrisonMy name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am known as Lady D.  I am a Lifestyle Domme.   I am an ordained minister and also a certified master hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit.  I ran (People Exchanging Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support and social group in Atlanta Georgia and in 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color).  I also am a founder and helped to re-launch the Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women's leather sorority focused on female camaraderie, empowerment, community awareness and service. I have judged and emceed many contests, given keynotes and taught classes throughout the country.  I was Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2013. My personal commitment is to help make this community stronger and to continue Jill Carter's philosophy of Each One, Teach One.  If there is any way that I can serve, I offer my services to you.  Remember to give your time, your money and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you.  I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me on my journey and I thank you for the opportunity to 'pass if forward'. "Keep LOVE in the Lifestyle"…….Always, Lady D



Mr. Blue & blue FrostMister-Blue, along with his slave BlueFrost, is the 2018 International Master/slave title holder and the 2017 Master/slave title holder for the Northeast region of the United States. He is also the senior Master of the House of Blue based in Southern Maryland, Ombudsman and Coalition Partner for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (www.NCSFreedom.org), Board member of MTTA which produces the Master slave Conference and MTTA Academy in Washington, DC (www.MTTA.info), and Board member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC - pronounced "lock" www.LHOCC.org). He has been publicly active in the BDSM Lifestyle for more than a decade. For many years he has taken on various roles and responsibilities in the community as a Mentor, Presenter, and otherwise genuine source of knowledge in the way he has navigated through Kink, Leather, and BDSM. As an associate member of a larger collective of Leather families, he has been mentored and raised in Leather by both Masters and Mistresses alike. Having these sources of invaluable and often historical information has allowed him to successfully mentor other Leather Masters and Dominants and pass along this knowledge to the next generation of leaders. As a part of his commitment to educate himself and others, he has spoken about the relationship aspect of the Master/slave model at national conferences and Leather events, local munches and special interest groups. BlueFrost, devoted slave and wife to Mister-Blue, is the 2018 International slave title holder and the 2017 NorthEast slave title holder, co-founder and co-visionary of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC - pronounced "lock" www.LHOCC.org) and the Mistress of the House of Blue, a Het Male Dominant led Leather family based in Southern Maryland. She is seasoned with years of experience in kink and BDSM and has many ties throughout the community. As an associate member of a larger group of Leather families, she is known by many as a friend, lifestyle coach, mentor, and sister. Mentored by elders in her local community, she strives to not only carry the torch to light the path for others, but to also brighten her own personal path to excellence in service. She is a familiar face in the public at large as she enjoys sharing lifestyle experiences and information with other slaves and submissives. When time permits, she speaks at national conferences, special interest groups and local munches in an effort to help further educate herself and her peers.Jesbian & TeaganTeagan and Jesbian first found connection and developed their D/s relationship through boots and cigars. Their mutual love of leather brought them together. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area the pair are committed to serving their community through bootblacking, teaching classes, and volunteering at numerous community events. Teagan is International Ms Bootblack 2018. She is also Southwest Bootblack 2017 and Southern California Bootblack 2016. Jesbian is International Little Miss Little 2014 and was first runner up at International Ms Leather in 2018. When not participating in the leather community they enjoy playing board games and watching Rachel Maddow. Once in a blue moon they take a weekend off.Kenn Kennedy & Elisa VegasElisa and Kenn both came out into the public kink and fetish community in metro Detroit in 2012-2013 but they didn’t meet until late 2015, in the leather title scene. Elisa was Michigan Community Bootblack 2015, fresh off her first run and loss at GLLA, and determined to never run for another leather title ever again (never say never, as they say). Kenn was thinking about running for Mr. Liberty 2016 and had been reaching out to local title holders for advice and information. They fell into a mutual admiration society over what each saw as the other’s bravery and freedom in embracing the reality of their sexual and erotic experiences without shame or apology. Kenn and Elisa often say the same things of each other — that each makes the other feel braver, more confident, more loved, and always less alone. They work together to support each other with individual and with mutual goals — Kenn handled Elisa to wins at GLLA in 2016 and at International Ms. Bootblack in 2017, while Elisa bootblacked for Kenn at every contest he competed in and helped handled him to a fourth place finish at IML 39. They continue to event produce and support each other today, with Kenn producing an August 2018 fisting extravaganza, the War of the Roses, and the inaugural Ms. Liberty Leather contest in November 2018 and Elisa producing Fuck’n’Learn 2: Detroit in October 2018. Together, they remain diligent about challenging sex-negative and body-shaming attitudes and misogyny, racism, and transphobia in the scene, online and in face-to-face discussions. They seek to create spaces where the full radical sexual expression of individuals is safe to flourish and protected from predatory and consent-violating behaviors. They reject prescriptive and conventional attitudes about sex or leather and always seek to keep leather weird, edgy, and boundary-pushing. That determination to protect and cultivate those spaces for themselves and for others takes exhausting work and neither is sure they could have managed their accomplishments without the foundation of each other to rest on. Elisa credits Kenn with helping her better protect her own emotional energy — saying no with confidence and refusing to feel guilt over faux entitlement to her time. Kenn credits Elisa with being his philosophical sounding board and safe harbor when he is overwhelmed with interactions and needs centering. “People grow when they are loved well,” and that aphorism is certainly applicable here. Growth is scary and uncertain but their love and support for each other makes continued growth possible.Gabriel Majors & Matt O’TooleGabriel(he/him) and Matt(they/them) met on one faithful humid summer evening enjoying cigars on the patio of a local bar. They consummated their new found friendship the next day (breaking a couch in the process) and have been inseparable ever since, though it took two years and a stern talking to from Matt’s mom for them to make anything official. Gabe found Leather in Virginia and later Seattle in the 90s before he moved to Louisville where he would ultimately meet Matt and introduce them to the Leather Community. They are a part of a large poly shrubbery in which they each have a network of dynamics and relationships forming a delightful fucked up family. While their relationship is not based in power exchange they do both enjoy dynamics with others, Matt with their Pup and Gabe with his submissive. Gabe held the title Great Lakes Bootblack 2011 and was the recipient of the Golden Brush Award at International Community Bootblack when he competed in 2012. Matt held the title International Mx Olympus Leather 2017. Both have been recipients of the Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional Award. Gabriel currently serves on the board of Team Friendly-Louisville as well as co-coordinates the Great Lakes Bootblack Contest. Matt is currently taking a short self-care hiatus from organizations while planning their wedding. Gabriel and Matt live in New Albany Indiana with their fur children Madison and Blucifer. They operate under the belief that if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for, and strive to change the world one connection and conversation at a time.Seykou & luna NiaMaster Seykou Nia is a devout Leatherman and Patriarch of the House of Nia based out of Denver, Colorado.  Master Seykou, and slave Luna began their journey together in 2011 and soon found themselves on the Leather path, never looking back. His formal training includes intensive study under the Masters of the MTTA Academy, formal mentorship with the House of Blue, leaning from both Mister Blue and also His Blue Frost. Many others served as guides and silent role models via their conduct and candid conversations. Their core philosophy is based on Nia, which means Purpose.  Simply, "find your center and operate from there on all you do."  The House of Nia seeks to increase the strength of the collective by empowering the individual.  Standing “Shoulder to shoulder and Hide to hide” (a phrase coined by Master Seykou Nia in 2016) with their fellow Leather-Folk regardless of indication, sexual orientation, or gender. They seek to actively embody those attributes that some would label "traditional" Leather values and others - simply best human practices. Courage, honor, respect, transparency, integrity and authenticity- but also tolerance and inclusiveness.   This has helped Master Seykou Nia and his House gain respect and recognition within the community, including receiving his Masters’ cover from peers and an admired Leatherman in 2016 at Denver's Thunder in the Mountains. Master Seykou Nia and slave Luna Nia are proud to represent their home state as the Colorado Master and slave 2016-18 and represented it in Phoenix for the regional title in 2017.  Together they created the monthly Lighthouse BDSM Community Phone In where they both facilitate discussions and present on various topics related to M/s dynamics and other BDSM lifestyle topics, often featuring guests from a wide-spectrum of the community. slave Luna is encouraged to express her open, honest and transparent heart and authentic self to support those in need. Working at uplifting others as a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood and is both the co-director and co-founder of MAsT: Denver Females. Their House travels extensively throughout various communities to participate in both Leather and non-Leather lifestyle events in which they participate in or lead discussions and work to facilitate growth in the M/s journeys of others.  Their most recent endeavors include being a cofounding family of LHOCC, Leather Houses of Color Coalition, an organization dedicated to assisting others to create or enhance their existing Leather households led by Persons of Color. The House of Nia is serving currently as the Presiding House for 2018. Master Seykou and slave Luna focus their interests in furthering their connection with the local kink community and establishing links nationally. Cementing gaps between segments of our vast BDSM community through fellowship is an aim. They remain receptive to learning all ways to further their journey both in the M/s community and in Leather. They believe in learning so that they may teach and seek refinement of their skill-sets that they might be an example to those seeking answers.



Thomas SmithDedication, leadership and passion as an active member of the leather community are shown in thirty plus years of engagement and achievements:  as a club leader, titleholder, and writer. An award-winning author, widely published in print and on-line worldwide. Books written about personal leather history and the leather counter-culture won awards in the 2014 and 2013 International Book Awards, “Journey in Leather” and “Heartbeat:  Musings on Leather and Leadership”.  Created and leader for popular online international discussion groups for over ten years which serve as an educational resource to discuss the challenges of leadership and the evolving environment of this lifestyle.  Chair, Board member, and Advisor for the Leather Leadership Conference from 2010 to 2014.  Club involvement since 1994 includes the Black Guard of Minnesota, Associate member of the Atons of Minneapolis, and serving for two years as President of the Lexington Lyons Leather Club in Kentucky.  Titles include Mr. Kentucky Leather 1997 and Mr. International Rubber 1999 contributing to the history and ongoing success of these titles.  The recipient of several awards for community service, recognizing volunteering time and generously donating to numerous non-profit activities and organizations. “My journey in leather is absolutely a path of discovery about myself and the others involved.  A person’s leather journey is experienced and practiced in different ways.  Based on my leather experience, your actions, words, honor and generosity to others will define you far more than a title or awards ever can.”Jeff TuckerJeff is the current “Den Daddy” (contestant Coordinator) for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather 1993.  As IML he started “Better Together” a campaign asking us to honor the diversity that creates the richness that is our community. He lives in the NYC Metro area in Bloomfield, New Jersey where he moved to 7 years ago with his husband/boy after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years. It is said that he has been part of the foundation of over 25 not for profit organizations. Jeff and his partner are parents and registered foster parents. He is an advocate and counselor for ‘At Risk’ LGBT youth in New Jersey, and is also a life and career coach. With his first BDSM experience 40 years ago Jeff now enjoys a wide range of kink interests for which he is also a workshop presenter. While in California Jeff was a cofounder of the Santa Clara County Leather Association, The Brotherhood San Jose (a gay men’s BDSM education and play group), He also created BDSM Tastings a quarterly workshop series for educating beginners and mentoring advanced players on various kink practices. He and his partners have founded In Gear a gay men’s education and play group in Northern New Jersey.Jeff is in a triad with his husband of 29 years and their 3rd for 6 years, he has been in polyamorous relationships of one kind or another for over 30 years. He leads discussions on BDSM, leather families and polyamory to both community organizations and educational institutions. Jeff remains an active member of the community. He says “It’s all about authenticity, integrity and humor, oh, and home made peach crisp.”Patrick MulcaheyPatrick Mulcahey speaks and writes on leather, BDSM, and Master/slave topics. He has been a contributor to Leatherati and “Growing Pains,” the Society of Janus newsletter, and keynote speaker at such events as the Southwest Leather Conference, Northwest Leather Celebration, Leather Leadership Conference, Sin in the City, Leather Reign, and the Master/slave Conference. Patrick was program director of the San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group during its rapid growth from 2011 through 2014. He is past chapter director of MAsT-San Francisco, and has served as a judge for regional leather contests as well as the International Master/slave, International Leather SIR/boy, and International Mr Leather contests. His honors include: 2011 S.F. Bay Area Leather Alliance Man of the Year, the 2011 Guy Baldwin Mentor Award, the 2013 Leatherman's Heart Award, the 2013 Pantheon of Leather Northern California Regional Award, the 2014 National Leather Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2015 Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award, and the 2016 Leather-to-Leather Award, which recognizes friendship-building between the Los Angeles and San Francisco leather communities. He currently lives in the shadow of the North Cascade Mountains and serves on the Board of Directors of Butchmanns, Inc.Master Jack PearceJack Pearce’s love affair with the Leather community began well over three decades ago and has never ended.  From the very beginning, he has been steadfast, determined and dedicated to the people and community that he loves.  Jack’s motto has always been; “When in doubt of the right thing to do; always place the well-being of the community first!” Jack has always been a tremendously active member of both the LGBTQ+ and Leather communities.  He has sat on the boards of numerous organizations and committees and helped raise incalculable funds for various charities, including the AIDS Committee of Toronto, the Leather Archives and Museum, Save Our Youth, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and the Rainbow Railroad to name just a few. As a result of his interest, experience and developing ability as a bootblack, Jack was honoured to compete and become Bootblack Toronto 2008.  He then went onto ILS/b-ICBB and brought home the International Community Bootblack 2008 title.  In this capacity, Jack became Toronto’s first international titleholder, the first Canadian to win a back-patch from the “Drummer” title line and eventually became the first Canadian to serve on the board of directors of an international leather competition.–ILS/b-ICBB. Part of Jack’s legacy as BBT 2008/ICBB 2008 is that he helped change the perception that bootblacks are exclusively submissive, as Jack identifies both as a bootblack and as a Dominant Leather man.  Jack also was a forerunner in the quest for establishing equal rights and responsibilities for the fair treatment of bootblacks both within the leather title system and within our community.  Some of the results were the creation and installation of both the very first city and international bootblack title mantles (sashes) in history, the creation of guidelines for non-bootblack judges and his help developing a standard for the equitable treatment of bootblacks while working in bars and at community events. Jack is the creator of several title contests, including Toronto Puppy, Mr. Spearhead Bootblack and Mr. Spearhead Leather, among many others.  He was also the driving force behind the revival of the Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms Leather Toronto, and Mr. Rubber Toronto titles and further served as the contest coordinator and producer for the aforementioned titles along with the Bootblack Toronto, North America Bootblack, and International Community Bootblack competitions.  In addition, he created, updated or rewrote several local, regional and international judges’, producers’ and contestants’ handbooks and contest rules for several different leather, puppy and bootblack competitions.  Jack was also a pioneer in ensuring that Leather competition judging panels’ are rightfully staffed with a wide variety of diverse people from of all parts of our community including his fellow bootblacks. Jack is also the founder and served as the first president of the award-winning Heart of the Flag Federation Inc., the executive producer of the successful Toronto Leather Pride week, the Toronto Bound weekend, the annual Spearhead Run, the annual Spearhead Anniversary weekend, the Leather contingent for Pride Toronto, Leather Ball and was one of the creators/organizers of the Toronto Leather Pride March. Jack finds producing events to be very gratifying, as he is actually far more comfortable working behind the scenes.  He also thinks it is most important to recognize and respect the many volunteers who in essence run our community and further believes strongly that “Thank You” should be the most important phrase any Leather/Kinky person’s vocabulary. Currently, Jack is proud to continue to serve our community as a member of the Canadian Leather History Project, the executive producer of the Bootblack Toronto title and still enjoys mentoring others, attending events, judging contests, emceeing events and fundraisers and presenting workshops and demonstrations both locally and abroad.  Jack is also a member of Spearhead, Delta International, the Rochester Rams and Mama’s Leather Family. When Jack is asked if he would do it all over again if given the chance; he simply smiles and replies that he would in a New York minute!Alex WisniowskiDocumentary film maker Alexander Henryk Wisniowski's ground-breaking 2004 documentary "My Leather Jacket", about leaders in the leather community, launched a wave of leather documentaries and films. He was chosen as Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002 and has twice received the Pantheon of Leather Award (2005 President's Award and 2010 International Award). The subjects of his documentaries have included Marcus Hernandez, Chuck Renslow, Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt, and the 25th anniversary of Pride in Ottawa. Copies have been deposited at LA&M. He produces Ottawa Leather Fest. an annual event that features well-known presenters, such as Mistress Cyan (producer of DomCon) and CC (former chair of Leather Leadership Conference).  During the event, he presents seminars, such as "Master Class: Life Lessons from Masters" and "Spice It Up: How to Make Your BDSM Play More Exciting". The event includes a Kinky Cabaret where community awards are presented. He has produced Central Canada Olympus Leather for 12 years. Travelling in North America, Alex has presented seminars at events such as DomCon L.A. and Atlanta, Leather Leadership Conference, and International Olympus Leather. He produces a Thursday-night cabaret show at an Ottawa bar. In 2002, Alex received the highest honor a volunteer can receive in Canada, the Caring Canadian Award, for his work with seniors, HIV/AIDS and Pride, Alex also spends time tending to his husband, who is in long-term care .He was recently appointed chair of a family council at a long-term care facility, and board member of another. He works tirelessly as an advocate for LGBTQ senior care and the safety of the aging population.



