Pantheon of Leather XXII
Awards Nominations 2012


The Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards
will be presented in an Academy Awards-style format at the
Double Tree Atlanta Hotel
DomCon: Atlanta, October 11-14

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Nominations Are Now Closed

The entire Leather community is invited to participate in the first round of the awards process by submitting nominations electronically. Properly submitted nominations will be passed on to a Nominations Committee which will select Nominee Finalists which will then be sent to a Selection Panel composed of individuals who received awards in 2011. This panel will vote and decide the winners.

Who Is Eligible
Any member of the Leather community is eligible to win awards with the exception of those listed in the Who Is Not Eligible statement in the next paragraph. The selection panel will determine winners based on community service in the last year. Club officers, organizers, business owners, titleholders, behind-the-scenes workers, philanthropists, writers, columnists, authors, artists, producers, Leather/latex artisans and the like are sought as nominees. We are looking for nominees who have made contributions that have directly affected the Leather community in a positive way.

Who Is Not Eligible:
Anyone who won an award in the last TWO years is not eligible to win ANY award this year.

For the complete list of people who are ineligible to win an award, CLICK HERE
This list will open in a separate window so that you may easily refer to it. It is sorted alphabetically for convenience.

The following are ineligible to win an award until 2013:
Stan Alexander
Jo Arnone
Race Bannon
Riley Black
Karen "Ultra Domme" Crecelius
Dr. Jack Fritscher
Hardy Haberman
Jeff Hyde
Cowboi Jen
Randal Kinnear
Don Leach
Sir Andy Liu
Charlie Matula
Greg "McG" McDowell
Jeffrey Payne
Miss Rae
Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt
Lamalani Siverts
Tim Starkey
Cheryl Stewart
Sir Top and slave bonnie
Steve Ward
John D. Weal
Alexander Henryk Wisniowski

Black Eagle Toronto
Bootblack Brigade
International Leather Sir (ILSb/ICBB)
Leather Masked Ball
Leather SINS
National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF)
Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD)
Sharon St. Cyr Fund

The following are ineligible to win an award until 2014:
Kevin aka Bo Blaze
Dr. Lawrence Burden
Dave Carranza
Jill Carter
Richard Denton
Leigha Fleming
Bruce-Michael Gelbert
Lance Holman
Roger Hunt
Nancy Irwin
Andrew Love
Jaco Lourens
Andy Mangels
Master Tony Palazzo
Dan Perry
Master Olivier Pratt
Brandon Riley
Charlie Schoenherr
Thomas Smith
pup Sparky
The Stern Hand
Master Taino
Master Mike Zuhl
David Watt
Danny Winters

AIDS Action Baltimore
Chicago Hellfire Club
Leather Archives and Museum
Leather Werks
South Florida Boys of Leather
Spearhead's 40th Anniversary Ball
Spearhead Toronto
Tribal Fire



The Selection Panel
The Selection Panel members, preceded by the honor they received in 2011, are:
Man of the Year - Master Taino
Woman of the Year - Redwarrior
Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) - Dr. Lawrence Burden
Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) - Master Mike Zuhl
Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Woman) - Jill Carter
Community Choice Award (Man) - Kevin aka The Stern Hand
Community Choice Award (Woman) - Nancy Irwin
President’s Award - West
President’s Award - Bo Blaze
President’s Award - Andrew Love
Business Person of the Year - Dave Carranza
Couple of the Year - Master Olivier Pratt and pup Sparky
International Award - Jaco Lourens
Canadian Award - Master Tony Palazzo
Great Lakes Regional Award - David Watt
Mid Atlantic Regional Award - Brandon Riley
Midwest Regional Award - Charlie Schoenherr
New England Regional Award - Danny Winters
Northeast Regional Award - Bruce-Michael Gelbert
Northern California Regional Award - Roger Hunt
Northern California Regional Award - Lance Holman
Northwest Regional Award - Andy Mangels
Rocky Mountain Regional Award - Leigha Fleming
South Central Regional Award - Dan Perry
Southeast Regional Award - Thomas Smith
Southern California Regional Award - Richard Denton


Community Choice Awards Decided By Popular Vote
The Community Choice Man and Woman awards are decided by popular write-in vote, not by the selection panel. You can vote in either or both the Community Choice categories, even if you do not nominate anyone in the other categories. You may only vote once in each Community Choice category.

Deadline For Nominations
We must receive your nominations by no later than May 31, 2012. Nominations received after that date, or nominations that do not include the required information, will not be considered.


Nominations Are Now Closed



2012 Pantheon of Leather Nominations and Awards Schedule

Nominations and Balloting Schedule:

April 10 - Nominations begin.

May 31- Deadline for Nominations to be submitted by the community.

June 10-17 - The Nominations Committee will have prepared Nominee Finalists in each Award Category.

July 1 - Nominee Finalists will be announced in The Leather Journal, under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets and these winners will be notified individually.

July 1-14 - Selection Panel will vote on all Award Nominees.

August 1 - Recipients of most of the Awards will be named in The Leather Journal, under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets and these winners will be notified individually.

October 12 - All Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards will be presented on stage at the Double Tree Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The Man of the Year and Woman of the Year recipients will be announced on stage in Atlanta.


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