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Who Is Not Eligible:
Anyone who won an award in the last TWO years is not eligible to win ANY award this year.

These individuals are ineligible for any award this year (alphabetical by last name):

Stan Alexander
Jo Arnone
Race Bannon
Riley Black
Kevin aka Bo Blaze
Dr. Lawrence Burden
Dave Carranza
Jill Carter
Karen "Ultra Domme" Crecelius
Richard Denton
Leigha Fleming Dr. Jack Fritscher
Bruce-Michael Gelbert
Hardy Haberman
Lance Holman
Roger Hunt
Jeff Hyde
Nancy Irwin Cowboi Jen
Randal Kinnear
Don Leach
Andrew Love
Jaco Lourens
Sir Andy Liu
Andy Mangels
Charlie Matula
Greg "McG" McDowell
Master Tony Palazzo
Jeffrey Payne
Dan Perry
Master Olivier Pratt
Miss Rae
Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt
Brandon Riley
Charlie Schoenherr
Lamalani Siverts
Tim Starkey
Thomas Smith
pup Sparky
Cheryl Stewart
Master Taino
Sir Top and slave bonnie
Steve Ward
David Watt
John D. Weal
Danny Winters
Alexander Henryk Wisniowski
Master Mike Zuhl

The following groups are ineligible for any award this year:

AIDS Action Baltimore
Black Eagle Toronto
Bootblack Brigade
Chicago Hellfire Club
International Leather Sir (ILSb/ICBB)
Leather Archives and Museum
Leather Masked Ball
Leather SINS
Leather Werks
National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF)
Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD)
Sharon St. Cyr Fund
South Florida Boys of Leather
Spearhead's 40th Anniversary Ball
Spearhead Toronto
The Stern Hand
Tribal Fire