Lady D HarrisonMy name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am known as Lady D.  I am a Lifestyle Domme.  I am an ordained minister and also a certified master hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit.  I ran (People Exchanging Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support and social group in Atlanta Georgia and in 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color).  I also am a founder and helped to re-launch the Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women's leather sorority focused on female camaraderie, empowerment, community awareness and service. I have judged and emceed many contests, given keynotes and taught classes throughout the country.  I was Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2013. My personal commitment is to help make this community stronger and to continue Jill Carter's philosophy of Each One, Teach One.  If there is any way that I can serve, I offer my services to you.  Remember to give your time, your money and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you.  I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me on my journey and I thank you for the opportunity to 'pass if forward'.Vi JohnsonViola Johnson is a leatherwoman, activist, motivational speaker and author who has been active in the leather BDSM scene for over four decades.  Vi has served as a mentor to countless individuals, and was dubbed "Mom" by several generations of Leathermen and women. She is delighted to now be “Grandmom” to a whole new generation. Vi is passionately involved with preserving the history of the SM/Leather/Fetish communities, serving as the Director and Senior Griot of the Carter/Johnson Library and Collection, a traveling library designed to bring history to the communities it serves. Vi is a member of Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A.), the Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM), and the ONYX Pearls; she is an honorary member of many other SM/Leather/Fetish organizations. Vi has spoken at numerous academic institutions, including Bryn Mawr and Barnard Colleges, Orange Coast College and Kean College. She continues to speak and serve on panels at a wide variety of events and organizations. Viola had the distinction of winning the The Leathertarian "Lifetime Award", "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Pantheon of Leather, The National Leather Association, and the first Lifetime Achievement Award given by Black Beat. Viola is also a 2014 inductee into the Society of Janus Hall of Fame, the recipient of the Pantheon of Leather "Woman of the Year" and Forebear Award, The Legacy Award from Sweat In The City, The Jack Stice Award, The Slave Heart Award, The Golden Paintbrush Awards at Southwest Leather Conference in Arizona, The Spirit of Stonewall Award, and the Leather Leadership Award at the Creating Change Conference in Baltimore sponsored by the Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Viola is the author of two books, Dhampir, Child of the Blood and To Love, To Obey, To Serve. Viola is the wife of Jill Carter, International Ms. Leather 1996. They have been together 43 years.Sharrin SpectorSharrin Spector, Executive Producer, IMsLBB Productions, LLC found the leather community in Seattle in the early 90’s.  She connected with a group of women who took her as an underage, eager to learn pervert under their wings.  She learned not only the craft of canes, blood, and service but also what community meant. Sharrin was one of the co-creators of Powersurge, a radical step to build the first women’s BDSM conference in 1992.  Over the years, she took her skills on the road as an educator and built a solid reputation as the owner of Pierce Ink over the next 20 years.  Now she continues that legacy of service and bring the women’s community an event they can be proud of through the IMsLBB Weekend attracting over 700 women and those who love them. She lives in Oakland, CA with her “polycule” which includes her girl, her husbutch/boy, a stray wolf and a pack of chihuahuas.Debbie AddingtonBack in the Beforetime when the internet wasn't, and Ye Olde Guarde was merely a twinkle in The Council of Elders' eye, Deborah read Gor books and experimented with pantyhose bondage and homemade floggers. Did what they had to, back then. From their first bondage attempts at age 5 to adventures resulting in the discovery that they preferred sadism and mastery, Deborah's journey led them out of the queer and kinky closets. In 1982 they came out kinky, and shortly thereafter as Leather, where they found the greatest magic, transformation, and joy. Deborah found G*d in the dungeon; It was wearing black leather. Spiritual and physical ecstasy via BDSM opened Deborah.Their first book, A Hand in the Bush, published in 1998, reached number four on Amazon's "Hot 100"sales chart.  For eight years, Deborah travelled the U.S. and Canada on the Leather circuit, speaking and teaching on subjects ranging from technique classes to weekend seminars on Leather andspirituality. Two more books followed: Fantasy Made Flesh, and Play Piercing. Deborah has published articles in the QSM Newsletter, The Society of Janus newsletter, Spiritual Transformation through BDSM, On Our Backs, and DifferentLoving 2, among others, and has delivered many keynote addresses. A resident of California's exquisite, rural Pacific Northwest, Deborah had to create the community they craved.  They worked with Club Risqué, a unique sex-positive collective hosting quarterly events for 200-300 guests, providing performances, education, and Humboldt County's premiere [only] public Dungeon. Deborah builtand acquired equipment, ran the Dungeon, trained DMs, and educated for 16 years. They started a skillshare/social group, ROPE (Redwood Open Power Exchange), hosted weekly salons, and offered counseling services to those in the community. In 2000, Deborah completed an 18-month interfaith ordination program to better serve the underserved, the marginalized, the stranger, the Leatherperson. As a minister, Deborah has officiated collarings, weddings, baby blessings, separations, funerals, and other rites significant to the participants. Deborah has served individuals as Master and Owner. In 2002 while presenting at Thunder in the Mountains, Deborah accepted a life-changing invitation to teach for the Journeyman III Academy (now LeatherQuest), an organization devoted to Leather history, community, and spirituality; they have been teaching there for 18 years.   In 2010, Deborah deepened their spiritual service by earning a BA in Religious Studies before moving to Berkeley to attend graduate school. They earned their Masters of Divinity and are pursuing a PhD in Theology, focusing on BDSM as a spiritual praxis. What began as pleasure became purpose.  What was frolic became family. The most important work is presence, deeply informed by Leather. From gender-affirming surgery post-op care to hospice to homing and feeding Leatherfolk in need; from acting as a birth doula helping Leatherfolk's children enter the world, and as a death doula accompanying Leatherfolk to the veil, paramount  is celebrating first breaths,  last breaths, and the profound pleasure, pain,and interconnectedness of everything in between.  Deborah plans to work and to die as they have lived: in Leather and Love.



Leather Leadership ConferenceThe Leather Leadership Conference is organized and managed to provide leadership training for the Leather community. Beginning with the stated purpose in the By-Laws. “The Leather Leadership Conference shall exist to provide training and education for leaders and potential leaders of the SNM/Leather /Fetish communities, and to provide information to the general public, by: (i) conducting and sponsoring leadership training conferences, symposiums, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, (ii) collecting, collating and formulating written educational, training and instructional materials, and computerized or electronic access to said materials, (iii) providing speaker training, and (iv) by providing instructional and educational speakers in order to inform the general public with respect to the safe, consensual and non-exploitive transfer of power between adults of not less than eighteen(18)years of age in the context of alternative lifestyles.” LLC offers classes and opportunities to develop leadership in our community. In a changing cultural environment, the leather community needs qualified leaders to take us into the coming generations. We have instigated such things as our Sound Bytes, a video format, somewhat like the TED Talks to make available video talks focused on leadership issues for our community. We have also provided recognition of organizations with the Leadership In Action awards. One of our strong successes has been the leadership grants where new leaders are identified and provided free registration and in some cases hotel accommodations, to attend the Leather Leadership Conference and learn better leadership skills to take back to their home groups. The Leather Leadership Conference has and will continue to identify community leaders and provide the classes and training needed to grow their skillsets throughout the local and national communities. We integrate and cooperate with other conferences and organizations throughout the country to maximize the effectiveness within our programs. Staying true to our stated purpose, we will develop and provide written, video, and other electronic materials, which will be used both at our conferences and available for local groups to use to extend the reach of our mission. LLC has provided this leadership to our communities internationally for over twenty years - and is making plans for the next twenty We serve. We provide. We strive for others to improve ourselves.Weekend ReunionWeekend Reunion is the first national, sex-positive event to primarily focus on physical and emotional enjoyment of the BDSM lifestyle while celebrating black culture in a friendly and accepting environment. The goal of this annual event is to give kinky people of color a safe space for self-expression where they are not a minority or viewed as a fetish. All ethnicities, sexual identities/orientations and lifestyle structures are welcome. Due to its dedicated outreach to new lifestylers, Weekend Reunion attracts an average of 30% new attendees who have never been to any major BDSM event. In addition to an educational component and complete hotel takeover (Piscataway Radisson in NJ), Weekend Reunion provides amusing, lighthearted activities such as a twerk contest, kinky yoga, cosplay, and themed parties where sexual expression is encouraged.LA Leather PrideLos Angeles Leather Pride is an annual event produced by The Los Angeles Leather Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)4 organization which facilitates communication and mutual understanding among different segments of the leather-affiliated community.  We promote unity through cooperative endeavors that offer entertainment, education, social interaction, and community service.  LA Leather Pride has developed as a unique celebration of culture and identity.  This year’s theme was “We Are All LA Leather”, a message that encompassed our dynamic city and the spectrum of individuals which makes leather and fetish thrive.  Building upon the old and bringing in the new to reflect the vibrant and diverse community of LA Leather, we have aimed to create a space where all feel included regardless of race, identity, orientation, gender, status, ability, role or creed.  We thrive and grow through our diversity, which makes us Los Angeles and bonds us in Leather. Past years’ LA Leather Prides were centered around the Mr. LA Leather Contest.  For 2019, we are evolving “We Are All LA Leather” further to integrate the Ms. LA Leather Contest and develop the LA Leather Bootblack Contest, united together as one spectacular event. Of course, it takes several dedicated and talented volunteers, firing on all cylinders, to bring together a community-wide celebration of this size.  Our deepest appreciation to the members of the Planning Committee, the Event Host organizations, our sponsors, and above all, the individuals who have stepped up to take on the thankless volunteer jobs at each event.  Due to your contributions, we were able to make a significant donation to our selected charity for 2018, Being Alive.IMsLBBThe IMsL/IMsBB weekend should be an inclusive and sex positive space for all people. All are welcome, and racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination have no place here. An important part of the weekend is exploring how the intersectionanality of race, class, gender, and ability affect experiences of leather, kink, and sexualities. We must make a commitment to enriching these intersectionalites not only at the weekend but throughout our communities. We will work toward this goal.Sin In the CityA large kink event held yearly in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2013, Sin in the City holds two goals: to celebrate and embrace the diversity of the leather and kink communities, and to bring us a sex-positive space to learn, grow, and enjoy. Sin in the City welcomes attendees of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ages (18+), nationalities and ethnicities, physical abilities, and religious and political affiliations to participate in a weekend jam-packed with “Nasty. Dirty. Raunchy. Wrong.” fun every February in Sin City. Boasting over 75 wicked workshops each year, we are at the forefront of erotic education. Our tracks include BDSM Basics, Advanced SM Skills, Sex Skills, Kinky Culture, Relationships, Spirituality and Personal Growth, and Littles / Pets / Roleplay. Each year, our educational program has one (or more “wildcard”) focus(es) as well: rope and restraints, bootblacking, health and wellness…what would YOU like to see? Our evening “socials” are second to none: Thursday evening’s kick-off social, Friday night’s Queer as Folk Fuck party, Dog and Pony Show, and Monte Carlo Port and Cigar Social, Saturday evening’s traditional Love party and the Honeypot (our non-male bathhouse), and Sunday’s Sinbowl and Afterglow parties ALL offer places to meet other kinksters and leatherfolk for stimulating conversation, or—if you prefer—for more of the nasty, dirty, raunchy, wrong fun that only Sin provides. Sin in the City is the host of the International Person of Leather contest each year, which celebrates the diversity of our community with the acknowledgement that community service has no gender: one title, one community. Additionally, our stage welcomes various erotic performers and community groups nightly: we aim to entertain! Join us in the MANhole (our non-female space), the ToolBOX (our non-male space), the MIXER (our gender-inclusive space), or the Playground (our littles / pets space) each evening for some of the wildest play you may ever lay eyes on (or in the case of the Playground, perhaps the worlds’ biggest blanket fort?).  Or perhaps you are more interested in joining the People of Color Caucus, getting your leathers loved on in Bootblack Alley, shopping in our amazing Vendor Mall, visiting the community group-sponsored hospitality suite socials or attending the panel discussions we host each year. And don’t forget to collect your Chips of Perversity for a chance at winning one of our fabulous prizes on Sunday before you head to our Keynote Brunch with a speaker specifically selected to share a thought-provoking talk!



Mr. Chicago LeatherBio to followLeather History Preservation WeekendLeather History Preservation Weekend is the event used to fulfill the ongoing mission of the Leather History Preservation Foundation:To preserve the practice and tradition of passing on the collective experiences and wisdom of the Leather community through the sharing of oral histories. To encourage the education and inclusion of the next generations of Leatherfolk to continue the practice and tradition of this sharing of oral history, To educate and empower those who identify as belonging to the Leather community, those who are new or curious about the Leather community, and to encourage tolerance and acceptance across a broad range of alternative adult lifestyle choices. This is our vision for preserving and sharing our Leather History, our culture and our traditions. LHPW is an annual conference that will bring experienced Leathermen and Leatherwomen together to share their experiences – their trials, triumphs, and tragedies, their feelings and opinions, to tell their personal stories - with those who are new to or curious about, the Leather lifestyle we have chosen to live, with Leatherfolk and other practitioners of alternative lifestyles that wish to learn more about living a Leather lifestyle. The small size and intimate atmosphere of Leather History Preservation Weekend allows our attendees and crew to spend time with our speakers, to really connect with them and relate with them on a personal level. This is an opportunity that does not present itself at large, crowded events with dozens of classes, and hustle and bustle everywhere. LHPW is a weekend of shared journeys, camaraderie and fellowship, with multiple historians sharing their experiences. In the tradition of the best of Leather events, there are also cocktails, play time, vendors, networking and FUN!Avatar 35th AnniversaryBio to follow Kink Weekend OKCKink Weekend OKC is an event that was conceived by the Oklahoma City Boys of Leather in 2011 as a way to celebrate the organizations one year anniversary.  In the process, this set the stage for some highly erotic and sensual times for the community.  In addition, we raise money for different charities and organizations throughout Oklahoma. Over the years , Kink Weekend has been changed from a single night show and fundraiser, to a 3 daylong event with entertainment, educational workshops, pool parties and a Leather competition.  Today, Kink Weekend continues to grow and work toward inclusiveness throughout the entire community.  We will be having the first ever Rt 66 Boot Black competition and Rt 66 Pup Competition with plans to roll out the Bear and Ms, Competition in 2019.



Chicago Leather Community OutreachChicago Leather Community Outreach is a volunteer group dedicated to helping various local charities by offering our time, knowledge and sense of community.Carter / Johnson LibraryThe Carter/Johnson Leather Library is a collective history of various communities who have chosen to live and love differently. The Library, a 501(c)(3) organization, is chartered to bring this history to the communities that it serves. As the only library of its kind, it is our mission to create an interactive relationship with the stories from the past and the present and link them to future generations. The Library collection includes thousands of leather, fetish, S/m, kink and alternate sexuality books, magazines, posters, art, newspapers, ephemera and memorabilia dating back to the 1700's. The Carter/Johnson Library is designed to put people in touch with their history by allowing them to hold it, read it, smell it and know it.IMsL FoundationThe International Ms Leather (IMsL) Foundation was established in 2014 and is organized as a 501(c)3  to support the development of sex-positive communities, provide education on alternative sexuality and sexual freedom, and enable leaders to articulate the values, goals and visions of their diverse communities. The organization provides forums for education and awareness that will empower our community and establishes a network for further leadership development. The Foundation is a California state nonprofit corporation that is an educational foundation that provides support to community leaders (including those selected through the International Ms Leather competition), provides quality education on a national and international level, and develops the capability to catalogue, gather and archive leather history.Grateful Day FoundationThe Grateful Day Foundation Inc. was founded by Justin Flowers, Chuck Courtney and Shana Cozad, after the 2013 HIV Wellness Retreat. Inspired by the continuous efforts of the Community of Hope UCC, Justin was determined to carry the torch when the church was no longer able to organize the event. Early in 2013, Justin began  raising funds. Shana and Chuck were approached to help organize several fundraisers at local bars and restaurants.  This grassroots effort was able to completely fund the 2013 retreat at Sky Ranch Cave Springs in Quapaw OK. Leather Heart FoundationThe Leather Heart Foundation was founded in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA. Better known as LHF, we started as a word of mouth organization serving mainly the Northeast. However, today we are a national foundation serving all 50 States in the US. We are made up of many volunteers from the Board of Trustees, Directors, Staff, and Volunteers. They are of all creeds, orientations, ethnicities and genders, and span from coast to coast. We are the only national organization of our kind. We are an organization of, by and for kinksters and leather folk whose sole purpose is to help our community members who are experiencing financial hardship and emergency financial situations. The Leather Heart Foundation is a 501© (3) tax-exempt organization.



Titans of The MidwestThe Titans of the Midwest is a nonprofit social organization whose mission is to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest kink community. We are open to all without judgment, encouraging the exploration of kink in the name of fellowship while promoting safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities through awareness and education. LA Band of BrothersOur club grew out of the titleholder system created by William Schindler and the Los Angeles Leather Coalition (LALC) in the year 2000. Somewhere between nine and eleven Los Angeles area community bars, businesses, and organizations produce their own leather contests. The winner of each of those “feeder” contests goes on to compete for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather title. The winner then goes on to compete at International Mister Leather where he represents Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Leather Coalition. More than 100 men have competed in the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest, and subsequently they were all invited to join the Los Angeles Band of Brothers. On April 15, 2010, 42 of those men formally accepted their invitation and the Los Angeles Band of Brothers (LABB) became an official organization. Each man competing in the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest will become eligible to join the LABB. It is his decision to make. We are a mentoring and fraternal organization whose primary mission is to help new titleholders maximize their abilities and provide fellowship for past titleholders.ONYXONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives. Support, spirituality, safety and saneness are keys to attaining our goals. Toward this end, it is the principle aim of ONYX to develop in its members the highest standards of loyalty to the laws and established code of ONYX and to treat all in society with honor, unselfishness and tolerance. It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the traditions, standards and practices of this organization as well as the time honored principles of democracy on which this country was built. It is the fundamental belief of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of persons with similar tastes, inclinations and goals. ONYX was founded in 1995 to provide education, fraternization and serve as a bridge for Men of Color to the greater Leather community. Mufasa Ali organized the founding members. The Founding Fathers of ONYX are: Mufasa, David M., Steve B., Nate G. and Wes G. They formed the first Board of Officers with Mufasa as President. ONYX has had a long standing reputation within the Leather Community with members nationwide and internationally. We are the longest existing Leather club for People of Color and are known for our hospitality and our infamous annual ONYX Leather Dance at International Mr. Leather Weekend in Chicago and our Charity Gear Auction & Cocktail party at Mid-Atlantic Leather in Washington, DC. ONYX celebrates its bi-annual anniversary with our ONYX BLACKOUT Weekend Run which next occurs in the Fall 2019 in Los Angeles hosted by ONYX SW. ONYX has nine (9) chapters, Midwest (based in Chicago), Southeast (based in Atlanta), Northeast (based in New York City), Mid-Atlantic (based in Washington, DC), Southwest (based in Los Angeles), Great Lakes (based in Detroit and Cleveland), Northwest (based in San Francisco), Lone Star (based in Dallas) and Deep South (based in Ft. Lauderdale) who all are involved in contributing back to the Leather, LGBTQ and People of Color communities. HIV prevention and care organizations and those that aid youth have always been of note. All who support our cause may become members of ONYX. We thank the elders in the People of Color Leather Community for paving the way in order for us to exist. ONYX honors that tradition and looks forward to many more years.Chicago Puppy PatrolThe Chicago Puppy Patrol is a community based social group for pups, trainers, handlers, and those interested in exploring pet play. We are committed to providing a safe, secure environment in which Members and friends can play, learn, and grow together. We seek to foster acceptance of alternative lifestyles through education, social events, and outreach. We are a community of all experience levels—from curious to immersed—within and outside of the leather, BDSM, furry, pup play, and pet play communities. We welcome male, female, undecided, and non-conforming genders. There are no "prerequisites" to be a part of, explore, or interact with our community.Gateway to Alternative Lifestyles CenterThe Gateway To Alternative Lifestyles Center, LLC aka The Gateway Center, founded in the fall of 2017, is registered as a Florida Limited Liability Company and licensed as a private members-only club located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The mission of The Gateway Center is to provide our members as well as the Southeast Florida Leather/BDSM/Fetish communities with access to educational resources that affords them the opportunity to learn about and participate in all aspects of the Leather/BDSM/Kink/Fetish culture including consent-based relationship dynamics, authority transfer relationship dynamics, the safe, consensual expressions of the BDSM Arts, and more...As the newest Leather/BDSM/Fetish Club in Southeast Florida, we provide our members with access to a safe, judgement-free social/meeting/play space of nearly 2,000 square feet that is equipped as a functional classroom and meeting space with traditional and non-traditional bondage furniture to accommodate the consensual expressions of the BDSM Arts by our members.



Coastal Empire SentinelsThe Coastal Empire Sentinels were originally founded in 1995 and had many distinguished and dedicated members. Five successful and well attended runs were held in the years 1996 through 2000. The club disbanded in late 2001 and was re-formed in October 2011. The reformed club held it's first run - The Renewal of Honor '13 - March 8-10, 2013 at Roy's Hideaway in Collins, GA and produced for the first time since 2000 the Southern Coastal States Leather Contest.  The Sentinels have held a run and contest annually since 2013. For 2017 the run was  a traditional camp out in Spring and the contest a separate event in the Fall. Determined never to dissolve again we have worked through our growing pains to be the diverse and loyal group we are today.GDI OutlawsThe GDI Outlaws are a non-profit organization started in the fall of 2017 by three members of the community. We now have 15 members in 4 states across the Great Lakes Region. The GDI Outlaws are a progressive social and service based organization in the Great Lakes Region. We seek to facilitate and promote, through dialogue, education, and events, a radically inclusive cultural shift in leather, kink, and BDSM spaces. We seek to approach our relationship to the community by embracing intersectionality and acknowledging and celebrating difference. Our emphasis includes consent-driven advocacy, sex positivity, and bodily autonomy. We are open to all people who share a desire for exploration, an affinity for leather and kink, and who seek to align themselves with like-minded people. We currently produce Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend, an event dedicated to bootblacks and bootblack education. Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend is co-run with members of the Great Lakes Chapter of ONYX. Additionally, we are in the process of distributing informational cards that inform people about consent and their rights. Beyond our own endeavors, we support other organizations and events that seek to educate and empower, preserve our history, and understand the value of intersectionality, consent, and bodily autonomy in our spaces.The PennsmenWe are a group of LGBT people with a common interest in the leather/fetish lifestyle. We are committed to promoting pride in and a greater understanding of our lifestyle. In addition, we are committed to promoting pride in the larger gay community, as well as to donating our time and energy to assist causes that are important to our unique community as well as the broader human community.Onyx Deep SouthThe ONYX Deep South (ODS) Chapter, was officially recognized by our national organization on Sunday October 1st 2017.  The chapter was founded by seven (7) groundbreaking men of color; Stephen Ballous, Paulo Arrillo-Headley, Garfield Webbe, Varie Smith, Miguel Jones, Alphonza Green, and Romel Santiago.  Our territories include Florida, and the Caribbean. The mission of ONYX is to provide gender identified men of color a safe place to come together to Explore and Educate the Leather, Kink and Fetish in the global society.  Stephen and Romel realized there was a need and place for men of color and those who identify as such, within the leather community in South Florida. This year, we have developed several partnerships with businesses in South Florida ODS has cultivated relationships with: Leatherworks, Ramrod, Rumors Bar & Grill & The Pub.  We have impacted the LGBTQ community by volunteering at Trans Pride in Fort Lauderdale and marching in various city PRIDE events; West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.Austin Girls of LeatherAustin girls of Leather (AgoL) was founded by slave elizabeth in 2012 with the three part mission to provide camaraderie in a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl, to promote acceptance and understanding of feminine energy within Leather and to provide community service within and beyond the Austin, Texas area. Since that time our club has served at more 90+ events, causes, fundraisers and community gatherings in support of our extended family which includes The United Court of Austin, Austin GEARS, SAADE, GWNN, Women of Drummer, Austin sub Culture, House Kramobone and more. Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation, gender identity or power exchange role; only the self identification of Leathergirl is essential. What is a leathergirl you might ask? A girl-heart is a wonderful wild spirited thing; if you think you can define it in a sentence or two you likely don't actually understand it. We host a community wide monthly coffee munch and would love to have you join us and find out more about WIITWD. As we continue to volunteer at Leather, fetish and vanilla LGBTQIA+ events within and beyond the Austin, Texas area you can follow our adventures on our girlStory on our our club website at www.austingirlsofleather.com and on our Facebook page.



Black Cat WhipsBlackcatwhips was started out of a love of singletails 8 years ago. The brainchild of Sir Valentino Harrison. Once He and his slave panda started their relationship the business shifted from just a hobby to an actual business. Through trial and error, mistakes and successes, and through learning the business has grown to have better products as well as a better business model. At blackcatwhips, we do our best to learn and grow and to give back when we can.Wolfstryker LeatherWolfstryker Leather is an independent, gay owned and operated company that was founded in 2010 by Todd Wolfstryker and Mason Stryker, to address the needs of the Philadelphia leather and fetish communities. The guys knew that finding high-quality, custom leather was exceptionally difficult in the Philadelphia marketplace, and finding anything beyond straight cow leather or custom made for women or someone with a larger build was pretty much impossible. Through word of mouth, by utilizing the absolute best quality materials available in construction of gear, and by backing it all with an industry leading lifetime warranty, Wolfstryker has grown to be known as a provider of super premium, custom gear hand made to fit every customer. Wolfstryker incorporated in 2012 and has launched several product lines, including our PackMaster super premium gear; Wolfstryker Pro - our competition class gear, including sashes, stoles, and club gear; Pupskinz premium custom neoprene gear; A curated line of gear in conjunction with Sir Tom Matt; and our Ye Olde Wolfstryker line of renaissance gear and costumery. Additionally, Wolfstryker continues to be a leader in specialty hides, providing access to gear made from unique hides and an unequaled spectrum of colors. Throughout all of our expansion and growth, Wolfstryker's commitment to quality for a fair price has never waivered, and we are proud that our gear has appeared everywhere from museums in Europe, to Hollywood movies, to the stages of numerous International competitions. We are also proud to have donated tens of thousands of dollars back to worthwhile charities and causes as we've grown, and look forward to many more years of growth and fellowship in our communitiesAbraided LeatherAbraided Leather is a custom crafting business based in Louisville, Kentucky.  Abraided got it’s start in 2009 when they began selling custom braided toys clients in the local community.  Word of mouth eventually led a part time hobby to a full time business.  Abraided’s offerings have greatly expanded from leather toys and bondage gear to custom clothing, club and contest patches, sashes and stoles and other custom accessories.  Despite working primarily in leather, Abraided has always worked in materials other than leather to accommodate the vegetarian and vegan members of the community. The focus of Abraided Leather has always centered around custom gear for people in the Leather community that have found it difficult to shop “off the rack” at other leather vendors.  It has always been the guiding principle at Abraided Leather for everyone to have a great experience that lets them feel more like collaborators than just clients.  It has been important to fill a perceived gap in the leather vendor market for people of all identities, sexualities, genders and body types.  Every piece that comes out of the Abraided Leather shop is custom made, working with clients to bring their ideas to life.  It has also been our great pleasure to work with producers around the world to produce patches, sashes, stoles and more for their contests and clubs.  Abraided will continue into the future ensuring that everyone is able to feel good in their leather. Abraided has always felt that contests are important to the Leather community for visibility, community building and outreach.  This belief has led to many sponsorships of both contests and contestants since the inception of the company.  Whether that has been providing custom leather to contestants to wear on stage or for fundraising, or to contests to ensure that their title holders looked as good as possible.  Giving back to the community with sponsorships and donations has always been a priority at Abraided Leather.BDSM BreweryEstablished by Brewmaster Billy in 2014 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, BDSM Beer is the beating your mouth deserves.  We use locally sourced ingredients, fresh hops, and imperial size grain mashes to make the biggest beers with the best flavors to tickle your pallet. So boot up, strap in and get ready for a taste of BDSM!Barking LeatherBarking Leather made its first appearance at Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) 2009, and it has continued its commitment to serving its clientele with dignity and respect ever since. Barking Leather not only provides a safe space for all gender identities and sexual orientations, but is place of education and instruction. Barking Leather was a shared vision of SIR Ray and pup Tory for many years before its conception. Established to serve leather communities, Barking Leather initially promoted pup play as a positive, normal facet of the leather community. SIR Ray and pup Tory wanted to educate the community at large of the benefits of pup play and to bring it more to the forefront.On March 1st, 2014, Barking Leather established a 500 square foot brick and mortar store to meet the needs of the community of the south east. Quickly, the store outgrew its occupied space, and moved to a 3500 square foot store involving members from the leather community. These members were hand-picked based on their specific knowledge of leather, their trade, and professionalism. On February 26th, 2016 Barking Leather opened its second location (Barking Leather After Dark) at the Atlanta Eagle to allow the community easier access to the services we have to offer. Barking Leather is committed to providing the entire leather community with service and support. Barking Leather has donated over $75,000 to various charities/non-profit organizations through physical goods and monetary donations. Some of these organizations include: Leather Heart Foundation, Atlanta Leather Pride, Southeast Black and Blue, Lost ‘N Found Youth, and MISTER. For the past three years, Barking Leather has organized TWISTED (formally TWISTED Toyland) which is an annual fundraising event to raise money, education, and awareness for various charities.  Barking Leather specializes in adult leather accessories. A majority of our merchandise is hand-made; employing creative thinking and manual dexterity to produce the qualities unique to our product. These quality goods include leather, neoprene, chain, metal, wood, and silicone. Our exceptional custom design and production is a trait we continue to offer and extend to our current and future customers. As Barking Leather continues to grow, we are proud to offer products from our suppliers and vendors, who are some of the best in the business. We have been working with many of these companies for years and we trust their work and products. We are pleased to offer an exclusive Barking Leather line which includes: sleepsacks, straight jackets, kilts, bondage clothing, leather clothing, fetish gear, harnesses, and jocks. Barking Leather is honored to have a wonderful clientele and looks forward to growing with its community. Only together can we make the future into what we hope it will be.



Todd WolfstrykerThese last few years have been a whirlwind building Wolfstryker Leather into the company it is today. I started my journey as a leather craftsman early in life in Boy Scouts. Since then I always dabbled with the craft until coming out in 2010 and fully embracing my love of leather and making my first set of gear; a simple harness, jock and armbands. People liked what they saw and started ordering from me, and Wolfstryker Leather was born. Then I met Mason Stryker, who saw the potential of my gear and really pushed me to move the business forward, and without whom Wolfstryker would not be here. With his help signing on as my business partner, we officially incorporated in Nov. of 2012 and since then have strived to make Wolfstryker Leather the name for high quality custom gear. We decided early on we wanted to push the envelope on the standard of our gear, to the point we are comfortable backing our gear with the only lifetime warranty in the industry. As we became more active and explored the leather community and events I also really got to see what leather was beyond the gear; the community, the amazing people, and the great causes they support and fundraise for. It cemented what I wanted to do with my life and as of 2015 I was able to make the leap to pursue leatherwork full time. Not only have I been able to push the limits of my craft, but we have been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity for local LGBT health services and organizations. I had the honor to be pinned into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Leather Artisan along with Mason as Mama’s Taskmaster, and then again as Mama’s Wolfstryker. I intend to continue to build on the momentum we have gained, providing people with one of a kind leather pieces that make them feel sexy, and turning Wolfstryker Leather into a more than a business but an integral part of the leather community.Pup ToryBio to followNawi DeniceNawi Denice is the owner and designer of N'Adorn By Nawi and N'Adorn For Play.  Nawi has been actively involved in the Kink community for 12 years. Her personal desire for leather accessories led her to address the need for moderately priced leather jewelry.  The company was established in 2008, N'Adorn is dedicated to creating quality, hand crafted leather designs, at affordable prices.  The company carries custom made leather collars, necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, cuff and arm bands. N'Adorn For Play specializes in custom leather gear and toys designed for play. N'Adorn by Nawi serves the leather and kink communities by donating her designs to silent and online auctions such as the Master slave Conference, Perverts of Color, MTTA Community Fest, Critters in Need, Dark Odyssey, NCSF and The Carter Johnson Leather Library. N'Adorn By Nawi participates as a vendor at various events along the East coast such as The Crucible's LF&P and the Baltimore Play House. N'Adorn will continue to support the leather and kink community which has welcomed its creations and allowed it to grow and create value.Shane HutchinsonShane Hutchinson is a business owner and leather crafter based out of Louisville, Kentucky since his arrival in 2005. Shane became heavily immersed in the local community and began crafting leather toys as a hobby in 2007.  This time was spent developing and refining techniques that led to 5 Blue Ribbons and one “Best in Show” award at the Kentucky State Fair, as part of a judged leather braiding contest.  In 2009, Shane began selling custom, braided leather pieces as Abraided Leather while continuing to improve existing techniques and develop new skills. From  leather braiding, Shane moved on to working on stitched leather and began producing patches for individuals which eventually led to a commission producing historic patches for Great Lakes Leather Alliance.  (producing patches for title holders that had won prior to contest patches officially being awarded)  That commission led to an annual commission to produce their contest patches.  From there, his work started travelling the Great Lakes region and commissions for his work increased.  That hobby became a passion and in 2015, it became a full time profession. .  Later in 2015 Shane began taking commissions for custom clothing, focusing solely on custom fit, custom designed pieces.  Always striving to improve his existing work and add to his skills, Shane began working with contests to produce custom stoles and lanyards, eventually working with producers and contests around the world.  Now his contest pieces (patches, sashes and stoles) can be found not only in the US and Canada but such distant countries as Australia and South Africa. Shane’s motivation in crafting has always been to work with people on collaborative pieces that reflect the creativity and personal style of his clients. This, in turn led to his desire to serve members of the community that had historically been underserved by other leather vendors: women, trans folks and anyone that falls out of traditional, “off the rack” sizes.  Shane has always strived to make the process of getting custom pieces a fun, comfortable and collaborative process that allows people to feel good about buying leather.  Shane’s belief in the value of leather titles has led to sponsorships of such varying events as Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Great Lakes Puppy Trainer, Northwest Leather Conference, and International Ms. Leather Bootblack, as well as sponsorships for many contestants vying for titles including International Puppy 2016, International Ms Bootblack 2016 and IML 2018. Shane believes that leather should fit everyone and will continue his work to have everyone who contacts him look and feel good in their leather.William ‘Billy’ WingBilly Wing is a man of passion.  Passion for community, friends, family, and craft beer is what led him to create BDSM Brewing Company. Where he strives to bring the LGBT+ community together over great beer produced for the community, by the community. Billy is not all business though, he also enjoys working in and playing with the leather and Puppy communities.  A founding member of PDX PAH, Billy also created the Oregon State Puppy Title, starting by hosting the contest himself in February 2013.  Also known as Mama's Brew Master, Billy working hard to grow the brewery, and the community by supporting local and regional LGBT+, leather, charitable and organizations such as the Oregon Bears, Blackout Leather Productions, and Focus on Youth Portland. In his down time Billy enjoys petting his puppies, both four-legged and two, attending faerie coffees, smoking an Arturo Fuente 858 with his friends, and wielding a mean flogger.  Around Billy, it's always about family and good times, and at BDSM Brewing Company you're always family.



Chris LandersI am the second half of the boredom-fighting duo, “Miss Rae and chris”.  We have been together for 12 years, married for 3, and I couldn't be happier that we found each other.  I am quite fortunate to have someone with the same ideals and desires that I have.  I help Miss Rae run WOLF (Women Of Leather Florida) every month.  She started the group 15 years ago and we are working on a weekend celebration for this monumental anniversary at the end of September.  As a WOLF Pack member, I volunteer for a lot more events and groups than I can probably remember.  I was one of the original board members for the Ft Lauderdale Leather Pride around 2012.   I am the Director for the I.P.E. (International Power Exchange, going on 7 years) at Beyond Leather and I love to help contestants enjoy their journey. It's an amazing feeling to know how much this contest has meant to each of them over the years and how it helped them grow in their relationships. I have been bootblacking for many years and I love to teach these skills and watch someone as they fall in love with the smells, the feels and the art of bootblacking. It's incredible to be a part of the excitement they feel when they connect to the experience. I love to help out at our local dungeon and have run groups for submissives; taught classes regarding power exchange relationships, service, bootblacking, rhythmic beating, and more; held flogger making classes and basically enjoy being a “big help”. And no, I do not charge or profit. From my heart, I enjoy making people smile. Most recently, I have worked with Miss Rae to open a Florida Annex of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library. We are the first actual lending library with a physical location for people to check books out. We are very proud of that. We also take a portion of the library to different events and groups around Florida so people can learn about our history. As a member of Mama's Family, I am Mama's Squirrely Bootblack. The name derives from my love of animals (and being the Squirrel Whisperer) and my love of bootblacking.  We have been family members since 2015 when Mama asked us to join. The premise of this family was always intended to acknowledge those who are in service to their communities, so we graciously accepted. As someone who has been nominated quite a few times over the years for different Pantheon of Leather awards, this nomination truly is an honor. One day I may “take home the trophy”, but the real glory of these awards is knowing that those who know me spent their time to nominate me because they believe in me and see what I do for others. That is a beautiful tribute and I am very humbled to be among what seems to be an honorable list of people each time. Master SableRyuuza Tatsujin (pronunced: uh~zah tat~sue~gin) Sable aka Master Sable, who’s journey in the kink/fetish/leather culture spans over 25 years, is a Heterosexual Dominant Leatherman, a Service Disabled Combat Veteran of the US ARMY (14 years), an ordained Christian Minister, a Covered Master, co-founder of The Journey! SIG and The Journey! Educational Munch, owner of The Gateway to Alternative Lifestyles Canter, LLC , Head of Household of House Blue Flames, and Patriarch of the House Blue Flames Leather Family. Master Sable’s journey started in 1993 during a visit to Upper Marlboro, MD when He was introduced to the private side of the Master/slave culture and spent the next 6 years as a Master's apprentice and protégé until he earned the title of Master. Master Sable continued in that culture until 1999, when he was introduced to the public BDSM community in South Florida and became a regular attendee at Club Kink and Command Performance. It is at these two locations, as well as attending the Dominion parties in Tampa and the annual Orlando Bash, where He initially developed his skills as a S&M Top while pursuing his new-found love for Energy and Primal Play. In 2003, after relocating to Grand Rapids, MI, He was introduced to the Leather/Fetish culture by the Late Ed Low (Master Delights) and his first leather event was the 2004 Michigan Olympus where He participated as a Judge. While living in Grand Rapids, Master Sable founded and established House Blue Flames as a Service-oriented Leather Household dedicated to serving the community in various capacities. Upon returning to Southeast Florida in 2004, Master Sable became an active attendee at Club Kink and Command Performance. He also joined SPICE and served on its Board of Directors as interim Secretary in 2006 and Vice President in 2007. Master Sable relocated to South Carolina in 2008 and although battling a debilitating illness, joined the SCLOCK, SCKEY, and CLOAK organizations and continued to serve his local community in whatever capacity that he could. Master Sable returned to Southeast Florida in 2013 where he now actively participates in the local community, Master Sable has presented workshops on Leadership Development, Servant Development, Spirituality in BDSM, Erotic Fire Play and Fire Cupping, Erotic Knife Play, Energy and Primal Play, Authority Transfer at various events and munches such as the South Florida OTC, Tampa Bash on the Bay, CLOAK’s Super Saturday, SPRUNG, SCLOCK, SCKEY, CLOAK, The Journey! Educational Munch and 757 Spectrum Munch. He has volunteered at the Tampa Bash on the Bay, Beyond Leather, Southwest Leather Conference, and Southeast Leatherfest. Today, Master Sable is an educator, activist/ally for sexual, racial and gender equality, speaker, business owner, and event organizer who is very passionate about personal real time involvement and outreach among Blacks and POC in the Leather/BDSM/Kink communities. Master Sable believes that every individual has the right to travel their own path with authenticity in the expression of their truth. Master Sable is served by his collared slave, batafuri dorie and slave under consideration, destny.Bill HoeppnerBill was introduced to the Leather Community in 1993 in New York City.  At that time the community was still galvanized by the AIDS Epidemic.  The philanthropic nature of the leather community was what immediately drew him in and is one of the many things that still inspire him today.   In 2003, he became an associate member of The Philadelphians MC and began his work as a volunteer for non-profit organizations, supporting the community through fund raising.  During his volunteer career, Bill was the Co-Founder of Positively Sober, a Ft. Lauderdale support group for sober people living with HIV/AIDS and in 2007 helped to create Clean Sober Leather (CSL), an online support group for sober leather men and woman struggling with staying sober today in the leather community. He is proud to have been able to support local and national organizations through fundraising events including: The Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, Illinois; Equality Florida; Care Resources, Miami, Florida; Tuesday’s Angels, Ft. Lauderdale; Hospice of the Florida Keys; The Pride Center at Equality Park, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Project Link of Ft. Lauderdale; Kids in Distress; Toys for Tots; and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  He has served as President of the Board for Bound South, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, also served as President and Vice President of the Board for Lambda Men’s Brotherhood.  He is a founding member of the South Florida boys of Leather and the South Florida Minotaurs and is a co-founder and past Board Member of Ft. Lauderdale Leather Pride Weekend. As an active member of the South Florida Leather Community, Bill established the EDC (Enforced Dress Code) night, a monthly event at the Ramrod, Ft. Lauderdale. He has worked with Beyond Leather in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as Contest Director for the Florida/Southeast LeatherSIR/Leatherboy Community Bootblack Contest for four years and as Producer/Director of the Mr. Ramrod Leather Contest for five years.  In 2009 Bill became a member of the Executive Board for F.L.U.I.D. (Florida Leaders United in Diversity).  He also served as an CoExecutive Producer and Contest Director for International LeatherSIR Leatherboy Community Bootblack for 4 years.  In 2016 Bill assumed the role of Producer and Director of the Florida Leather Sir Leather boy - Florida Community Bootblack Contest.Jack Garcia Jr.Jack Garcia Jr. was born and raised in New Jersey. Over his lifetime he has also lived in Boston, MA, San Juan, PR, Guam, and Charleston, SC. Currently Jack now resides in Orlando, FL. Jack has an Associates of Language Arts degree and is fluent in Spanish. Currently Jack is a Counselor and tester for a Community Based Organization in Daytona Beach, FL. He also serves as Director of Minority Outreach for the Positive Champions Speakers Bureau and Chair of PCHAP (Partnership for Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Planning).  Jack continues his prevention efforts as the Area Representative for the Patient Care and Prevention Planning Group (PCPPG) of Florida. Jack is a participant in the 2013 Florida Faces of HIV/AIDS Mobil Campaign.  Jack is also one of the Co-Founders of the Florida Chapter of the Mr. Friendly Anti Stigma Campaign. Jack has volunteered at the Mr Friendly Booth at IML for the last 4 years helping spread education on HIV/AIDS to END the STIGMA. He has been dedicating his time to END the STIGMA across Florida. He was the recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Florida Region Award back in 2014. He was also pinned into Mama’s Family twice within a month as Mama’s Florida Friendly Man and Mama’s Florida Cockring. He has always carried an interest in leather since his 20's when he would go to the Eagle in Boston. That interest has grown with him over his life and Jack has started getting more involved in the leather culture. Jack, like so many others has always felt the smell of man in his leather is something special and impacting. Jack has also been involved in logistics and transportation for many years. He loves to travel, try new foods, tan and stay fit.Max MaximilianBoypup Max lives in Winter Garden, FL and has been involved in the leather community for seven years. He was a member of Tampa Leather Club, an associate member of First a Coast Leather Society,  co-founder of Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs and founder of Central Florida boys of Leather. He is a current member of the Phoenix boys of Leather as well as a member at large of Coastal Empire Sentinels. He has held the titles of Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013,  American Leatherboy 2015 and is now the current SECC Bootblack 2018. Max has been a staff member for several events over the years. He was Coordinator for South Central LeatherSIR/boy, Transportation Coordinator for Florida LeatherSIR/boy, Coordinator for Southwest Leather Bear and Contest Manager for GayDays Leather. He has always had a huge heart for charity work. He was on the line of succession as Duke the Valero for Reign 24 of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire. He is a member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Goofy boy. Max is a Novice Sister with the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He continues to give back by volunteering at events, teaching workshops here and there, organizing events, mentoring and bootblacking at events. He travels extensively and promotes all things Florida whenever possible.



Jeff HenkenDaddy Jeff is a native of Kentucky and your Mr. Midwest Leather 2016.  He first stumbled on Leather in 2004 at the Mr. Kentucky Leather contest, where he promptly made an ass of himself with the pickup line, “Teach me how to hurt you.” He has spent many years supporting the community through fundraising, service, education, and play.  A member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood, Titans of the Midwest, the Imperial Court of Kentucky, and Mr. Friendly – Team Louisville, he is also a member of the Tri-State Leather Weekend staff and an IML contestant handler. Daddy Jeff is proud to be one of the 66 brothers of the class of IML39/IMBB25, where he walked on stage and promptly lost part of his jock. He is part of the Kentucky leather community, a unique and accepting collection of freaks, geeks, and weirdos of all shapes, presentations, and identities.  He currently resides in Louisville, where he lives in and manages the South Shelby Street Swim Club – a tongue-in-cheek community center, home, and spa for wayward queers. He sees Leather through the eyes of a daddy – a chance to help each individual find what makes them special. Daddy Jeff believes that we are all better when we #Leathertogether (yes, that’s a verb).Pharaoh Kaf-RaPharaoh Khaf-Ra is a Leatherman and Master with over twenty years of experience in the real-time BDSM/Fetish community. He has co-led munches in the Atlanta area, facilitated webinars and taught classes at various conventions and conferences on D/s and M/s dynamics and other topics over the years. He is the co-Head of Household of House Kemi-Nesew, a fully-patched member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). Pharaoh is also an accomplished published author, writing under the pen name of Shakir Rashaan, with over two dozen credits to his catalog. He is a featured author of two New York Times best-selling anthologies, and a national bestselling author of two signature series, the Nubian Underworld (The Awakening, Legacy, Tempest, Samois) and The Kink, P.I. Series (Obsession, Deception, Reckoning) and the national bestseller In Service to the Senator. He maintains a constant presence at Frolicon, Southeast Leatherfest and Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, teaching classes on erotic storytelling and leading panels on various literary subjects at the former and enjoying the fellowship of Leatherfolk and kinksters alike at the latter two. His novels have been nominated for various awards, including several NLA-I’s Pauline Reage Novel Award nods and BDSM Writer’s Con’s Golden Flogger Award. Pharaoh resides in Fairburn, Georgia, and is currently in a triad with his wife, Empress Nahara, and their girlfriend, Madame Mocha Breeze. James LeeJames Lee born of San Antonio, TX, is a leatherman from the beautiful Bluegrass state of Kentucky. He proudly holds the titles of Mr. Crossings Leather 2017, Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017, International Mr. Leather 2018 and is a member of the Onyx Great Lakes chapter and the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood. He is a coach and choreographer for hip-hop, cheerleading and power tumbling and is a friend and mentor to his athletes and their families. James strives to live life to the fullest and learn something new everyday. James's kinks and fetishes vary and are constantly growing with interest. He aspires to follow three rules: Have Fun, Be Respectful and Never Give Up! James surrounds himself with people that challenge him for the better and takes joy in sharing his whimsical attitude toward life both in and out of the leather community. His chosen and bio families are his greatest support system and he values their presence in his life. He challenges everyone to “Show the world your moves, who knows, you just might move the world!”Tracey Russell FullenkampTracy is a queer, poly leatherwoman from Indiana. Her home community is Indianapolis and she has close ties across the Great Lakes Region and Midwest. She has been active in the Leather, BDSM and Kink worlds for the better part of 15 years. Tracy has served on the board of TriState Leather for four years. She is a Titan of the Midwest, and a member of Indy Pups and Handlers. She is proud and loves to serve the community as Hospitality Coordinator for TriState Leather each fall. Tracy served on the board of KISS out of Indianapolis in the mid 2000’s and has been a judge and tally master for a number of contests in her region. She the 2016 recipient of the Slaven-Barnes Community Service Award for her work in the TriState and Great Lakes area. Affectionately known throughout her community as Momma Tracy, she is Momma to Pups Titan and Flair. Tracy is called Nutmeg by her Daddy Lady, Ms Tammy. She has a hedgehog, a cat, and a few sweet strays. Tracy treasures her community and has a beautifully diverse leather family that she works tirelessly to support, uplift and encourage.Daddi PantherDaddiPanther is a masculine identified Queer Leather Dominant person. He has been in the lifestyle since he was 19, 24 years ago. During this time he has been a mentee to the late Lady Lynnette of VA, a graduate of the Master's program at MTTA (Master Taino's Training Academy 2011), the secretary for MAsT: Wilmington DE, 2011-2012, a full member of the Onyx Pearls Southeast chapter, 2016 and a current interim Sargent of Arms for the chapter. He also is a founder of the NC/SC POC BDSM Munch that was started in late 2016. Many people may have known of Lady Lynnette but he is proud to say he called her his friend. She was always available for a chat whenever he needed her although she had a very busy life. He earned his boots from her and he still mourns her death. MTTA 2011 was a very overwhelming experience for him. It's when he finally called himself a Master! He learned from other Masters, such as the late Master David and many slaves that attended and served that weekend. He learned, for one, that the Leather community is more united than he had ever thought before. As secretary for MAsT: Wilmington DE, he kept the chapter's notes in every meeting. This taught him how to become apart of a group. As a member of the Onyx Pearls Southeast he realized the need for separate spaces and the importance of shared spaces in the community. Although the Onyx Pearls SE are only for women of color, we interact with and have raised money for all people in the community. As one of the founders of the NC/SC POC BDSM Munch he further helped to build up the local POC BDSM community. He understands the importance of spaces for POCs and how we build up a stronger overall community when we build up the POC community. We meet in Greensboro NC on the 2nd Saturday of the month if any POCs are interested in joining us.



Master MalikAs a student of life, Leather and BDSM, Master Malik is always eager to share his views, thoughts and ideas with any willing people who give him some of their time to listen. Significant similarities between Leather and Sufism have helped Master Malik to continue his journey on the path of mastery and slavery with his slave Cathy, slave marion, slave sweetsalt and boy liam and his pet Cabby (a human donkey)Master Malik is an avid practitioner of old fashion SM and strongly believes in a powerful connection between SM and spiritual realm. He believes with passion about "Acceptance", "Tolerance" and "Diversity" of our larger tribe. Master Malik is proud to serve as Southwest Master 2008. He is associate member of T.U.L.S.A., founder of MaST-Tulsa, and associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club He is proud to have the privilege of presenting at several local, regional and national and international events and gatherings. Master Malik is co founder of Xpressions (a play space in Tulsa, OK). He is also co- owner/producers of Oklahoma Leatherfest, And also producers of Hearland Person of Leather Regional Contest and Oklahoma Leather Sir/boy/bb.Mama GailMama Gail is a laid-back leather-mama lioness that is all about Loving Leather Spaces. Through her travels, presenting, judging, attending, and volunteering, Gail enjoys opportunities for non-judgmental safe spaces to support, celebrate, and connect with others, allowing them to share their experiences – Continuing the Cycle of Wisdom Sharing – and further Dialogue Without Discord on the topics that matter to you the most. Gail likes to spend her down-home time with her sons, lovers, friends, and chosen family. She collared her slave Courtney in 2013 and enjoys all the radical loving relationships and deep bonds with people she keeps close to her heart. Some of Gail’s recognitions, service commitments, and organizations where she is/has been involved include being the first woman President of Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A. est. 1988), Fort-Pruitt Service Award Winner (first woman recipient), Co-Key holder for Oklahoma Leather Display at Oklahoman’s for Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Women’s International Leather Legacy 2017 Contestant, presenter for Kink-U (Titans of the Midwest), staff for Twisted In Tulsa, Facilitator for Oklahoma Dom-sig, Tulsa Rope Interested People (TRIP), MAsT (Tulsa and OKC), as well as membership with local dungeons where she is regularly invited to present on a variety of BDSM, M/s, and Leather topics. – And now, Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Nominee! Fun facts: Flags black and grey on the left, grooves with rope, Master to a slave that calls her "Mistress", Enjoys long sits on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and something binge-able on TV.Dave Rex ShephardRex Shephard is a kinky leather puppy who enjoys serving the leather, puppy, and kink communities. A Chicagoland native, Rex lived in the Dallas area for more than two decades before moving to Greater Austin, Texas area.  He has actively participated in the leather and BDSM communities for more than 25 years; and identified as puppy for over 15. Rex was/is International Puppy 2017. Over the years, Rex has had the privilege of judging dozens of leather, puppy, and bootblack contests worldwide. In addition to founding and sponsoring Texas Puppy Club and co-producing Woofstock (a kinky puppy/handler/friend campout) and the South Central Puppy and Handler Contest, and being Beyond Vanilla committee member, Rex is an active full member of Discipline Corps and Austin Gears, an involved associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club and North Star Kennel Club – and known for his promotion and support of leather, BDSM, and puppy clubs around the world.  He is a Supporting member of the LA&M. Rex is a strong believer that the leather, puppy, and larger kinky communities must be fully inclusive and open to all sexual orientations and gender identities. As a wolf-shepherd hybrid, he is known to both howl at the moon and use alternate definitions of words such as “innocent”. Rex encourages everyone to be themselves honestly and openly everywhere, in a manner respectful of all, with a key principle being that leather and play and kink should be fun – and we shouldn’t be doing it if we’re not enjoying it.  He has a passion for those in depression, suicide awareness, and PREP education – including supporting and promoting Mr.Friendly.  In addition to frequently wearing leather and being a mischievous puppy, Rex is also part furry, an avid SCUBA diver, backpacker, and mountaineer.Ross RansomRoss has held the titles of Mr. Louisiana Leather 2017 and Mr. Nude Orleans 2017. He currently serves as the function lieutenant of the Mystic Krewe of the Lords of Leather and as a board member of NOLA Leather to Geaux, an annual leather run in its forth year. Ross believes that leather means sexual liberation, and that we should work together to create more spaces for everyone to express their radical sexual identities. Residing in the city of New Orleans, Ross stays active in a range of activities from hosting kink-themed sex positive parties, performing in drag and boylesque shows, and frequenting the dark rooms of leather bars, poppers in hand. In his spare time, Ross is working towards a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Tulane University.Pup SparkypupSparky came into the Leather lifestyle 14 years ago.  With the love and support of his Leather family he has been able to learn and grow both as a Leather boy and human being. Pup play, biting and duct tape are but a few of his passions.  Sparky has held the titles of International Leatherboy 2007, South Central Leatherboy 2007 and Oklahoma Leather boy 2007. He has presented & hosted classes/seminars/talks at; Tribal Fire, Tulsa Mr. Leather, Leather Pride/BLUF – Amsterdam, Southwest Leather, Oklahoma Mr. Leather, KCLU, Heart of America, Rio Grande Leather,Beyond Leather, Leather in the Woods,  Gathering of the Clans, Southplains Leatherfest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Bearadise, Beyond Vanilla, Leather Camp, Hallo Bearfest, Thunder in the Mountains, Spring Inequity, TDS, MAL, and Rome BDSM Conference. He is part of Mama’s family as Mama’s pup Sparky and member of the Oklahoma Leather Guard. Whenever in doubt, Sparky lets his own innate pup guide him through the mosh pit of life. He believes that a boy’s mission is service both to his Sir and community. Both should always be done with the passion andplayfulnessthatisinnatetothespiritofaboy. Sparky works in retail, and operates his own business called Sparky’s Cheesecake Doghouse. He’s proudly collared to Master Olivier Pratt and believes that being a good devoted caring boy is one of the greatest pleasures in his life. When all else fails.. just say WOOF



Drew KramerBio to followLeon Strange MasonI am a Poly Male, Heterosexual Dominant. I am a sadist Dominant that likes to provide a various array of sensations. I live in Los Angeles area. BDSM is not a hobby for me, it is not a part time role for me, it is not something I only do behind closed doors or something I play at. I live and do this thing real-time in the real-time BDSM community it is a part of who and what I am! My current family consists of one live-in slave under my ownership, protection, guidance and direction. I am Jacketed member of Cirque De' Sade a group of Dominant public player and performers I am a proud Ringed and Patched member of the Monarchs, a Brotherhood of heterosexual dominant men based in Los Angeles Former President and Member of The Brotherhood Of The Circle a national Brotherhood of heterosexual dominant men. My late submissive and I co-hosted the Black BEAT LA munch for five years before founding  now defunct The LA Kink Exploration Society which I hosted four 8 years.  And I been hosting a Kinky BBQ in my home open to friends in the community for over 10 years. I been active in participating and supporting and volunteering in the BDSM/Leather Community by attending classes, workshops, and both BDSM and Leather conferences for over 15 years. I am a proud member of the Monarchs, a Brotherhood of dominant men based in Southern California. Vince PenaVince Pena became interested in the Leather Community when he attended his first Leather Title Contest – Mr. Bullet Leather 2008.  From that moment on he went to every event that had leather involved.  Then, in 2015 is when he found his true place in the community.  His Pup instincts came out strong and he became Pup Mystic. He immediately began volunteering at pup events working the clothes check for the moshes.  In 2016 he volunteered for Los Angeles Leather Pride and worked at every event the entire week up to and including the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest. Throughout 2016, Pup Mystic volunteered at nearly every event needing a Coat Check or Clothes Check person.  He attended all the Los Angeles Title Contests that needed volunteers.  He was becoming a “face” in the leather community and came to realize that his role is to be of service to the community. In 2017 he was asked to be the Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator for LA Leather Pride.  There he managed and assigned a team of volunteers; working every event throughout the week.  That same year he was the Assistant to the Producer of the Mr. Bullet Leather Contest and became a Founding Member and Treasurer of the reestablished Los Angeles Boys of Leather. Currently, Pup Mystic recently completed his duties as the Volunteer Coordinator of Los Angeles Leather Pride 2018 and as the Volunteer Coordinator of LA HEAT 2018.  He is now working as the Volunteer Coordinator of the upcoming Valley Pride Street Festival in the San Fernando Valley.  He is still an active member of the LA Boys of Leather, continuing his 2nd term as Treasurer and is now also a Founding Member of the newly established SoCal Puppies and Handlers group.  He has also been approached to be a Judge at some of the upcoming Leather Title Contests.  Los Angeles has many leather events during any given weekend needing volunteers.  And since Pup Mystic has established a following, he is able to coordinate volunteers throughout the LA area so that those events can be successful. His credits include the Southland Honors Jeff Burnam Community Service Award 2017, The Bullet Bar Richard Bass Award 2018, and Leather HEAT 2018 Larry Kephard Community Service Award. Pup Mystic encourages new comers to the leather community to volunteer.  Letting them know that volunteering is a positive way to meet people in the community and eventually finding their place/role in the community.Orpheus BlackBio to follow Steven CarlisleSteven Carlisle hails from Los Angeles, California where he lives with SIR Mark, his SIR of more than 20 years. Originally from North Carolina, Steven started exploring BDSM in 1991 when he met Kevin Drewery, his first mentor. With Kevin’s guidance, Steven became a member of Tarheel Leather Club, GMSMA, and Atlanta S/M Solidarity. In 1997, Steven moved to San Francisco where he soon met his SIR and was collared on May 17, 1998 and moved in full-time with SIR Mark later that year. After a decade living in Central Illinois, Steven and his SIR moved to the Los Angeles area in 2010. Steven became active in the local leather community attending area events and watching from the sideline. In 2013, after learning of the death of his first mentor, Steven decided he needed to do something. In October 2013, Steven participated in AIDS Walk Los Angeles; where he raised just over $1,000. Realizing this wasn’t enough; he has participated each year since and raised more than $12,000. In the fall of 2015, Steven entered the Mr. Regiment Leather contest and placed 1st Runner-up. After the contest, Steven became the Marketing Director for Los Angeles Leather Pride; producers of Mr. Los Angeles Leather; where he served from 2015 to 2017. Additionally, Steven served as Tally Master for the 2018 contest. In the winter of 2015, Steven met a boy who had gone home with a Dom and was raped. When he inquired as to why, the boy said as the sub he had to do what he was told. After discussing this with other boys in the community, Steven led the charge to revitalize the Los Angeles Boys of Leather, an organization dedicated to helping boys network and learn, where he has served as President from 2016 to present. In October 2016, Steven entered and won the American Leatherboy contest. During his title year, Steven adopted the hashtag #BeTheSuperHero, to promote being there for others in our tribe. He traveled extensively working and volunteering at around the country. In his travels, Steven was able to mentor and learn from other boys across the U.S. and Canada. Throughout his title year, Steven worked with Team Friendly, promoting HIV stigma reduction, testing, PrEP awareness, and also helped raise over $3,000. Further, he helped to launch the SoCal Chapter of Team Friendly. At CLAW 2017, Steven co-taught ‘Evolution of the Boy’; a class designed to talk about how the role of a boy may or may not have changed over time. That same year, he developed and co-taught ‘Contest 101: What did I just sign up for?’; to help people who had never run for a title or were considering a title run understand what to expect.  Recently, he was an active force to get his employer to improve its’ hiring and benefits practices to meet or exceed the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index; garnering a perfect score of 100. Like Skittles, Steven’s hanky colors are a rainbow of delightful tastes.



Jesbian BagherraJesbian Bagheera is a leather femme dandy. She gets down and dirty at the SF Eagle bootblack stand as a switchy ashtray. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass she is volunteering with The SF Little Scouts and SF girls of Leather. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title International Little Miss Little 2014 and Ms California Leather 2017. She continues to advocate for Leather Littles everywhere while continuing to build her education directory V.I.V.I.D. Leather for POC visibility.David SanfordBio to followKaycee PuppyBio to followGirl ComplexComplex is a self described petty, black feminist and womanist. A product of their environment, Complex has been able to define what it means to be proud, black, kinky and leather on their own terms. A San Diego native, who enjoys dissecting racial relations all while riding a skateboard and boogie boarding.  Crafting their ideas of blackness from rap videos and television. While not allowing themselves to be limited by what “black” is allowed to be, they love to straddle the gender divides. As International Ms. Leather 2017, their title year has been dedicated to making sure black girl magic can thrive in all forms, allowing both their tomboy and femme adjacent presentations to be shown fluidly. Besides collecting dirty panties, she loves to collect pretty boys and apparently pretty girls as well. You can catch them sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA, or you can lowkey stalk their Instagram (Girl_Complex), Twitter (IMsL2017), and/or on Facebook (Girl Complex).Tyler Fongboy tyler Fong is honored to have been nominated for the Northern California region! He was born, raised and remains active in the area and beyond. During his title years as American Leatherboy 2011 he travelled across the nation to the usual events but also small events local to San Francisco, Hayward (ACLC), Seattle (Gender Odyssey), Denver (Puppies in the Mountains),and Chicago. Domestic travel has nearly ceased as he prepares for the Gay Games X in Paris, France. He will share his musical talents on French horn in the Salon Orchestra at 6 different performances including Opening Ceremonies and the Gala. As a Fraternal member of The 15 Association he is chairman of two funds that provide grants to its members for annual dues, Anniversary and Bootcamp weekends. He is the editor for the monthly newsletter, creates program ads and the run book for Bootcamp. He shares responsibility with the Fraternal Committee to plan and execute monthly play parties in SF. He regularly volunteers at ABW, Judges’ boy for Mr SF Leather Ms SF Leather and Mr/Ms Alameda County Leather, Beer Booth hosted by the Golden Gate Guards, attends Delta International, The 15 Association - Fraternal Board member, attends Kinky FTM munch, plays horn with the SF Lesbian Gay Freedom Band - Concert band, Pep band and water carrier for Marching band, plays horn Danville Community Band and Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra,  and was IPAHW Judges pup in 2017. As a Gay Leatherman he identifies as a Leatherboy and puppy who enjoys intense play as an S/M bottom and happens to be trans and a POC. Such the palette of interests afford him the opportunity to share and educate across several Communities about BDSM, gender identity and sexual orientation. His efforts have seen policy changes for transmen in Chicago Hellfire Club and Discipline Corp.



Dana ProsserBio to followMaso MuttA queer sadomasochistic often rubber clad Alpha Dog. Modded. Pierced. Branded. Depraved. One sick pup. Maso has been active in the community for 6 ½ years. After moving to Philadelphia from DC he has made his home working, teaching, volunteering, and coordinating in the Mid Atlantic and beyond. As of recently he has been focused on honing his methods for group moderating and discussion. He has donated time as a moderator/facilitator to help bridge difficult subject matter addressing alt sex communities, methods of communication/understanding for sub-genred communities, processes of understanding for marginalized folks, and most recently a meeting to unify organizers/producers within the BDSM spectrum on shared methods for safety & communication in Philadelphia. He is Chair of the Mid Atlantic Puppy and Handler Contest, Producer of Vice Philadelphia, Co-Coordinator of PHLthy Pups, Co-founder of the Philadelphia Fetish and Bootblack Contest, Creator of Philly’s newest Leather Fetish Dance Party “#Pound”, Has been a featured Fetish Man on Recon, and was the 2017 recipient of the Diaboloque Foundation’s Community Service Award. Boy JasonBio to followS E Feigelstein (Doc)Doc is a Pixie Butch Leatherdyke Sensation Junkie who has been out and about in the greater kink and leather communities for a decade, noting she knew she was kinky before she realized she loved women. She runs Pittsburgh’s Queer Munch, teaches classes on sensation play and consent, is the MC for Pittsburgh Leather Pride Weekend, continues to educate and advocate for survivors of rape and sexual assault, and she worries…have you eaten???  This Neurotic Jewish Mother, who has been MCing events since she was 14, hurts the elderly (consensually) by day, and, by night, is a devoted, collared wifeyboy to her Sir Wifeybabymama.  She is proud to have held the titles of Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2012 and American Leatherwoman 2012 and is honored, humbled, and incredibly surprised to be nominated for a Pantheon of Leather award for the region in which she lives, loves, and plays.Gerard TurnerD. Gerard Turner was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, May 1977. He avidly places himself into whatever he commits, believing his purpose in life is to close the stereotypical gap of judgement and welcome others to tap into accepting themselves as well as others unconditionally breaking stigma developed from lack of understanding or knowledge. In January 2012 Gerard was introduced to ONYX, pledging full brother 2015. He began exploring, building relationships in the Leather Community; never wanting anyone around him to feel as he once saw himself; someone wanting to enjoy the camaraderie, but only stood in the shadows. He now makes it his goal to always address anyone that is out and about at the bars, appearing as he once did in the shadows. He previously served as the Onyx Mid-Atlantic Secretary for 2016.  Over the more recent years Gerard has received awards for ONYX Mid-Atlantic Brother of the Year 2016, ONYX Lion Strength Award 2017, Leather Person of the Year 2017 at Maryland Leather Weekend from C.O.M.M.A.N.D.; He was also pinned as Mama’s Renaissance Man during Code RED in 2017. Philanthropy, his greatest passion; From helping teens Say NO to drugs as a Fourth-Grade student; to working with peers in Junior High School with Project T.A.L.K. (Teens Against Losing Kids), he also visits Senior citizens to keep them in touch with the world as it changes. Gerard has worked in raising over $70,000.00 to help youth fight cancer/leukemia; Annual toy drives with several organizations throughout the LGBTQ+ community combined donating over $200,000.00 in Toys and educational resources over several years, fundraisers supporting taking the homeless off the streets for a night of pampering, also canned food drives, his Annual Holiday Party and Coat Drive and much more. Gerard’s strongest passion comes by giving back and wanting to support others in the fight against HIV and Aids, with the Code Red Fundraising Event, with ONYX Mid-Atlantic. For the past 3 years now, the event has raised nearly 10K giving to Casa Ruby - 2015, Wanda Alston House – 2016, Joseph’s House DC -2017 and HIPS DC in March 2018, shattering the annual goal; the crowd as well as community sponsors have more than doubled. The epic start 2018, Gerard competed MAL Weekend and won the honor of serving the community as Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather, continuing his purpose of closing the gap and bridging the community. Gerard feels the true ability to love unconditionally can be seen by taking time out to get to know him and others in your community. His professional career focuses around working and building relationships with people and major events at the National Institute of Health. In the later part of 2018, he is spearheading a new event called The Arts in Leather, which is sure to be a success in more ways than one. This man is multi-faceted and this is only a small scratch to the surface of his abilities as he continues to embrace all around him, both near and far.Dan RonnenbergDan was American Leatherman 2015 and Mr. DC Eagle 2015.  He competed in IML 37 where he placed 6th. Dan works for the federal government, serves as a union president for 2,500 federal workers, and was the National President for his agency’s LGBT Employee Association for half a decade.   He is the producer of the Mr DC Eagle contest and has been an officer for DC Leather Pride for the past three years.  Dan attended 54 events his title year as ALM, judging numerous contests and supporting a wide range of leather and LGBT related charities.  He continues to attend leather events and judge contests including serving as a reviewer/judge for the National Leather Association’s literature competition.  Dan was honored this past year with a President’s award from the Imperial Court of Washington DC for his efforts in bringing the Court and Leather communities together to jointly support a number of local charities and inclusive events.  He lives just outside Washington, DC with his husband Tigger (IML 2016) and collared boys Randy and Todd (MAL 2016).  Dan is passionate about tackling HIV stigma and promotes PrEP education as part of a personal risk reduction plan.



Lynx OnyxIn 2015, Lynx began his leather journey in Chicago, IL in the basement of The Jackhammer Complex. He stumbled across The Men of Onyx and his flame for leather and community was ignited. After joining ONYX, Lynx found his calling in the education of others on what BDSM/Kink/Fetish and community are about from his perspective. Since learning himself how to properly execute such skills as Wax, Fire, Flogging, and Mummification, Lynx has been given the opportunity to share his learnings and findings with the community at-large by teaching at National Events such as CLAW, MAL, IML and the monthly Bar Nites hosted by ONYX. In the fall of 2017, Lynx was awarded the Brother of the Year Award for the Midwest Chapter of Onyx and he took that experience with him as he relocated to NYC. He currently serves as Pledge Master for the New York/Northeast Chapter of Onyx and continues to educate the Northeast Region by conducting classes on Skills, Community and Relationship dynamics within the Play Space. Lynx found his place in the Leather Community by simply walking through the door and saying “Yes” to possibilities. He desire as he moves forward in Leather is to be a constant resource for anyone curious about the power and magic of Leather, and has the wherewithal to say “Yes” to something that can be life-changing.Tom MattBio to followPup DataPup Data is Mr. Connecticut Leather 2018 and placed in the Top 20 at International Mr. Leather 40 this year.  Data identifies as a Service Pup who is no stranger to the fetish community.  Pup Data has volunteered with Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend (CLAW) for the past seven years, the International Mr. Leather contest for the past four years, and has also volunteered with the Mr. International Rubber contest.  In 2017, he was asked to become the CLAW Social Media Coordinator.  When he lived in the Midwest, Data reconstructed the Nebraska leather community, was a founding officer of the Titans of the Midwest, coordinated multiple Kink U educational events, and founded, owned, and produced the Nebraska Leather weekend.  As a voyeur, Pup Data is often found behind his camera, catching hot men at hockey games and leather events.  Data also identifies as a “lacist”, an enthusiast of paracord.  With an eye for detail, Pup Data is always looking for unique styles in the leather community and expresses himself using his boots and vest.  Being an Air Force veteran and former boy scout, Data lives by the slogans “Aim High” and “Leave it better than you found it.”Damien BasileDamien is the first Northeast Handler, Northeast Handler 2017. He believes that being leather is first & foremost in your heart. He is the producer of the first Mr, Ms, & Mx Northeast Leather & Northeast Bootblack contest. As founder of Leather Pin & T-shirt Marketplace, Leather Couchsurfing Rideshare, and Leather Together: Mental Health Support groups it’s important to him to help out our communities when able to. He's a brother of Excelsior MC, a member of NYC-PAH, and an associate of ONYX NY/NE. He's a champion of bi visibility, and mental health awareness. He flags red, yellow, hunter green, teal, mustard, silver lamé, air force blue, white velvet, & bar rag. He enjoys long fucks on the beach, and kittens... err puppies, lots and lots of puppies. And he's extremely honored and humbled to be nominated for the Pantheon of Leather awards.Velvet StormVelvet, a fabric that’s soft, lush and warm. Storm, a natural force that’s often wild and unforeseeable. Velvet Storm is the pint sized powerhouse that embodies these facets that keep us on our toes. She’s a dedicated and fiercely loyal friend. She’s tough and will fight for what she believes but most importantly she will fight for what is true and just. Her tender side is soft, loving and truly kind. She can be open and vulnerable & will lend an ear as well as share of herself. One of her finest qualities is that Velvet will stop and listen, learn and grow along side her friends, chosen family & community members. Velvet is a proud Latina Leather woman straddling both the Leather and M/s communities. She can be found volunteering her service to both, service being an integral part of her commitment to the communities in which she belongs. As Ms. NJ Leather 2017, Velvet’s platform was, “Building Bridges and Unity” as well as, creating awareness & speaking up about the issues people face who have invisible disabilities. Although her title year is over, she continues to teach classes, sit on panels as well as speak out for matter’s in which she cares. You can find her at events along the eastern shore board easily spotted with her signature fuzzy slippers and her service dog, Louie- who happens to be a teddy bear in the body of a German Shepard. Though Velvet suffers from PTSD & Anxiety as a result of trauma from childhood and her time in The US Navy, she is in service as much as she can until she has to recharge for her own well being. She wears many hats such as being the Co-Founder & current  Social Media Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls, an associate member of The Men of Onyx, Mid-Atlantic Chapter. She is also the Fundraising Coordinator for the M/s gathering, the Onyx Co-Fundraising Coordinator for the M/s Conference, the Secretary for MasT Cherry Hill and member of MasT Wilmington and Philadelphia. Velvet has donated her time by fundraising for The Carter/Johnson Leather Library, The Leather Heart Foundation & Galaei, Co- Hosting PLPN’s Dance Party, supporting The Philly Black Munch, the MTTA Community Fest and Philadelphia Women’s Leather Bar Night. She has sat on panels such as Dangerous Women, POC Leadership in Leather and has been a guest at Widener University for a Human Sexuality class along with Onyx. Velvet may be spotted with a bar vest rather than a sash these days but, you can bet she doesn’t back down from facing issues she cares about. She will advocate for equality across the board from Race to Transphobia & Ableism. The sash was a way for her to gain more visibility & amplify her mighty voice but without it, she has certainly not quieted down nor has she lost her stride.



Gerald CernakGerald “Daddy G” Cernak, Mr. Chicago Leather 2017 is a proud Chicago native who’s been actively involved in the local Leather and Kink Community for the past 11 years. He’s a self-described “volunteer-a-holic” who has 20 years under his belt and an estimated 800 hours of volunteer time in the last 4 years. With such organizations as the Chicago Leather Community Outreach (Lead Volunteer Coordinator), The Leather Heart Foundation (Volunteer and Outreach Director), The Leather Archives and Museum (Volunteer Coordinator), Center on Halsted (prior volunteer of the year), Equality Illinois, and The AIDS Foundation of Chicago. For the past three years he’s been a member of Team Touché/Leather64TEN as crew for TPAN’s 200 mile ride for AIDS. And as a team raised over $65,000, in addition he’s personally raised over $18,000 for many other organizations. He’s a full member of the Titans of the Midwest prior executive board member and a prior Illinois representative, a member of the Chicago Band of Brothers, Associate member of Blue Max St. Louis Leather Club and the LA&M. He has been awarded The 2018 Leathermen of Recovery Outstanding Service to the Leather Community Award and the 2018 Mr. Illinois Bear Community Service Award. He’s also honored to have been named Saint VPL, Patron Saint of Boys in Grey Sweats by The Windy City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for outstanding service to the Leather/LGBTQ Communities. Daddy G is proud to have represented Chicago’s Leather and Kink Community as MCL 2017 at IML39. He continues his message of recognizing and shining a light on volunteers who keep LGBTQ and community service organizations afloat and serving vulnerable populations. He believes volunteering is a form of activism. He lives in Chicago’s Rogers park neighborhood with his partner of 4 years, Jeffrey, an active member in the Rubber and Latex Community and a prior Mr. International Rubber. Their relationship proves that leather and rubber do go great together, just not in the same closet.Kevin Sparkie PerdueSparkie grew up in Vermont, where he became very familiar with the LGBT and Leather Communities and with giving back by volunteering. He has lived all over the country, including the Montpelier, VT area, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, and now Wisconsin. He has learned about, and been immersed in, the Leather and Bootblack Communities in each of those places. He enjoys giving back by bootblacking and doing volunteer work, both in and out of the Leather Community. Sparkie has a passion for teaching and sharing the skills he learned from his mentors with up-and-coming bootblacks. Sparkie has held 2 titles: Central Plains Leather Boy 2009 and Illinois Community Bootblack 2015. He was first runner-up to International Mr. Bootblack 2008. Sparkie is proud to be the At Large North Executive Board Member for the Titans of the Midwest, a member of the Wisconsin Band of Brothers, and a member of Mama’s Family. Sparkie co-produces the Bootblack Round-Up, an annual event focused on educating current bootblacks and, hopefully, inspiring new bootblacks. By focusing on providing classes spanning a range of skills from Bootblack 101 to advanced leather preservation techniques, the Bootblack Round-Up provides Bootblacks with a rare opportunity to learn and enjoy their craft at an event designed to keep them engaged and away from their stand. The Bootblack Round-Up also raises funds for charities in and out of the Leather Community. In its first two years, Bootblack Round-Up has raised $3,600 for the Leather Archives & Museum, the Carter/Johnson Leather Library, Get Your Black On, PAWS St. Louis, and Mr. Friendly. In August 2018 the 3rd annual Bootblack Round-Up will again raise money to support the Leather Archives & Museum, the Leather Heart Foundation, CLAW, and the Broadway Youth Center in Chicago. For more information about Bootblack Round-Up, you can visit the event website at www.bootblackroundup.com. Sparkie also continues to share his knowledge and skills outside the bootblack community. He is working to increase visibility of the Titans of the Midwest by attending events as a representative and working with the board to establish and implement strategies to increase membership. He also continues to teach at events and judge contests. Sparkie also continues to support “vanilla” organizations aimed at building a brighter future for youth. Sparkie lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife, girl Becky, and is proud to be her Daddy.  When he’s not being kinky or working, he enjoys educating Becky on all of the movies she has failed to see, which is pretty much all of them.Dorian Gray“During his tenures as Mr. Tri-State Leather 2017 and Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2016, Dorian Gray has strived to serve as an advocate for others. To actualize safe and loving community within and beyond his sense of self. Drawing from the hardships of his past, he works toward a brighter future for all members of the broad LGBTQIA+ community. He commits fully to facilitating equity and equality for all.  Dorian has organized and served for leather, kink, and LGBTQIA+ events that aim to uplift underserved and at-risk populations. For example, Dorian organized a cultural panel that joined ten people of color in sharing their stories nationwide via Facebook live. The goal of the discussion: giving voice to people of color in the leather community, where many still experience intolerance. Dorian also organized Cincinnati’s first Bootblack Appreciation Night. Recognizing both the hard work of Boot Blacks and the struggle they face for equal space in the leather community, Dorian organized an event in which Boot Blacks took center stage and focus. Additionally, Dorian has pursued broader, more civic engagements. Having personally experienced the trauma of family rejection and disownment because of his sexuality, Dorian spearheaded a fundraiser for Safe and Supported, a community project that aims to prevent and end LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness in Hamilton County, Ohio. And with the goal of helping others exercise their constitutional right to vote, Dorian organized “Voice Your Choice”. Seven drivers plus seven vehicles staffed by volunteers, including one wheelchair accessible van, assisted underprivileged and underrepresented LGBTQIA+ voters with the tasks of making it to the polls on election day. Professionally, Dorian has served in the medical field for eleven years. During this time, he has identified a need for LGBTQIA+ and HIV+ equity in medical spaces. To facilitate this, he has worked over the last year to curate and promote a directory composed of regional medical providers that self-identify as LGBTQIA+ and HIV+ friendly. Most recently, Dorian’s medical career has allowed him to serve underserved women in obstetrics and gynecology as a Certified Tobacco Treatment Counselor. He works directly with women to help them overcome addiction, create plans and strategies to overcome stress and triggers, and works with them to strengthen their confidence. Dorian has also been a year-long board member and fundraiser for Caracole, an organization with a mission to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS through housing, care, and prevention. This membership has allowed Dorian to directly connect community members with resources and information necessary for improved health and quality of life. During his years in the leather community Dorian has experienced numerous and wonderful adventures and connections, but will always cherish most the change and hope he has been able to bring to others in the community.”Butch PrandiumButch Prandium is a proud native Chicagoan currently living on the North Side. She is a co-founder of the Women's Cruise Night at Touché, Chicago's Leather Bar since 1977, in order to help foster an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable to cruise and play within a charged Leather space.  She is proud to be a founding Board member for the Leather History Preservation Foundation, whose primary mission is to preserve the leather tradition of oral history. As a butch woman and woman of color, she values focus on gender identity and race relations within the leather community. She prioritizes this work as an Associate Member of ONYX Midwest and as the BIPOC Liaison for the International Ms. Leather Foundation, and the International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack contests. 



Ivan NunezSir Ivan is a Minnesota leatherman committed to working with his community to expand the participation of people in leather and kink. This lead him to his involvement in founding and organizing BLUF Minneapolis and Twin Cities Rubbermen and to actively participate as a member and educator with Titans of the Midwest. More importantly, as a Latino, Sir Ivan is a fervent advocate for the visibility and leadership of people of color in leather. To this end, Sir Ivan works in organizing the Minnesota People of Color in Leather and Kink Discussion Group. Sir Ivan’s leather journey began in 2007 after attending his first Folsom Street Fair to explore his desires for kink and leathersex. As an experienced kinkster, Sir Ivan welcomes guiding newbies through conversations about BDSM, leathersex, impact play and risk-aware consensual kink play. Originally from Venezuela, Sir Ivan has lived in Minneapolis since 1983. He’s married to his partner of 32 years, Clay (theshackler), and is Sir to Boy Woody.Jeremy MorrisJeremy Morris, Mr. Iowa Leather 2012 and current Executive Producer of Iowa Leather Weekend. Since his title year, he has transformed the weekend into one of the fastest growing fetish events in the country, shattering the perception of Iowa as a fetish world “fly-over state.”Originally a one-night bar gathering, Iowa Leather Weekend is now a three-day event, spanning four venues with attendance expanding rapidly.  The contest has grown as well, from one title into four: Mr. Iowa Leather, Ms. Iowa Leather, Iowa Bear and Iowa Puppy, each sending their respective Iowa Leather titleholders to represent Iowa in international competition at International Mr. Leather, Women of Drummer, North American Bear and International Puppy & Handler Weekend. Jeremy’s commitment to serving his community is evident in his founding of multiple organizations to provide spaces for marginalized LGBT groups. He is the founder of Team Friendly Iowa, working to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS, the founder of Titans of the Midwest, a Midwest regional fraternal organization within the fetish communities currently spanning most midwest states, and the founder of Kink U, a kink and fetish educational program now in every Midwest community.  For his substantial work in creating new spaces and organizing the Midwestern fetish community, Jeremy was awarded the Midwest Regional Pantheon of Leather Award in (2016?). He has been a featured presenter at CLAW (Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend), joined the staff of International Mr. Leather as International Mr. Bootblack Coordinator in 2017, and is also the first Iowan to judge both International Mr. Leather & International Puppy contests. In addition to his regional responsibilities, being active in the Des Moines community is equally as important to Jeremy. He is a former Capital City Pride marketing director and has been involved in many local LGBT organizations such as the Corn Haulers Leather & Levis Club, Nationwide Pride ARG, First Friday Breakfast Club, and the Midwest AIDS Project. In his spare time, Jeremy participates in events with Pride Sports League, Capital City Bears, Capital City Pride, Titans of the Midwest, Corn Haulers, CIPEX, MiLK, First Friday Breakfast Club and Iowa Safe Schools. Jeremy lives in downtown Des Moines with his cat Stitch and his partners Des & Dylan, and enjoys a large and loving polyamorous family around the country.Rob AndersonRob Anderson, also known as "Papa Bear," grew up on a small farm on Little Bear Road, in the township of Bear Creek, located in an area of Wisconsin known as Bear Valley. He represented the state of Iowa at International Mister Leather 38 as Mr. Iowa Leather 2016, where he was a Top 20-finalist and a crowd favorite. He is a winner of the Pantheon of Leather Award for the Midwest Region and has been a member of Mama's Family since 2016 with the title Mama's Singin' Bear. In 2016 Rob created SASH BASH WEEKEND, an event rooted in philanthropy, education, and titleholder/contestant preparation. SASH BASH WEEKEND has brought members of the leather community from across the Midwest together in Iowa to celebrate and give current titleholders the opportunity to further develop their stage presence, networking, and interviewing skills while helping to raise funds in a fun way.  In 2018, with participation from 10 titleholders from across the Midwest, the event saw increased attendance and raised close to $5,000 for The Leather Archives and Museum, as well as Iowa Safe Schools. With a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Vocal Performance, Rob loves to sing and has shared his talents as a featured performer at many leather events and fundraisers, including the CLAW Kinky Kabaret. In 2017 he stepped into the director role, overseeing the production of the annual show. In 2018, the show saw an increase in performers and attendance. Currently, Rob serves as Vice President for the Titans of the Midwest, a member of the Capital Bears, and is a former member of the ATONS of Minneapolis. Rob continues to travel to leather and bear events around the globe and has been fortunate enough to serve as judge for several leather and bear contests.  In his spare time, Rob is writing a book of short stories about his life growing up on the farm titled, “Beyond the Valley of the Bears: From Little Bear to Leather Bear.” He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.Randy Ingram-LileSir Randy Ingram-Lile has been involved in the leather community for 40 years. His story: “I didn’t call Ed “Daddy” since I didn’t know enough to know that’s what he was.  Plus, we didn’t use those terms as much then. He was my first mentor and gave me my introduction to leather. He had my first piercing done, introduced me to fisting, and saw to my instruction in bondage and many other aspects of S/M. Ed had friends who were the Royal Leather Makers to the Imperial Court of Long Beach. They made my first leathers. I broke them in during the summer of my 22nd birthday at Long Beach Coronation, riding on the back of one of the guy’s bikes. At some point, it became clear to us both that I wanted to go further into the leather world. I was very fortunate to meet Sir George at the right time. He gave me a very thorough grounding in BDSM.  I think Sir George realized before I did that I wasn’t really meant to be a submissive and saw that it was time for me to grow in a different direction. I know that I am very lucky to have had them and other mentors in my life.” Sir Randy’s first club involvement was with the Branding Iron of Dallas and then a Charter Member of the Silver Spurs of Dallas. He is currently serving his third term as President of the Atons of Minneapolis, is a Charter Member and former four-term Treasurer of the North Star Kennel Club, and is a member of Delta Brotherhood International.  He served on the Board of Minnesota Leather Pride and was a producer of the Minnesota Leather Sir/boy and Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride contest in 2015 and 2016 as well as tally master in 2017 and 2018. He is currently Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018, placing in the Top Twenty at IML40. As part of his title year, he started the #MentorForLife campaign that raises money for YouthLink MN’s Seville Fund.  The Seville Fund, named for Sadie Seville, a local community activist, volunteer, and drag entertainer provides educational scholarships for LGBTQ homeless youth.  “#MentorForLife isn’t just about educating those new to Leather/BDSM about techniques and safety. It’s being an example how to live through the prejudice thrown at us. It’s about living with passion and connecting with others. It’s the importance of understanding that no matter who and how we love, we all deserve respect – no one should be made to feel alone or less worthy because of who they are.”  Sir Randy has also helped raise funds for The Aliveness Project, The Trevor Project, and the Animal Humane Society. He has given demos and lectures on electro play, flogging, biting, and puppyKaren UltraBio to follow



Leftenant FoxShe has many tattoos, two nose stud piercings, long foxy auburn hair and blue-green eyes with a curvy Botticelli/Vargus figure with a fiercely loving attitude. Kit is a PolyQueer, sadistic switch of a fox and proud house member of The Menagerie, who loves to laugh and find what terrifies herself and partners. She has been entrusted with the inaugural title of Ms. Leather SL,UT. Her mission can be summed up in one word: accessibility. She is focused on bringing community HIV/Aids and STI testing to her local Pride Center and creating gender affirming starter kits for trans and queer individuals. Her ultimate mission is to create unity through accessibility in the LGBTQ+ and Sex-Positive communities of Utah Kit has led a vagabond life in which curiosity and connection are the driving forces. This led her to start her journey into the BDSM community in 2014 while she was working as a Sexpert at Utah's oldest intimates boutique. After experiencing the wonderful Utah kink community she moved to Bozeman, Montana, and was a founding member of the Bozeman Civitas Society (BCS) where she coordinated and organized Bozeman's first Kink Intensive Weekend as well as the first Fetish Ball – a fundraiser and education event.She moved back to Utah in 2016 and has found her feet in the community as an instructor. Kit teaches a month long obedience and training course for all pets and trainers utilizing over a decade of experience training German Shepherds in protection work (Schutzhund). She combines over 13 years of martial, spiritual, Anatomical and bodywork teaching experience to create safe classes and environments that engage and help spark the fires of discovery in attendees at The Path, FLOG, and Utah Sex Positive Education (USPE). She can be found on Fetlife/Facebook as Leftenant Fox. Title and Roles: 2018 Ms. Leather SL,UT, 2018 Rocky Mountain Puppy Trainer contest (RMPTC)- Contestant Wrangler, 2017 RMPTC- Judge, 2017 International Puppy Trainer Contest (IPTC)- non-competing Handler for Kit Bauhaus, Leftenant Fox’s School for Handlers and Pets-Founder, Bozeman Civitas Society(BCS)- co-founder, Rocky Mountain Pet Alliance (RMPA)-co-founder, Salt Lick Stables-co-founder.Don CollingsDon and his partner boy chris started exploring Leather and power exchange dynamics in 2004, and they never slowed down. Their first kink event was Thunder in the Mountains, and that weekend planted the seeds for long term personal growth. He co-founded the Denver boys of Leather in 2006, and they celebrated the group’s 12th anniversary in February 2018. Don served as a board member and an officer on the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance for five years. Don started exploring puppy play in 2008, met Pup Luckey in 2009, and they hold the International Puppy & Trainer titles for 2012. Together they traveled across the US to educate on the puppy/handler dynamic. Don co-produced all seven Puppies In The Mountains events since 2011, and now sits on the Board of Directors of Puppies In The Mountains, Inc. Don really likes talking about puppies, as well as other kinky fun.  Over the past few years, he continues teaching classes on Puppy/Trainer Dynamics and Obedience Training with Pup Mischief and Needle Play with boy chris at Colorado Leather Fest, Beyond Vanilla, Oklahoma Kink Weekend and Thunder in the Mountains. In 2016 and 2018, he created and moderated a panel discussion in Denver called “So You Want to be a Titleholder”, bringing together panels of former titleholders, producers, and contestants to discuss the ups and downs of the experience. The goal is to encourage dialog to better prepare them for this form of community service. Don was honored to participate in panel discussions presented by the VAC Pack at Midwest Furfest in Chicago over the past two years, where we shared puppy play with hundreds of members of the Furry Community. Don is currently focused on working with the event team to make Puppies in the Mountains 2018 bigger, better, and more fun than ever before.Scott DarbyBoy Scott started his leather journey in 2017, 2 years after moving to Phoenix from Austin, TX. He is the current Mr. Phoenix Leather 2018. He works in his family’s business and is the Vice Chair of the Board of Director’s for Eve’s Place, a mobile advocacy organization that provides services to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse & teen-dating abuse. He is a proud leatherman in recovery and works with those new to sobriety. He is a former member of both the Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus and the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. He is a service boy who flags left with grey, dark pink and light blue, and wonders when they are going to come up with an official flag for his favorite kink, electro play!Moxie MinionWhat happens when you mix a shooting star with glitter, pretty dresses, grease and a whole lot of umph? You get Moxie! Contrary to popular opinion, Moxie is not a delicious Soda from New England. Instead she is a fierce femme bootblack from Nevada. She spends her days taking care of and being taken care of by her short people, and her extensive poly family. While she may get all dolled up in her femme finest she’s never afraid to get down and dirty with a pair of boots or a good scene. Moxies force of character led her to devote service to her family and community through bootblacking and more, including carrying the title of Northwest Bootblack 2018. She greets each day with grit and determination. The next time you wish upon a Star, remember, that’s Moxie. Also: She loves penguins.Master Black ZeusMy BDSM Leather journey began here: This started in 1986 when I was introduced and mentored into the lifestyle by my motorcycle-riding buddy, a gay leather man. My journey into the lifestyle began with several years of mentoring, exploration, and learning. While I was actively engaged in learning the lifestyle, I began my journey anonymously. The fact that I was in a managerial position in a very visible business, and that I was also being mentored into the lifestyle, by a gay male made anonymity in my "Vanilla" life necessary. After taking a short leave from the lifestyle to run a business and handle a marriage separation, I return to the lifestyle in mid 1997, I entered the mainstream lifestyle community joining Black Rose and attending several event conferences. Thus getting the opportunity to meet others in the community lifestyle and found that I really like the community versus the private vanilla lifestyle I only knew. Presently residing in Las Vegas, NV, participating in local events returning wisdom and knowledge of the lifestyle. The turn of the century 2000 my German submissive invited me to Berlin new years and I got a taste of Euro pen BDSM. I also started my BZ learning Center to educate the new submissives entering the dynamic and a mentoring program for the POC males, for when I came into the lifestyle of Leather there were not many POC Masters to mentor myself.. So to help alleviate that problem I have mendored many, who are part of my Leather Family, as I learned what it is to learn from the LGBT community the full depth of the BDSM Leather community. To learn and participate in the BDSM Leather lifestyle has been a pleasure and a comfort with my Leather family which has existed since my birth in the dynamic 25 or so years.



Carla ReneeBio to followRenée BeckmanRenee's interest and exploration of BDSM and Leather was sparked in the mid 1990's.  She came into the lifestyle as a submissive, but soon realized that to her core she is a slave and Service is her path.  A combination of community involvement and personal study helped to establish a strong foundation for her slavehood, solidifying her belief system. The Drive of Service and her desire to better connect her two communities led Renee to run for Ms. Alaska Leather in 2016.  With the title came change and opportunity! A move to Anchorage and travel to events in the lower 48 re-ignited the desire to understand, learn, and share her love and value of Leather with her Alaskan community. This also began her work to document and preserve Alaskan Leather History, with special focus on Alaska's Leather Women. This journey ultimately led her to step up as the 2017 Women's International Leather Legacy. Currently, Renee's joy is found in recording the “Herstory” of the Women's Leather community as WILL. She also works on teaching communities how to document and preserve their own leather histories, through L.E.A.P., the Leather Evidence Archive Project. Renee is involved with several  organizations.  She is a member of The Last Frontier Men's Club,  and the HardPink Sisterhood, and since relocating to Georgia, has been invited to participate in the Atlanta Mentors Group and the Black Atlanta Munch Group. She also worked with Alaskan Aids Assistance Association on the volunteer committee to produce the annual Fetish Ball fundraiser, and is an avid supporter of The Imperial Court of All Alaska.Brynn BeitzelBrynn Beitzel is a kinky, bisexual, Femme, Leather girl, bootblack, submissive, Handler, Femme Daddy and Bad Femme Top. When she's not awkwardly flirting into her next scene, she can be found at the feet of her fellow community members, bootblacking that is.  Brynn serves the Seattle community as a board member for the Seattle girls of Leather, an active member of the Seattle Pups and Handlers. She is a supporter of many other local organizations including WSMLO, Pride Lives, the Seattle boys of Leather and the Knights of Mantra and she volunteers her professional skills to assist other clubs with fundraising and audit committee duties. She previously held the title of Washington State Bootblack in 2016 and came is as first runner up for International Ms. Bootblack in 2018. She enjoys teaching a variety of topics and gains fulfillment from mentoring others as they find their path. Brynn flags Black, Daddy Green, Houndstooth and Purple on the Left as well as Black, Blue, Daddy Green, and Grey on the right. She has a weakness for well executed anticipatory service on both sides of the slash. Although she identifies as a Femme Daddy she is also a girl at heart. Dara BryantDara, pronouns they/them or he/him, entered the scene in 2005. He learned basic leather care in his first service relationship, which forged a ready path to bootblacking and the Leather community. His place of relationship comfort is as a gender-noncomforming leatherboy doing what he can to bring ease to the day-to-day of demanding D-types. In service to his community, Dara has held several local board positions, and was Oregon State Bootblack 2013 as well as International Ms Bootblack 2014. Currently, he's Director of Operations for the International Ms Leather Bootblack Weekend, co-organizing the PDX BootLab, and acting on his passion for formal dinner service. Teaching is Dara's vocation, and he has shared a variety of workshops for events large and small centering around leather care and bootblacking, trigger points used in play, and service relationships. After years of university teaching and a PhD in German cultural studies, Dara now works as a licensed massage therapist and instructor. When he remembers to have fun, he enjoys fisting, rough trigger point play, and caning (flagged left), and too many pursuits to list on the right side. Above all, he flags hunter green right.Caressa Lyric DunnQueer, Bloody, Leather, Trainer, FFemme. Caressa is the 2017 International Trainer. She is a girl of Leather, a dark little, a Mommy and a HOE lot more. Living a bi-costal life with her Primary Partner and Puppy, this Princess of Puppies (complete with Tiara!) regularly serves her community through Volunteering as a Director at Large for the Seattle Pups and Handlers and as the Secretary for the Seattle girls of Leather. Caressa is the Co-Founder of Dames and Dams, the world's first group for Female-Identified individuals in the Puppy and Handler community. She can most often be found supporting these patch clubs both behind the scenes and on point at events, as well as supporting her Femme and Bootblack communities.



Randy SpearheadRandy Boyd was Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2017 and a top 20 finalist at IML 2017.  He is currently the Imperial Crown Prince to Reign 31 of The Imperial Court Of Toronto.  Randy was a Past President of SPEARHEAD Leather Denim Social Club which is the longest running gay organization of it's kind in Canada (established in 1970).  Randy was Mr. SPEARHEAD 2016 and Mr. SPEARHEAD 2013, an ambassador of SPEARHEAD. He has worked hard to give back to the LGBTQ community. As an ambassador, Randy created a series of cooking workshops called “Leatherlicious” with the proceeds going to Rainbow Railroad.  With the Imperial Court Of Toronto, he hosts a monthly BINGO at the Black Eagle Toronto in support of Rainbow Railroad and PWA.  He co-hosted a monthly fundraiser at Striker Bar called "Daddy Issues" in support of PWA.  With Heart Of The Flag Federation, he produced events like “Kinky Kasino” and “Fetish Family Feud” to raise funds for Supporting Our Youth.  Randy has raised over $20,000 for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, Rainbow Railroad and Supporting Our Youth. Randy is also a member of TNTMEN (Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity). TNTMEN is a naturist group with social events (ie. dances, swimming, etc.).  Randy works as the cashier for the dances. He also works at the Black Eagle Toronto for their Naked Nights (the third Thursday of every month) at the clothes check/admission door.  The funds received through these activities are donated back to the charities. Randy volunteered at The Chuck Memorial Room at IML 40, volunteered in the live auction at the Leatherman Of Colour Contest in Washington DC, modelled in the ONXY Gear show at MAL, volunteered as security at IMsL/IMsBB, was a strip BINGO dancer at CLAW, been a paintee for SPEARHEAD’s Paint Yer Burger and volunteered at MLO XXV/BBO 2018 in Ottawa.  Randy has presented workshops at ILSb/ICBB in Dallas TX and CLAW 17 in Ohio, auctioned off a spanking bench at Toronto Bound 2017 and present a workshop at GNI in the Poconos Mountains. He attended the Phoenix Montreal Anniversary Weekend, Fusion Montreal, National Capital Leather Pride in Ottawa, ONYX Blackout XXX anniversary in New Orleans and marched in Pride parades (Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto). Randy judged the Toronto Kinky Jesus Contest, the Mr. & Ms. Trillium 2017 contest for TICOT, the High Heel Strut for PWA and the “Best In Show” contest as part of the PACK Weekend. His awards include the 2017 Candice Kelly Heart Of Gold Memorial Award, the POZ TO 2016 Community Award, The Imperial Court Of Toronto’s 2016 Citizen Of The Year, Heart Of The Flag Federation’s 2015 Community Man Of The Year, SPEARHEAD’S 2013 Brotherhood Award, The Imperial Court Of Toronto’s 2013 Coronation XXVII Emperor Award and canonized as "Saint Randy of the Many Sashes" by the Toronto Sisters of JOY.  He is pinned into Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Canadian Ambassador”.Pup KonaPup Kona is the current producer of IPTC and on the board to IPAHW, past IPTC International Puppy 2015 and NW Puppy 2015, co-founder of the BLFC Puppy Summit Group, co-founded the 1st ever pup and Handler contest in AU (Australian Pup and Handler Competition), co-founder of Paw and Pounce Weekend, and contributing writer for the pupplay.info website. A French Bulldog and leather pup currently residing in the bacon loving country of Canada, he hails originally from the small state of Delaware. A puppy who loves to extend a paw, Pup Kona has been working with non-profit charity organizations for over 13 years. He currently works alongside Helping Paws, a local nonprofit charity organization who helps various charities and causes in the BC area and enriches the experiences of those in our community through mascot performance entertainment. Pup Kona is also the founder of the international community initiative, PAHs without Borders, which focuses on promoting mentorship, support and conversations between pups and Handlers all around the world in the effort to give every pup/Handler a chance to grow, be heard and loved. Throughout his travels, he has reached out and visited various community groups all over the world, sharing his passion, experiences and teachings inside and outside of puppy play. Pup Kona is Alpha of his pack, Dogwood pack, a member of VAH-PAH, SEA-PAH, Sir Justin’s Kennel and part of the furry fandom. A singer and entertainer pup with a love for travel and helping the community, he likes to witness the continual growth of the puppy community and the onelove, onepack mentality.Master Jack PearceMaster Jack Pearce has been a part of the leather community for over thirty years and hails from Toronto, Ontario. He is a Human Resource Manager by trade; a proud father, a community activist; a community mentor and is a proud member of both the Illuminati and Varja Leather families.   Jack is honored to have held the titles of Bootblack Toronto 2008 and International Community Bootblack 2008.  He was Toronto’s first international titleholder, the first Canadian to sit on the board of directors of an international competition and has served on various committees and boards for various community organizations.Jack is also the founder and served as the first president of the award-winning Heart of the Flag Federation Inc., the executive producer of the successful Toronto Leather Pride week, the Toronto Bound weekend, the annual Spearhead Run, the annual Spearhead Anniversary weekend, the Leather contingent for Pride Toronto, Leather Ball and was one of the creators/organizers of the Toronto Leather Pride March.Currently, Jack is proud to continue to serve our community as a member of the Canadian Leather History Project, the executive producer of the Bootblack Toronto title and still enjoys mentoring others, attending events, judging contests, emceeing events and fundraisers and presenting workshops and demonstrations both locally and abroad.  Jack is also a member of Spearhead, Delta International, the Rochester Rams and Mama’s Leather Family; having been pinned twice as “Mama’s Canadian Black-Jack” and as “Mama’s Godfather”.John ThompsonLove of leather and community are 2 central passions of my life. As a 10 year member and 2 year VP of Spearhead LDSC, Toronto’s oldest leather and denim social clubs (and one of North America’s oldest, having been founded in 1970), I have striven to bring camaraderie and a spirit of giving to everything we do. As a business owner operator for over 40 years, including 3 gay bars in the Church Wellesley Village of Toronto, I know how important it is to support and give back to the community. That’s why I have sponsored and built ties with the pup-handler community, The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT, an HIV/AIDS and community charity fundraising drag court), TNTMEN (one of Canada’s oldest naturist/nudist clubs) and many others. Part of what I do includes a love of softball, and I have played in two tournaments in the past years, as a fundraiser, player and coach. One of my goals is inclusion, and it is for this reason I spent several years building a women’s softball team. Having been awarded many appreciation awards, I recently most proud to be this year’s recipient of the Spearhead Brotherhood award. However, this Pantheon of Leather nomination is my first for a prestigious internationally recognized award, and I am deeply honored to be among this year’s nominees, and such an illustrious list of past winners. I also do fundraising for all the organizations I work with, and in the greater community, with a focus on HIV/AIDS service organizations like the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, and those that care for LGBTQ newcomers. I am a small business owner, so part of my contribution has been to make banners, signs, flags and other regalia for community groups and individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford them. I care about how sexism, racism, ageism and ableism affect our community, and that’s one of the reasons I helped bring the #unique anti-body shaming campaign to Toronto. The two signature events I run for Spearhead are the Toys for Tots toy drive which gathers all the partners in the Church Wellesley village together in raising funds and getting toys for underprivileged kids during the holiday season. The other is the ever popular Spearhead leather cruise in and around Pride in summer. My mentorship of young men, bois and pups is also a true joy, and I couldn’t do any of this without the support and love of my husband, and best boy, Scott. We’ve been together for 12 years and married for one. I look forward to the future and helping my community grow, and to the decision of the judges in this great leather community event and title. Thanks to all who have put their time and dedication into it.



Werner HallWerner Hall is Bavarian Mister Leather 2016, a proud member of the IML 2016 "38 Specials," and he is an executive board member of MLC (Munich Lions Club), one of the biggest gay Leather and fetish clubs in the world, with 600 full members and over 2,300 supporting members. He was a member of the IML jury 2018.He has a Masters degree in economics, Werner visited over 45 events throughout Europe and the USA during his title year, and he continues to travel frequently within the Leather and fetish community. One of his main issues is, to bring the worldwide leather community closer together.Angela (girl ang)International Ms Leather 2018, girl ang is a rugged Femme hedonistic switch, service oriented Leather woman based in Melbourne, Australia. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, tea parties, leather and latex. Throughout her years in the Leather, kink and BDSM community she has consistently encouraged new people to engage, explore and ask questions if they were curious. People find themselves drawn to her friendly, warm and bubbly personality. She always offers support to individuals and thrives on creating safe spaces to allow for personal growth as well as expanding this love of connection to various organisations and causes dear to her heart. girl ang has supported, donated to, volunteered for and/or otherwise contributed to many fundraisers and events including Northside Bazaar, raising money for HIV prevention and awareness, and Vic Leather Open House. She also started a personal project to raise funds for multiple causes, because who can choose just one? 12 Charities in 12 months has been a wild ride that has kept her actively fundraising. Thus far she has raised money for 2nd Chance Animal Rescue, TLC for Kids, Camp Out who facilitate weekends of camping and support for LGBTQI youth based in Sydney, Safe Steps which supports the Domestic Violence Resource Center, and Young Diggers which is focused on current serving and retired military and their families. Her passion for equality drives the way she walks through life. girl ang is a lover of history, and while you will frequently find her deep in conversation with Leather people learning their stories and passing on knowledge when she can, she is an insatiable flirt and makes every exchange not only informative but always sexy and fun.Rafael MacielBio to followJoe KingMr Leather UK 2015, Mr Leather Europe 2016, IML 2nd Runner Up 2017, Founder of the Chechnya 100 campaign, Advocate for community inclusion and equality and huge supporter of the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence. All round raunchy pig with a big heart.Selogadi MampaneSelogadi Ngwanangwato Mampane is a performer, lecturer and activist focusing on media studies and violence against women, with specific focus on homophobic violence against lesbian women in South African townships. Crowned the first ever Ms South Africa leather in 2015 she still taken aback by her journey and all the lessons still to be unpacked. In 2015, Selogadi was also the first runner up at International Ms Leather and was the competitions first contestant from outside of the continent of North America. After IMsL, she went on tour of the USA engaging with various leather communities and associated members. Her passion for activism led her to jump into heated territories of race during her title run. She values the learning she has done on her journey, the love and patience of many in leather communities who came across her frustration at all too common issues of race. The patience, love and forgiveness of those who watched her learn hard lessons, fall and stand up again, thankful for all who offered guidance – a timeless reminder of all the love in various leather communities. Before and after IMsL and her tour of the USA, Selogadi introduced various leather practices and lifestyles to different women from the African continent, even performing a demo for various African women at a national summit (name withheld for security reasons). Selogadi still churns through her experiences and looks forward to sharing her journey and written thoughts one day, so that others can learn from her losses and victories, her mistakes and her triumphs.